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Today\'s Discussion. TVA Campbell Creek Research ProjectProject ScopeSimulated OccupancyTest Home OverviewHigh Performance Home FeaturesHouse 1

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Vitality Efficiency/Weatherization – New Technologies TVA Near Zero Energy High Performance Homes Research Project Frank Rapley, General Manager TVA Efficiency Program Design Regional Marketing, Member Services & Communications Conference Savannah, Georgia

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Today's Discussion TVA Campbell Creek Research Project Scope Simulated Occupancy Test Home Overview High Performance Home Features House 1 – Builder House 2 – Retrofit House 3 – Near Zero-Energy House Monitoring and Occupancy Simulation Evaluation Key Takeaways

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Overview TVA assembled three trial homes at Campbell Creek in East Tennessee to assess the adequacy of private development and productivity advances in a controlled domain TVA and its accomplices, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and EPRI, will assess throughout the following couple of years: private building strategies vitality proficiency advances request reaction ideas shopper vitality utilize practices TVA will utilize the outcomes to build up the best, most financially savvy private vitality effectiveness and request reaction instruments to instruct manufacturers, engineers and customers

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Project Scope Construction started in FY 2008 Three houses finished and swung over to TVA toward the start of 2009 timetable year: Builder House Retrofit House Near Zero-Energy House Simulated inhabitance began June 2009 Once again 300 sensors and estimations in the houses

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Simulated Occupancy Done naturally by introduced control frameworks All indoor regulators set same (no difficulty) Lights on and off Run dishwashers on calendar Run garments washer and dryer on timetable Activate gives on timetable Open and close icebox and cooler entryways Human emulator (inert generator – in advance) Electric resistance warmers to mimic other inner electrical burdens

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Energy-Efficient Test Homes Net Monthly Energy Use* Standard House 1,738 kWh Retrofit House 1,377 kWh Advanced House** 795 kWh *Average net utilization July 09 – Jan 10 **Includes decrease by sun based era Monthly Energy Cost* Standard House $146.60 Retrofit House $117.56 Advanced House $40.06 *Average cost July 2009 – Jan. 2010 Using Local Utility's Residential Rates and TVA Generation Partners Solar Credit on Advanced House

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TVA Near Zero Energy High Performance Homes House 1: Builder House (HERS 85)

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House 1 – Builder House (HERS 85) Cost: $250,000 This house speaks to a run of the mill house (2,400 square feet) right now inherent the Tennessee Valley and fills in as a control against which alternate homes are analyzed Incorporates neighborhood construction laws and gauges and is anticipated to utilize marginally less vitality than another house worked to the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) "All electric" overhaul Two SEER 13 warm pumps add up to 4.5 tons 5.7 Air Change for each Hour (ACH) @ 50 Pascal

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TVA Near Zero Energy High Performance Homes House 2: Retrofit House (HERS 66)

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House 2 – Retrofit House – HERS 66 Cost: +$10,000 from base house for retrofits depicted beneath Same development as House 1 (Builder House), yet retrofitted with vitality productivity innovations that a current property holder could add to enhance effectiveness Major retrofits include: low-e, gas-filled windows; fixed, protected storage room; 100% CFL; littler (3 ton versus 4 ton), higher SEER (16 versus 13) warm pump; and warmth pump water warmer Projected to utilize 66% of the vitality of another house worked to code Blower entryway test - 3.4 ACH at 50 Pascal

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House 2 – Retrofit House – HERS 66 Envelope Slab development - with 1' X 24" edge protection High execution windows U-estimation of 0.34 and SHGC of 0.33 Windows introduced with panned blazing and climate lapped blazing tapes Window band substitution to lower U values and SHGC Attic cathederalized with shower froth and splash Fiberglas and fixed (i.e. gets to be distinctly adapted space.) Whole house air fixing bundle and expansion of mechanical ventilation (one or both supply ventilation with shower deplete) Sealing/protecting knee dividers in the reward room Ducts inside the molded space

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House 2 – Retrofit House – HERS 66 Technologies HVAC One 3 ton SEER 16 warm pump with ECM indoor fan engines and zone dampers Kitchen fumes fan ducted to the outside Duct fixing Ducts situated in fixed (semi-molded) storage room Electrical Energy effective lighting installations with 100% fluorescent Energy Star machines High proficiency office versus bring down effectiveness High proficiency diversion focus versus bring down proficiency Plumbing Heat Pump Water Heater

