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National Platforms Effective instrument for support Agnese Knabe Project organizer European Public Health Alliance Civic Alliance – Latvia 1 4 November , 2006, Malta European Public Health Alliance

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European Public Health Alliance organizing 2. European systems 3. European Public Health Alliance – European system 1 4 November , 2006, Malta

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organizing Networks Contacts and relations between individuals, in view of certainty and solidarity, what gives social capital Pj e r Burdj e ( master social capital ) Personal apparatus what guarantee s imperative focal points to people, bunches, families, who has better contacts

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organizing Network Relations and joint effort between various people Groups Organizations

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organizing Types Official Un-official Long-term Short-term

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organizing Culture and values Common point Confidence Respect of various conclusions Support Responsibilities Awareness about the point and the devices

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organizing Motivation for cooperation Sense of security Mutual advantage Information plan of action Knowledge New contacts (recourses) Influence the nature of your life

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European systems White Paper on European administration Participatory Democracy Minimum Standards

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European systems White Paper on European administration Better association of common society , that addresses the issues of open Democracy relies on upon individuals having the capacity to partake in broad daylight talk about " developing social and political significance of systems comprehended as connection amongst people and additionally associations (groups, territorial and neighborhood powers, endeavors, organizations, explore focuses et cetera) in a non-progressive manner and where each member is in charge of a part of the assets expected to accomplish the basic goal "

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European systems White Paper on European administration The Commission along these lines visualized building up a more deliberate and proactive way to deal with working with key systems to empower them to add to choice molding and arrangement execution , and inspecting how the structure for transnational co-operation of local or nearby performers could be better upheld at EU level with the end goal of introducing recommendations.

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European systems Participatory Democracy New Treaty on Constitution for Europe Art. I-47 Institutions ought to have open straightforward and consistent discourse with common society Commission composes counsels with partners to guarantee the straightforwardness and intelligence

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European systems Minimum Standards Equal rights for business division a NGOs for meetings in EU establishments Transparency of discussions between EU foundations and partners

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European systems European Public Health Alliance Civil Society Contact Group

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European Public Health Alliance A system of more than 100 non legislative and not-revenue driven associations crosswise over Europe dealing with wellbeing and wellbeing related issues mission is to enhance the strength of European natives and to build their support in EU approach making

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The part of the NGO area Monitor, investigate and educate Raise mindfulness Engage and counsel Challenge Empower Represent

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About EPHA Information trade Membership administrations Lobbying : > EU organizations Networking: > Other wellbeing NGOs > Other topical NGOs Tracking arrangement issues : > Day to day examination > Mailings - Briefings

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EPHA individuals EPHA has two classes of enrollment : Full individuals Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) dynamic in the general wellbeing segment. Full individuals have two votes at the Annual General Assembly Associate individuals other not-revenue driven associations, proficient bodies, scholarly foundations and neighborhood or local powers. Relate individuals have one vote at the Annual General Assembly EPHA participation charges depend on the pay of the part association

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EPHA individuals International systems European systems National associations

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EPHA individuals Health advocates Disease particular patient gatherings Academic specialists Health experts (e.g. specialists, attendants and drug specialists) Consumer bunches Environment associations Development associations

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EPHA individuals Ben e fit for individuals Information on genuine Public wellbeing issues and EU approach advancements Monthly Newsletter page individuals just site Expertise on political and authoritative records Advocacy in European level Contacts Project openings Capacity building exercises

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How does EPHA work? Support Working gatherings At present there are 5 continuous working gatherings on the accompanying subjects: Alcohol Health mind Non-traditional solution Food and Nutrition Health and Environment

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How does EPHA work? Approach Co-appointment Meetings Meeting like clockwork in Brussels, this gathering is interested in all EPHA individuals. Commitments to the meeting are additionally gotten by means of email

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The part of NGOs in Brussels Many EU approaches have an effect – immediate or roundabout – on the wellbeing of EU natives 15,000 to 20,000 lobbyists in Brussels and ONLY 10% are NGOs speaking to subjects' interests What is the distinction amongst NGOs and lobbyists? Systems administration and partnerships are the ONLY approach to make our voice heard - You are probably not going to succeed alone. Utilize different NGOs assets as opposed to "re-create the wheel" all alone.

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European Networks Civil Society Contact Group since 2002 unites seven extensive rights and esteem based NGO segments Environment Social Development Women Culture human rights general wellbeing  

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European Networks Civil Society Contact Group expect to speak to the perspectives and interests of rights and esteem based common society associations over the European Union on real issues, which influence over the segments of action. target is to energize and advance a straightforward and organized common exchange that is available, appropriately encouraged, comprehensive, reasonable, and aware of the self-governance of NGOs

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European Networks Civil Society Contact Group The EU Civil Society Contact Group advances the idea of participatory majority rules system and spots a specific concentrate on the usage of craftsmanship. 47 of the Constitutional Treaty trust s that NGOs crosswise over Europe ought to shape part of a normal, organized, and ensured discourse with the EU Institutions

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European Networks Civil Society Contact Group The handbook Make dynamic European citizenship a reality To conquer any hindrance amongst "Brussels" and the "grassroots" Designed for "newcomers" NGOs and activists for impacting EU arrangements Structure of EU organizations devices for campaigning Where to get more data

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European Public Health Alliance "Improvement of national stages on general wellbeing in 10 new EU part states" Capacity building and mindfulness raising Method material "Making national general wellbeing cooperations in the new part nations of the European Union. Handbook for association building" CEE segment in

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European Public Health Alliance 39-41 Rue d'Arlon B-1000 Brussels Belgium Tel: +32 2 230 30 56 Fax: +32 2 233 38 80