General Goal: Optimal Student Health and Learning

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Overall Goal: Optimal Student Health and Learning Monitoring Blood Glucose Hypoglycemia & Hyperglycemia Blood glucose checking (BGM) is basic to understudy achievement. Be that as it may, BGM is only one bit of extensive administration arrange. Ketones Health & Learning Legal Rights Glucagon Administration Exercise Insulin Administration Nutrition

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Learning Objectives Participants will realize: Why blood glucose is observed When blood glucose ought to be checked How to play out a blood glucose check

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Blood Glucose Monitoring GOAL: keep up blood glucose inside target run. Prompt BENEFIT: augment learning and support. recognizable proof, treatment, and counteractive action of lows and highs. Long haul BENEFIT: diminish danger of long haul complexities. amplify wellbeing. CHALLENGE: numerous factors can affect blood-glucose.

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Role of the School Facilitate blood glucose observing per DMMP. Follow up on blood glucose check comes about per DMMP. Screen designs for highs and lows. Give checking information to parent/gatekeeper with the goal that conformities can be made.

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Benefits of School Blood Glucose Monitoring Enables support of blood glucose levels inside target run for security; advances long haul wellbeing and ideal scholastic execution Identifies components that influence blood glucose

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Any Time, Any Place Monitoring Better blood glucose control Safer for understudy Student picks up freedom Less shame Less time out of class Assists basic leadership in light of result For understudies who can self-check:

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Basic Steps Know the objective range per DMMP Check on occasion indicated in DMMP Immediate Action – Treatment to get back inside target extend

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When to Check? DMMP indicates for an individual understudy Regularly planned checks: Routine observing before suppers and snacks according to DMMP Before, amid as well as after practice according to DMMP

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When to Check? Additional checks might be fundamental: Periods of stress or ailment Hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia indications Change in diabetes administration Insulin/pharmaceutical measurements Meal arrange Activity

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Lancing Devices Lancets Pen-sort Lancing Devices

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Know the Meter Features differ: Ease of utilization Sample estimate required Wait time Alternate-site testing limit Ability to reapply, if deficient example Many meters accessible on market. Work with parent to get comfortable with operation of understudy's specific meter. 1-800 number on back of meter.

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Preparation 1. Accumulate blood glucose checking supplies: - Lancet -Test strips -Meter 2. Understudy washes hands and dries completely. 3 . On the off chance that helping or performing for understudy, put on expendable gloves.

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Readying the Meter Turn the meter on Check code # Insert a strip into the meter

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Lancing the Finger 7. Hold the lancet gadget to the side of the finger and press the catch to stick the finger.

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Applying Blood to Strip 8. Take after guidelines included with the meter when applying blood to strip Cover ALL of test strip window Some strips suck blood onto the strip Drop, not spread

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250 53 Results 9. Hold up until blood glucose comes about showed. 10. Discard lancet 11. Record blood glucose comes about, make a move for every DMMP.

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What does the show mean? Check manual Contact maker (1-800; Website)

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What does the number mean? Reference understudy's objective range Individualized for understudy May fluctuate all through day Take activity per DMMP Communicate delicately Recognize esteem may change as indicated by time since eating, insulin, or work out