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Stony Brook, LI(06) single laner on grounds roadway. Poughkeepsie (3)(06/08) single laners close Vassar College ... Westhampton Beach (06) oval single laner at previous 6 corners ...

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What is a Roundabout? It is a kind of crossing point control, generally as signs and stop signs are cases of convergence control.

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Example of Signal Controlled Intersection

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Roundabouts are round crossing points planned so that: 1. Entering activity must respect coursing; 2. Entering vehicles are avoided by splitter islands, making a low/comparable speed environment; 3. Circling vehicles must go around a non-mountable focus island.

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Leading Roundabout States Colorado > 240 Washington > 150 Utah > 110 Maryland > 100 North Carolina > 90 Oregon > 75 Florida > 50 Kansas & Missouri > 45 every California & Nevada > 30 each Arizona >25 New York no less than 54, with > 90 in outline all through the state

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New York Roundabouts – Single Laners North Haven (01) single laner that should have been 1 of 2 Rochester (03) single laner on RIT grounds Great Neck (03) single laner that supplanted signalized circle Voorheesville (03) single laner that supplanted yield "Y" Greenwich (04) single laner that supplanted signalized "T" Ithaca (04) single laner off state framework Plattsburgh (04) single laner that supplanted signalized 4-way Liberty (2) (06) single laners off Exit 100, I-86 Cortlandt Manor(06) single laner that substituted flag Huntington (02) single laner utilized for activity quieting Rochester (05) single laner with raised person on foot crossing

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… New York Roundabouts – Single Laners Mt Vernon (06) single laner with wellspring and music Mendon (06) single laner with focus light; greetings speed Stony Brook, LI(06) single laner on grounds roadway Poughkeepsie (3)(06/08) single laners close Vassar College Bethlehem (07) single laner that supplanted a 3-way stop Bainbridge (07) single laner simply off I-88 leave w/NY 206 Hamburg (4) (07/08) urban single laners made of 100% PCC Westchester Airport (06) access to neighborhood airplane terminal Westhampton Beach (06) oval single laner at previous 6 corners Eastern LI (07) nearby convergence planned by McLean Colonie Center (07) access to shopping center from town street Glens Falls (07) 5 legs in urban, downtown environment

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… New York Roundabouts – Single Laners Malta (08) single laner for Round Lake Bypass Cohoes (08) single laner at 3 corners Niagara Falls (07) single laner on Rainbow Boulevard Malta (2) (08) single laners on Dunning St. for Tech Parks Buffalo (2) (08) single laners that are just 100' separated Caledonia (05) resigned & restriped movement circle

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… New York Roundabouts – Major/Minors Kinderhook (05) 2 laner for SB bearing just, 5 legs Buffalo (08) Harlem/Cleveland Road Corning (2) (03) access licenses for R & D plant Latham (02) surrendered & restriped activity circle Griffiss (02) major-minor done in old aviation based armed forces base

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New York Roundabouts – Two Laners Kingston (00) 2 laner that supplanted movement circle Malta (5) (06) 5 add up to in a ¾ mile passage Johnson City (05) 2 laner & flyover that supplanted movement circle Slingerlands (4) (07) 4 add up to in a 1.5 mile segment of new hwy

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… New York Roundabouts – In Construction Round Lake major-minor @ Rt 9/67 Rotterdam single laner @ 7/146 Batavia single laner @ 33/98 Irondequoit (4) single laners at end of 590 Buffalo major-minor on Outer Harbor extend Aurora resigned and restriped single path circle

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… New York Roundabouts – In Final Design Latham Old Wolf @ Old Nisky Malta (2) a single & significant minor for AMD Monticello single laner @ 104 off 17B Mayfield major-minor @ 29 & 30 East Greenbush Route 4 @ 151

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… New York Roundabouts – In Design Auburn railroad right through focus island Brockport single laner with ROW imperatives Cicero Onondaga County extend Glenville Maple @ Glenridge Road

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Why are Roundabouts Being Considered? Most secure Intersection High Capacity/Low Delay Good for All Modes of Traffic Geometric Flexibility Esthetics

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2004 Safety Data from Maryland DOT Reduction of Total Crashes by 68% Reduction of Property Damage Only Crashes by 41% Reduction of Injury Crashes by 86% Reduction of Fatal/Incapacitating Crashes by 100% This brought about a B/C investigation that showed for each dollar spent on these activities, considering the 15-year benefit life of the roundabouts, there is an arrival of roughly $15.00 to be acknowledged through mishap lessening.

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Roundabouts Reduce Crashes!!!

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Roundabouts Reduce Crossing Conflicts

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Roundabouts Make Crossings Safer

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NYSDOT Pedestrian Guidance Video

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Village of Great Neck, Long Island

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High #'s of Peds Cross from LIRR

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Unless "Every single Red" Signal Provide No "Ensured" Pedestrian Phase

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Crossing at the Signal – Safer?

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NYSDOT Bicyclist Guidance Video

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Young Bicyclist at Voorheesville Roundabout

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Pedestrians/Bikes Safety Summary Zero SEVERE Injury or Fatal Ped/Bike Crashes at any U.S. High Capacity Multi-Lane or Single-Lane Roundabout Approximately 13 non-harm since 1993 (8 cyclists, 5 people on foot)

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NYSDOT Single Lane Roundabout Signing

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Adding a Signal Doesn't Always = Safety The Leader Herald – April 22nd, 2005

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Red Light Running Cameras

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A "North American" Perspective

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An "European" Perspective Photo: Matthew Enders, WSDOT

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Public Involvement Public resistance is regular Before development: 3 to 2 against indirect Education is pivotal After development: 4 to 1 for circuitous Visualizations are extremely useful

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Common Objections – Snow Removal Greenwich, NY Roundabout

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Common Objections – Large Trucks 75'x13' Modular Home Takes Left at Greenwich, NY Roundabout

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Common Objections – School Area Valatie Roundabout Sherrill Phillips, Supervisor of Transportation for the Ichabod Crane School District (28 transports) "Very satisfied with the circuitous – there are no issues reported from any of their transport drivers." "Red light running was normal before with the flag, particularly from Rt 9 South." "Students crossing from the school (south of indirect) have a more secure intersection because of the movement quieting effect."

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Public Opinion WILL Change The executive of the Charles R. Wood Theater said she was doubtful when the Greenwich circuitous was initially discussed. "I'm not a specialist on movement, but rather I was persuaded it wouldn't work out ," she said. Presently, she depicts driving through the round crossing point as a "awesome" encounter. " I figure in some cases you simply need to believe the sentiments of activity specialists ," she said.

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Roundabout Solutions Glen & Bay Streets, Glens Falls - 5 leg urban

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Roundabout Solutions The Batavia indirect in 20 years

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The NYSDOT Roundabout Design Unit might want to thank everybody for their participation this excellent night… Questions? Remarks?

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NYSDOT Roundabout Design Unit Contact Information Richard Schell, PE Howard McCulloch, and Tom Kligerman, PE Roundabout Design Unit 50 Wolf Road, POD 24 Albany, New York 12232 Tel: (518) 485-7503 Fax: (518) 457-2916 E-mail: