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Meeting arranging – Ideas to point you in the right heading Amy Paradis – Northern CA Kathi Randall – Coastal CA

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VENDORS ARE EVERYTHING Assign somebody to oblige all of them day Feed them Give them seats Keep in touch – some time recently, amid, after Give them a ton of notice to get endorsement and monies Featured merchants for additional $$ Grants Advertisements as well as recognize in syllabus Give them your rundown of participants (names/healing centers just) Thank you notes

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VENUE Location. Area. Area. Free? On the other hand Fee? What is the inhabitance? Seller space Don't avoid this Food Ccan you get it? Providing food as it were?

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SPEAKERS One major name speaker from out of the region Vendors can acquire lieu of charge Pull some help with somebody you know Spend the cash and pay somebody you need Your top picks: subjects, speakers, Recent articles: specialists, ebb and flow Honorariums – spending subordinate Always give Thank you cards

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ADVERTISING Send publicizing wide and far Save the date Brochures Use NANN mailing rundown and email list Use NANN Chapter site and give joins Local healing facility parcels – teachers, CNS, Chapter Members Worth the cash to get proficient make a logo and pamphlet

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TEAMWORK Must have positions on your group Treasurer Budget Banking Venue facilitator Vendors Speaker organizer Schedule Registration CE Provider On Site volunteers

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ONLINE SERVICES Website Online enrollment Online installment Password securing address presents Communication by means of email

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DO SOMETHING FUN & UNUSUAL Raffles Door prizes Poster sessions Dinner party Wine and cheddar gathering Interesting nourishment

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GO GREEN Guidelines for gatherings from ANA Handouts Website

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Soliciting Corporate Support Susan Meier FRANN

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Targeting Your Audience New Products Equipment Scrubs Books Formula Companies Patient utilize items

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Educational Grants Agenda Objectives Location of Conference Budget Estimated participation Apply Early

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Educational Grants Abbott Laboratories – Ross Products Mead-Johnson Ovation Pharmaceuticals MedImmune Johnson & Johnson iNO Therapeutics March of Dimes Local organizations

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Sponsorship Levels Gold Sponsor a supper, incorporates signage, name say and speaker open door for 30 minutes ( $1,200-1,500) Silver Sponsor a speaker/theme, incorporates name specify ($800) Bronze Sponsor a show ($300)

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Attendance Gifts Bags Flashdrive Pizza Cutters Water bottles Pens Notepads Lanyards

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Sponsors Formula organizations IV items Ventilator organizations Equipment Scrubs Books Use NANN for thoughts

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Sponsor Benefits Verbal say of sellers all through meeting Exhibit Table Exhibit hours Complimentary participation at any addresses Complimentary Networking dinners Vendor testaments marked by participants

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Sponsor Coordination Consistent contact individual Assign area Separate like organizations Limit/avoid comparative organizations if expansive allow sponsorship by like organization Utilize NANN Chapter site page for layouts of agreements, and so forth

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Cultivate Relationships with Sponsors Keep a rundown/card record of potential backers Consistent contact individual Request sponsorship well ahead of time of gathering May need to arrange value Send thank you letters after occasion

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NYCANN Angelica Braithwaite, MSN, RNC, NNP-BC, CPNP-PC Joy Henderson MSN, RNC, CPNP-PC

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History of NYCANN 33 Chapter of NANN, built up March 2, 1991 GOALS: To be the pioneer of NICU instructive offerings in NYC To give a discussion to systems administration, joint effort of NYC NICU experts Offer meetings, workshops in light of necessities appraisals of NICU medical caretakers

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Infant Massage Certification Course

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NYCANN @ Work in NYC Involved in group ventures Supporting a family place for dislodged families March of Dimes – offered $10,000 to Prematurity Campaign Walk every year in March for Babies Provide covers for range NICU's – made by Community partners, companions of NYCANN

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NYCANN @ Work outside of NYC Travel universally to encounter neonatal nursing at the worldwide level NYCANN individuals have made a trip to or potentially displayed at the International Neonatal Nurses Conference in…

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Our Next Destination… South Africa, October 2010

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Get Involved!! Turned into an individual from NANN and NYCANN Volunteer to be a NICU "Appleseed" Contact individual for your unit to share NYCANN data Volunteer for Executive Board Must be a NYCANN part Interested in progressing neonatal care in NYC Share your NICU news for future NYCANN distributions Like the web? Volunteer to help with NYCANN website Maintaining webpage Writing, altering NYCANN e-bulletin "AppleSource" Present a Poster or NICU Topic at a NYCANN Conference

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MANAGING CHAPTER FINANCES NYCANN Structure Treasurer – just authority officer Edna Asknes, MSN, RNC, PNP Other Executive Board Positions Education Chair – Joy Henderson , MSN, RNC - NIC, CPNP-PC Membership Liaison/Financial Auditor – Angelica Braithwaite, MSN, RNC, NNP-BC, CPNP Exhibitor/Community Outreach Liaison – Maureen Samuels , MSN, RNC Member-everywhere – NANN Liaison – Zenaida Magnaye – Banzon, MSN, RN, CPNP Member –at Large - NYC NICU Liaison – Natasha Nurse, MSN, RN, CNS

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MANAGING CHAPTER FINANCES NYCANN Structure Treasurer –reporting on income and spending Business Account Checking Savings Signatory Privileges At minimum 3 Executive Board w/enrolled signature For repayment, can't sign for assets that will dispensed to you.

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MANAGING CHAPTER FINANCES Status of Finances Maintain a yearly adjust of @ $15,000 - $20,000 Main wellspring of salary - from workshops and yearly gathering Went to this model in 1998 in the wake of endeavoring Monthly Bi – month to month Quarterly Meetings Inconsistent participation with pivoting gatherings at zone doctor's facilities. Overview sent to individuals – yearly gathering position picked

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MANAGING CHAPTER FINANCES "CHECKS & BALANCES" Signatory individuals have a bank platinum card Any action must be joined by: Original receipts Completed voucher frame – see freebee Treasurer's report at month to month Board gatherings Review of meeting/workshop income/costs at next month to month Board meeting

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SUGGESTIONS for MANAGING CHAPTER FINANCES Determine Annual Budget Needs Based on Chapter Activities Review Funds Determine if raising support required Develop associations with Vendors, Sponsors Allocate Funds - ?coordinating assets to section exercises Attempt to keep up a decided least for craved occasions

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Lack of cash is no hindrance. Absence of a thought is an obstruction. Ken Hakuta

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Thank You