Friendly Robots Peeping into the Human World

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Amiable Robots Peeping into the Human World

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An Infant's Advantages Non-unfriendly environment Actively altruistic, empathic guardian Co-exists with develop adaptation of self

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Baby Scheme Physical frame can inspire sustaining reaction Caregiver overstates voice, signals

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Kismet – a Baby Robot

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Requirements Robot needs to see human state Computer vision, discourse preparing Human needs to see robot state Animatronics, discourse era Closed circle collaboration requires both bearings

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Readable locus of consideration Attention can be concluded from conduct Or can be communicated all the more straightforwardly

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Expressing locus of consideration

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Computing locus of consideration "Cyclopean" camera Stereo match

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Computing locus of consideration Visual info Pre-mindful channels Saliency delineate (Cyclopean camera) Primary data stream Modulatory impact Eye development Behavior framework

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Looking Preference "Look for toy" – low skin increase, high soaked shading increase Looking time 28% face, 72% piece "Look for face" – high skin increase, low shading saliency increase Looking time 80% face, 20% square Internal impacts inclination how remarkable quality is measured The robot is not a slave to its surroundings Prefers behaviorally significant boosts

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Example (video)

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Example (video) Robot's inquiry is undertaking particular Still astute when proper Visual conduct passes on level of responsibility Gaze course, demeanor passes on intrigue

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Interpersonal Distance Comfortable association remove

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Interpersonal Distance

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Interpersonal Distance

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Interpersonal Distance

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Interpersonal Distance

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Examples (video) Robot steps back if individual comes excessively close Cues individual to step back as well – social intensification Robot makes itself striking to call a man nearer if too far away "Come here, companion" "Back off buster!"

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Negotiating object demonstrating Comfortable cooperation speed Too quick – disturbance reaction Too quick, Too close – danger reaction

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Example (video)

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Facial appearances

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Facial Expressions (Russell, Scott&Smith) excitement astonish perplexed elated irate stretch fervor glad disappointed dismay delight nonpartisan tragic substance despondency quiet exhausted Emotions can be mapped to influence measurements (Russell) Facial stances are connected efficiently to these full of feeling measurements (Smith & Scott) loose exhausted lethargic rest

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fear tired substance outrage Generating Posture, Expressions Open position Low excitement Negative valence Positive valence High excitement Closed position

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Example Facial Expression

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With Posture (video)

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Emotive Voice Quality

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Synthesized Emotive Speech

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With Vocalizations (video)

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But… Is there more to life than being super, truly, strangely gorgeous?

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Affective Intent (video)

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That's a decent bo-o-y! No infant. o pitch, f (kHz) pitch, f (kHz) o time (ms) time (ms) endorsement disallowance Can you get it? Can you get it? MMMM Oh, nectar. pitch, f (kHz) pitch, f (kHz) o time (ms) time (ms) consideration solace Fernald's Results Four multifaceted shapes of baby coordinated discourse Exaggerated prosody coordinated to newborn child's natural reactions

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Evidence for Fernald-like Contours Approval Prohibition Attention Soothing

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Performing Recognition restriction & high-vitality nonpartisan consideration & endorsement vitality difference mitigating & low-vitality impartial pitch mean Breazeal & Aryananda, Humanoids 2000

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Examples (video)

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Turn-Taking Cornerstone of human-style correspondence, learning, and direction Four periods of turn cycle give up floor listen to speaker reacquire floor speak Integrates visual conduct & consideration outward appearance & liveliness body pose vocalization & lip synchronization

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Example (video)

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Conclusions Robots can share in "baby parental figure" connections These collaborations are rich with platform acts Prerequisite for socially arranged taking in Kismet's super, ludicrously nitty gritty pages: