Focal OFFICE SAFETY MEETING Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Work Zone Safety Awareness

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Focal OFFICE Security MEETING Walker and Bicyclist Wellbeing and Work Zone Security Mindfulness. Marianne Trussell Boss Wellbeing Officer April 21,2010. Did You Know?. In 2008 1,315 drivers 546 travelers 532 motorcyclists (and travelers) 502 people on foot 118 bicyclists 193 high schoolers

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Focal OFFICE SAFETY MEETING Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Work Zone Safety Awareness Marianne Trussell Chief Safety Officer April 21,2010

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Did You Know? In 2008 1,315 drivers 546 travelers 532 motorcyclists (and travelers) 502 people on foot 118 bicyclists 193 youngsters Were executed on Florida roadways?

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In 2008 122,080 drivers 56,800 travelers 8,519 motorcyclists 7,878 people on foot 4,380 bicyclists 20,347 high schoolers Were harmed on Florida's roadways?

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These Numbers are Unacceptable 2,983 murdered in car accidents in one year – 2008 4,391 executed in 7 years in the Iraq war 2,966 slaughtered in the 9/11 fear based oppressor assaults

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Test Question #1 What age aggregate has the most noteworthy number *of person on foot fatalities? 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 * All answers based upon 2008 information (2009 information not last) .

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Test Question #2 What was the conduct occupied with by the larger part of walkers slaughtered? Strolling along street with movement Crossing not at a convergence Standing or playing in street Other

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Test Question #3 What time of day are the dominant part of people on foot killed? Sunlight Dusk Dark Dawn

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Test Question #4 What was the climate like when the larger part of people on foot were executed? Shady Clear Rainy Foggy

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Test Question #5 Of person on foot fatalities Approximately 70 % were male Approximately 90% were male The dominant part were male The greater part were female

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Safe Walking Tips Watch for vehicles and bicyclists Don't utilize earphones, iPods, or PDAs (take your mobile phone for crises) Cross just at crosswalks strolls when accessible Be additional cautious for turning vehicles If strolling for wellbeing reasons, discover an accomplice Know where you are and where you are going Wear proper shoes and garments See and be seen (wear intelligent dress at nightfall/night) Walk confronting movement when ways and walkways are inaccessible

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Test Question # 6 What age amass has the most elevated number of bicyclist fatalities? 45-54 55-64 35-44 25-34

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Test Question # 7 In which province were the most bicyclists murdered? Miami-Dade Broward Pinellas Leon

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Test Question # 8 What time of day are the lion's share of bicyclists killed? Sunset Dark Dawn Daylight

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Test Question # 9 What was the climate like when the greater part of bicyclists were killed? Shady Rainy Clear Foggy

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Test Question # 10 Of bicyclists killed The lion's share were female The dominant part were male 66% were male 86% were male

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Safe Riding Tips Wear a legitimately fitted protective cap (they aren't only for children) Adjust your bike to fit Check your hardware See and be seen Control your bike Watch for and dodge street risks Avoid riding during the evening if conceivable Lights and reflectors are required amongst dusk and dawn

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Obey the Rules of the Road Ride WITH the stream of activity (not against it) Obey all movement laws Yield to movement and walkers when suitable Be unsurprising Stay caution at all circumstances Look before turning (utilize hand signals) Watch for stopped autos and autos leaving garages Never ride more than two side by side (it's perilous and illegal in Florida) Children under 10 ought to utilize walkways; grown-ups ought to utilize roadways. A few regions restrict bikes on walkways

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Motorists and Bicyclists Bicycles are vehicles under Florida law and have approach rights and duties to utilize the roadway (not constrained get to offices) ( Sec. 316.2065, F.S.) Florida law obliges drivers to permit at least 3 feet when surpassing a bicyclist or other non-mechanized vehicle ( Sec. 316.083, F.S. ) Most laws identifying with bicyclists can be found in Section 316.2065, F.S.

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YOU CAN – EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Change your own particular unfortunate propensities and driving practices Set a decent case Work on rolling out positive improvements in the ones you adore Be an envoy for wellbeing Spread the security word Safety is Everybody's Business

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ANSWERS Q1: Age of most person on foot fatalities: C (45-54) Q2: Behavior of people on foot killed: B (cross not at convergence) Q3: Time of day walkers killed: C (dull 73%) Q4: Weather when walkers killed: B (clear) Q5: Pedestrians killed: An (approx. 70% male) Q6: Age of most bicyclist fatalities: A(45-54) Q7: County with most bicyclists killed: B (Broward) Q8: Time of day bicyclists killed: B (dim 54%) Q9: Weather when bicyclists killed: C (clear) Q10: Bicyclists killed: D (86% male)

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The Many Faces of Construction

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The Many Faces of Work Zone Fatalities

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A Single Life Lost would one say one is Too Many Who is kicking the bucket in work zones? 93 People in 2008 60 Drivers 17 Passengers 16 Pedestrians (incorporates laborers)

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What about work zone wounds? 6,802 in 2008 4,655 Drivers 1,997 Passengers 150 Pedestrians (incorporates laborers)

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Driving in work zone tips Be ready – expect the unforeseen Minimize diversions (no PDAs, eating, drinking, perusing, shaving, preparing ) Don't speed Don't back end Don't switch to another lane Keep an eye out for specialists and gear

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QUESTIONS? Marianne Trussell , Chief Safety Officer 245-1504 Mark Eacker, Industrial Safety Program Admin. 245-1510