Fundamental Characteristics of Organizational Structure

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Chain of command of Authority. Tall versus level hierarchiesAutonomy and controlCommunicationSize. Compass of Control. A wide compass of control: a substantial number of workers reporting, A limited compass of control: a little number representatives reportingThe suitable compass of control relies on upon the experience, information and aptitudes of the representatives and the way of the errand..

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´╗┐Essential Characteristics of Organizational Structure Division of work: separating up the many assignments of the association into specific employments Hierarchy of specialist: Who oversees whom. Traverse of control: Who oversees whom. Line versus staff positions Decentralization

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Hierarchy of Authority Tall versus level orders Autonomy and control Communication Size

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Span of Control A wide traverse of control: countless revealing, A thin traverse of control: a modest number representatives detailing The suitable traverse of control relies on upon the experience, learning and aptitudes of the workers and the way of the assignment.

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Line versus Staff Positions Line versus Staff : Line positions are those in which individuals are included in creating the principle merchandise or administration or settle on choices identifying with the generation of the fundamental business. Staff positions These are positions in which individuals make proposals to others however are not straightforwardly included in the creation of the great or administration

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Decentralization The degree to which basic leadership is gathered in a couple people or scattered all through the association Advantage: benefits related with more prominent interest and moving the choice nearest towards execution Disadvantage: Lack of point of view and data, absence of agreement

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Functional Structure Advantage: effectiveness, correspondence Disadvantage: confinement of units

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Product Structure Advantages: Product center, adaptability Disadvantage: Duplication of exertion

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Market Structure

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Geographic Structure

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Matrix Structure R & D Engineering Manufact'ing Product A Product B Product C

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Integration Hierarchy of expert Liaison parts Teams, advisory groups, teams Standardization & formalization

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Mechanistic & Organic Designs Mechanistic: height in order, specialization, centralization in specialist, formalization. Work best under stable conditions Organic: evenness, speculation, decentralization adaptability Best fit element conditions and complex innovation

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Designs and Dimensions

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Effectiveness Criteria Output approach Internal process approach Systems asset approach Stakeholder approach

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Effectiveness & Structure Size and structure Complexity Differentiation Decentralization Formalization Structure and fulfillment Decentralization Span of control

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Backwards & Forwards Summing up: Today we analyzed the qualities of authoritative structure, separation and coordination. Unthinking and natural outlines were talked about and authoritative adequacy Looking ahead: Next time we investigate conditions, culture, innovation and structure.