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House 2: Heat Pump in Cathedralized Attic

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House 2: Hybrid – Heat Pump Water Heater

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TVA Near Zero Energy High Performance Homes House 3: NZEH – Big Step House (HERS 32)

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House 3: NZEH – Big Step House – HERS 32 Cost: +$35,000 from base house including PV with no motivating forces Built utilizing the most recent in development advances to make it as proficient as could be expected under the circumstances and still give fantastic check advance Home attributes include: triple sheet windows; R-48 splash fiberglass roof protection; single HVAC framework (2 ton), SEER 16 warm pump; 100% CFL; and Energy Star machines Employs photovoltaic boards and sunlight based water warming to help make it a close to zero-vitality house Projected to utilize 33% the vitality of a "code" house Blower entryway test - 2.4 ACH @ 50 Pascal

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House 3: NZEH – Big Step House – HERS 32 Envelope 2 X 6 Advanced surrounding impermeable development utilizing streak (froth) and showered bug (fiberglass) and auxiliary protecting sheathing with taped creases High execution triple sheet windows U-estimation of 0.12 and SHGC of 0.30 Windows introduced with panned blazing and climate lapped flashing tapes Slab border protected with 2 inch froth R-48 shower fiberglass roof protection (customary vented attic) and brilliant hindrance on rooftop deck

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House 3: Structural Insulated Sheathing

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House 3: Spray Foam Adds R-Value and Air Barrier

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House 3: NZEH – Big Step House – HERS 32 Technologies HVAC Single HVAC framework (2 ton) SEER 16 warm pump with ECM fan engine and variable speed compressor. Framework has zone dampers serving both floors Ducts and indoor loop inside the molded space Transfer channels in every room Mechanical ventilation with a mechanized damper associated with the focal air appropriation framework and controlled with a vitality recuperation ventilator depleting three showers and kitchen, and providing the three rooms and awesome room The supply outlets situated at high inside dividers pointed toward the outside dividers in each room

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House 3: NZEH – Big Step House – HERS 32 Technologies Electrical and Appliances House will be set up with three off buttons, stimulation framework, home office and entire house, with ORNL Feed back meter will be wired into the house appearing in the kitchen the entire house vitality utilization ongoing Energy effective lighting apparatuses with 100% fluorescent Energy Star machines Photovoltaics - 2.5 kW of PV is introduced on the rooftop. The framework is lattice associated through TVA Generation Partners program Plumbing Drainback sunlight based household water warming framework is introduced Heat recuperation from dark water* Heat recuperation from dryer vent* Heat recuperation from dishwasher*

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House 3: Solar Drainback Tank

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House 3: Solar Storage Tank and HEX

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House 3: Robo Refrigerator

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House 3: PVs and Solar Water Heating

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TVA Near Zero Energy High Performance Homes Monitoring and Occupancy Simulation

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Monitoring and Occupancy Program Limited winter 2008-09 information Full checking and inhabitance reenactment began June 1, 2009 ORNL and EPRI taking a shot at the recreation subtle elements Blower entryway tests House 1 – 5.7 ACH @ 50 Pascal House 2 – 3.4 ACH @ 50 Pascal House 2 – 2.4 ACH @ 50 Pascal

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Electric Bills July 2009 – January 2010

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kWh Usage July 2009 – January 2010

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Solar Generation Summary

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Generation Partners Solar Credit

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Builder House Energy Breakdown - January 2010

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Retrofit House Energy Breakdown - January 2010

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NZEH Energy Breakdown - January 2010

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Key Takeaways While information is still be gathered for the main year, data proposes ensuring you have a decent air obstruction on a house is critical, specifically: Ducts inside the molded space 2 X 6 propelled confining guarantees water/air proof development Utilizing streak (froth) and splashed arachnid (fiberglass) For new development, consider having houses sun powered prepared (legitimate introduction, and so forth.) Possible adjustments being considered for one year from now (FY 2011) include: House 3: Considering geothermal s ystem change out House 2: Considering change to variable refrigerant stream warm pump in cooled space (ductless) House 1: Will stay as control house Also will take a gander at request reaction exercises A between time give an account of the TVA vitality effectiveness homes investigate venture to be discharged Summer 2010

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Questions David Dinse Project Manager, Environment and Technology Tennessee Valley Authority (423) 751-7410