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g GE Power Management Utility Communication Architecture - UCA

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g GE Power Management Utility Communication Architecture - UCA Arose from the requirement for basic correspondence over the utility endeavor Basic definition began in 1998 Defines a "suite" of conventions to address all utility correspondence prerequisites Has as of late centered around Substation Communications

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g GE Power Management 7-Layer UCA Model

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g GE Power Management Substation Integrated Protection, Control and Data Acquisition Phase 1, Task 2 Requiremenets Specification ERPI - RP3599-01

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g GE Power Management Typical Substation UCA Real-Time Architecture

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GE/Multilin Basler Cooper Beckwith Tasnet SEL GE Harris Siemens (Relays) Siemens (HMI) L&G Doble Dranetz/BMI Modicon/Square D g GE Power Management Participating UCA Vendors

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American Electric Power (AEP) Indianapolis Power & Light Ontario Hydro Northern States Power Tampa Electric ComEd Cinergy Baltimore Gas & Electric GPU Nuon Enetergy TVA Duke Boston Edison Union Electric Florida Power Corp. Southern California Electric Wisconsin Electric ESKOM g GE Power Management Utilities Participating in UCA

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g GE Power Management Planned UCA Demo Sites 1. AEP - INEZ Project - March, 1998 (included this meeting) 2. TVA - Transmission - April, 1998 3. AEP - Distribution - May, 1998 4. GPU - Distribution - May, 1998 5. OH - Transmission - December, 1998 6. BE - Distribution - November, 1998 7. NSP - Transmission - November, 1998 8. Duke Power - December, 1998 (included this meeting) 9. SCE - December, 1998 (included this meeting) 10. AEP - Transmission - June, 1999

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g GE Power Management MMS Service Specifications Defines an arrangement of items that can exist inside a gadget. Characterizes an arrangement of correspondence administrations to get to and control those items. Characterizes the conduct of the gadget to those correspondence administrations.

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g GE Power Management MMS Objects Domain Program Invocation Variable Type (Variable) Semaphore (2) Operator Interface Event Condition Event Action Event Enrollment Journal File

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Type Classes: BOOLEAN BIT STRING INTEGER UNSIGNED (INT) FLOAT (IEEE) REAL (ISO) VISIBLE STRING OCTET STRING GENERAL TIME (ISO) BINARY TIME (MMS/C) BCD g GE Power Management Simple Type Definition A Sample Type definition comprises of Class and Size Although MMS Data has the frame data worked in (whole number, string, boolean, and so on.), just the Type definition has the size data expected to change over to nearby configuration.

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g GE Power Management Modeling Example Two Real Objects: Program Memory Data Memory

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g GE Power Management MMS Services Get Object Change Object Determine Attributes Create Object Delete Object

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g GE Power Management Named Variable Object A named MMS protest speaking to a "genuine" variable Only the name is expected to get to Attributes: Object Name (scope) MMS Deletable (boolean) Type Description Access Method (Public, and so forth.) Address (Public just) Be watchful about utilizing addresses where the address can change starting with one run-time then onto the next

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g GE Power Management Domain Represents an asset inside the VMD Domains are commonly: Program Memory Recipe Memory Data Memory, and so forth. Areas might be pre-named

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g GE Power Management Domain Services Upload: Each transfer grouping is doled out a novel ID Number to track different transfers in advance Domain information is sent over the system in fragments InitiateDownloadSeq makes space If area exists: must erase first InitiateUploadSequence UploadSegment TerminateUploadSequence Download: InitiateDownloadSequence DownloadSegment TerminateDownloadSequence

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g GE Power Management Unconfirmed Services Unconfirmed administrations comprise of just the demand and sign administration primitives UnsolicitedStatus InformationReport EventNotification

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g GE Power Management Program Invocations An execution string comprising of at least one spaces A program invocationcan be begun, ceased, and so forth. A P.I. might be pre-named

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g GE Power Management Relay Data & Functions Settings Control Present Values Historical Upload Download Change Switch Group Pswd Control Bkr Open Bkr Close Enable Outputs Disable Outputs Present Values Status Pwr Quality Fault Report Oscillography Demand Data

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g GE Power Management Common Application Service Models (CASM) Generic Communications Services: Data Access Data (and exemption) Reporting Device Control, Tagging Self Describing Devices Detailed Mapping of Data Objects to MMS Detailed Mapping of Generic Services to MMS Services

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g GE Power Management Common Application Service Model MMS Services Required

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g GE Power Management Relationship of CASM and GOMSEE

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g GE Power Management General Object Model for Substation & Field Equipment (GOMSFE) Object Modeling is a method for recognizing information components in a gadget Defines standard names, properties and practices of the information components Allows for the re-utilization of names Provides the establishment for the data required for "self-decription"

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g GE Power Management Protocol An arrangement of tenets for working a correspondence framework Areas tended to by principles: Framing Error Control Sequence Control Transparency Line Control Timeout Control Startup Control Special Cases

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g GE Power Management Utility Communication Architecture - UCA