General Sales Meeting Presentation for Mark-it Self-Stick, Dry-Erase Products Sales Representative Version

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General Deals Meeting Presentation for Imprint - it Self-Stick, Dry-Eradicate Items Deals Delegate Rendition. Customary Dry-Eradicate Items. Conventional Dry-Eradicate Items . Dry-delete surface items are generally related to expansive equipment style sheets in changeless applications.

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General Sales Meeting Presentation for Mark - it Self-Stick, Dry-Erase Products Sales Representative Version

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Traditional Dry-Erase Products

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Traditional Dry-Erase Products Dry-eradicate surface items are customarily related to substantial equipment style sheets in perpetual applications.  Dry-delete "sheets" have a tendency to be exorbitant, need movability and are not seen as a consumable item. Need adaptability and are prescribed for use with perpetual or wet-eradicate markers and pens.

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New Dry-Erase Products from Troy School & Office Products Troy can put a great, ease dry-eradicate surface coatings on paper, hazy & clear movies. These advancements have prompt to an assortment of new ways we will take a gander at dry-delete imaging techniques later on. These improvements speak to another class of "consumable" dry-delete items that are advantageous, practical and simple to utilize. Items are cheap, to a great degree compact, reusable, expendable and have wide market fragment advance.

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Present Dry-Erase Market Growth

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Present Dry-Erase Market – All Products Estimated 2004 US offers of dry-delete related items is between $177 to $ 200MM. Markers, erasers, cleaners and frill will make up more than 60% of the deals. Right now there are not very many "consumable" and "expendable" dry-delete surface imaging items available.

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Present and Future Dry-Erase Markets 2004/2005 anticipated yearly development of dry-delete related items is 22+ %. Markers, erasers, cleaners and adornments will keep on growing at a speedier rate than solid board items. Later on new "consumable" and "semi-lasting" dry-eradicate surface imaging items will catch vast pieces of the overall industry in a few item classes. Stamp - it items will be brought into a developing and entrenched market class.

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Mark - it Product Design Features " Turns a smooth surface into a dry eradicate board"

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Product Design Features All Mark - it Self-Stick , Dry-Erase paper and film items can be utilized with any dry-delete or wet-eradicate markers/pens, indelible markers, cleaning operators or erasers. Both paper and film surfaces convey extraordinary dry-delete execution, paying little respect to the imaging technique. Sanford Expo, Sharpie, BIC and different markers, and also Crayola water-construct youngsters' markers work extraordinary in light of all Mark-it items.

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Product Design Features All Mark - it items have a weight delicate, self-stick cement backing that holds fast to most perfect, dry surfaces. Discharge film sponsorship is obviously recognized in blue for simplicity in distinguishing, expulsion and application to surface. It likewise imparts prevalent item quality. All items can be connected, evacuated or repositioned whenever.

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Product Design Features - Paper Products Mark - it Self-Stick, Dry-Erase Paper items are related to the RED logo and are more suited for transitory, compact or restricted rehashed utilize. Paper Products are accessible in different sheet sizes, rolls and forte changed over things. Value focuses for the paper are intended for deals to an assortment of end client clients, value focuses and clients.

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Product Design Features – White Film Products Mark - it White Dry-Erase Film items are related to the Blue logo and are intended for perpetual or semi-changeless applications. White Dry-Erase Film is significantly more sturdy than the paper items and are planned as a substitute or swap for more costly whiteboards. White Film is likewise perfect for reemerging of existing exhausted dry-eradicate "whiteboards" and for retrofitting of existing out of date writing slates. White Film items are composed as a substitute item for more costly dry-delete equipment.

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Mark - it Self-Stick, Dry-Erase Easel Pads

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Self-Stick, Dry-Erase Paper Easel Pads General Product Information Mark - it Self-Stick, Dry-delete Easel Pads work awesome with standard easel stands, three post easel stands and three post writing slate hanging strips. They offer the client the consolidated accommodation of a trad-itional paper easel cushion with that of a reusable dry-eradicate, self-stick surface. Stamp - it easel cushions turn any easel, divider, entryway, table top or smooth surface into a dry-eradicate board. Sheets can be connected, evacuated and reapplied much like a 3M Post-it easel cushion paper sheet and other glue upheld easel cushion sheets. Cushions are intended to exploit the a huge number of existing clients of dry-eradicate and indelible markers that as of now utilize easel cushions or dry-delete sheets.

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Mark - it Self-Stick, Dry-Erase Paper Easel Pad Features & Benefits Available in 25" x 30" size and 20" x 24" (New thing 102) tabletop models with ten sheets for every cushion. Glue strips stay put on most surfaces without the utilization of extra tape, pins or glues. Consistent Post-it easel sheets and other plain easel paper items simply don't come close. Check it items won't drain and can be utilized with dry-delete, wet-eradicate or indelible markers. Dry-Erase Paper is earth well disposed. Sheets can be utilized again and again, versus paper which is disposed of after each utilization. Paper and High quality Dry-Erase surface will keep going for quite a long time conveying a one of a kind and efficient contrasting option to customary paper easel cushions. Check - it Easel Pads spare cash and nature by bringing down the general cost to the end client by as much as 80% and by taking out the requirement for rehashed paper expendable.

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Mark - it Self-Stick, Dry-Erase Sheet and Roll Products

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Self-Stick, Dry-Erase Sheet & Roll Products Mark - it Paper Sheets and Rolls are less costly than the film item forms and offer the end-client an assortment of items with more greater adaptability. Intended to serve the brief, versatile and dispensable application needs of the end client. Paper Products offer the client comfort with all similar components of a conventional dry-delete surface. Stamp - it Film Sheets and Rolls are somewhat more costly than the paper items. They are intended to serve the perpetual or semi-lasting prerequisites of the dry-delete end client. White Film Products will keep going for a considerable length of time conveying a predominant dry-eradicate surface for the cash.

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Sheet & Roll Products Features, Benefits & Advantages Sheet & move items can be consolidated to make one huge dry-eradicate surface. All items are anything but difficult to apply, evacuate and reposition. Both Paper and Film speak to a colossal incentive for the end client sparing as much as 90% over customary whiteboards. Stamp - it items offer the client comfort with all similar components of a conventional dry-eradicate surface in a costly, versatile, reusable & dispensable item.

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Product Samples & Collateral Materials Product Sample Packet - Item 103S –Contains one 8 ½ x 11 full cement paper sheet , one 8 ½ x 11 full cement white film sheet (3.8 mil) and one Item 404P advancement flyer. Particular item test of any single item thing. Deals Promotional Item 403P – 8 ½ x 11 Main Product Flyer for general utilize. Deals Promotion Item 404P – 3 ½ x 8 ½ Small Product Flyer for merchants, expos, open houses and standard mail programs. It can likewise be utilized for purpose of procurement applications.

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Point of Purchase Display Units Point of procurement units are accessible in different sizes in both floor models and ledge forms. Least request amounts are required. All units are self shippers and are intended to be loaded with Troy's standard item pack-out amounts of 12 units for every container. Contact Troy School & Office Products or visit for points of interest

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Web Page

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Web Page Customer and Distributor deals request are directed through Troy and connected to merchants United Stationers, Action EMCO, WB Mason, Staples (Feb. 2005) and others. Utilize the site for item mindfulness for MARK - it Self-Stick, Dry-Erase Products to the end client, wholesaler business people or potentially other merchant clients. Deals bolster, deals apparatuses, tests, and advancement materials likewise accessible through secured site section.

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Mark - it Profit Margins & Growth Mark - it items are being brought into a few developing and entrenched market classifications including discount merchants, mass promoted, retail, interest & specialty, medication and basic need channels. Items brilliant elements, minimal effort, versatility and straightforwardness being used will bolster wide client advance and rehash buys. Check - it items are intended to convey net edges of 52+% on direct deals into the entrenched and generally develop dry-eradicate markets . Not at all like different items Mark-it dry-eradicate items are consumable things intended to bolster proceeded with solid development and rehash deals.

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Target Customers and Associated Product Information

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Mark-it Products Target Customers Designed for deals to office, school, home, leisure activity and different flip side client outlets. Enormous film industry items retailers, contract stationers, mass stock outlets, basic need, medicate and so on.. School & Office supply outlets and wholesalers. Any merchant of end client items related with dry-eradicate, wet-delete or indelible markers.

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Competitive Product Information

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Wholesale & Contract Catalog Support Mark - it items are presently accessible through: United Stationers Action Emco WB Mason Staples (Early 2005)

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Wholesale & Contract Catalog Support

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Contacting Troy School & Office Products 1-888-853-7279