Florida 4-H Portfolio "I need to apply for a 4-H grant or national grant trip"

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See the Florida 4-H Scholarship Summary for all necessities posted ... Grant Portfolio Narratives must incorporate an announcement of Financial Need for the grants you are ...

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Florida 4-H Portfolio "I need to apply for a 4-H grant or national honor trip"

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What will we achieve? The most effective method to finish the application for both grants and honor trips. Step by step instructions to make your achievements emerge on paper.

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Why would it be a good idea for me to apply? National Award Trips National 4-H Congress is held every November in Atlanta, Georgia. Florida can have up to 30 youth delegates go to. National 4-H Conference is held every March in Washington, D.C. Florida can have four youth delegates go to this occasion.

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Why would it be advisable for me to apply? Over $13,000 in grants granted every year. Wilmer & Melda Bassett Norma Cox Platt Memorial T.G. Williamson Terry Floyd Barber Thomas Greenawalt Ruth Milton C.W. Reeves Dr. Freddie Johnson Alden Hilliker Nettie Ruth Brown UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Tampa Bay Kennel Club Osbourne Horsemanship Scholarship Horseman of the Year *See the Florida 4-H Scholarship Summary for all prerequisites posted at www.florida4h.org

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Who is qualified? Any Florida 4-H part can apply for National treks who are 14 years of age and up. (by Sept. 1 of the present 4-H year) Once you win an outing you can not make a difference again for a similar excursion. You should be a graduating higher ranking than be qualified for most of the state 4-H grants. A few grants are accessible for green bean and sophomores in school. See current grant outline for more subtle elements on grant necessities at www.florida4h.org.

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Portfolio Resources What you should begin: Past 4-H Project Books, Project Reports, Building My 4-H Portfolio, and some other materials used to report your 4-H encounters. Florida 4-H Portfolio and Appropriate Cover Page What Are My Skills worksheet Marketing YOU! Rules for Completing a Florida 4-H Portfolio www.florida4h.org

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Choosing a 4-H Program Submission Area One of the initial step to finishing a Portfolio is selecting the program territory you have the most involvement in. Florida 4-H Program zones include: Animal Science Environmental Education Individual & Family Resources Citizenship & Career Development Leadership & Communications Science & Technology General/Overall Achievement *For Project Area portrayals see page 13 of "Advertising You"

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Requirements of an Awards Portfolio 1. Florida 4-H Senior Portfolio & Awards Cover Page (12 point textual style) 2. Continue (1 to 2 pages, 12 point text style) 3. Story (2 to 3 page, 12 point textual style twofold dispersed)

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Requirements of a Scholarship Portfolio 1. Florida 4-H Senior Portfolio & Scholarship Cover Page (12 point text style) 2. Continue (1 to 2 pages, 12 point textual style) 3. Account (2 to 3 pages, 12 point text style twofold separated) Scholarship stories must incorporate an announcement of money related requirement for the grants you are applying for. 4. Letters of Recommendation: (1 from your County Agent, and 1 from a business, school guide, educator, or scholastic consultant) 5. Official Transcripts: (secondary school and school grades) Transcripts can be opened and replicated before they are sent to the State Office. *Horse Scholarships require current year's steed record book (i.e. Osborne & Horseman of the Year)

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Portfolio Cover Pages Different Cover Page for Awards and Scholarships. Select the Award Trip on the Awards Cover Page and all grants on the Scholarship Cover Page you are applying for. Set aside the opportunity to round out all segments !

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Let's Complete the Senior Portfolio!

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Florida 4-H Portfolio: Section I Major Project Summary – Project Goals, Accomplishment, and Activities for the present year in a chose extend in the Project Area you are presenting your Portfolio in. IA: Project Goals – objectives set in the venture for the present year and how they have affected your venture encounter. IB: Major Project Accomplishments – achievement amid the present year in the venture you are highlighting. IC: Project Activities – exercises and encounters amid the present year and your inclusion.

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Florida 4-H Portfolio: Section II Cumulative 4-H Experiences in any venture region amid your 4-H profession. IIA: Project Accomplishments IIB: 4-H Awards and Honors IIC: 4-H Activities, Experiences, and Events IID: 4-H Offices and Leadership Experiences IIE: 4-H Citizenship and Community Service

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Project Accomplishment Examples Good Years Enrolled 4-H Project Area Major Accomplishments 2003-2007 BEEF Showed 10 calves and 5 steers at 15 shows; displayed fantastic, save grand and ahead of all comers creatures (12); member of 8 club, 4 district and 1 state domesticated animals judging group Even Better Years Enrolled 4-H Project Area Major Accomplishments 2003-2007 BEEF Began with one anticipate calf at age 9 and now have a crowd of 15 cows. Yearly calf deal benefits have provided me with $3550 in funds for my instruction.

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Awards and Honors Group grants in classifications indicating critical change at whatever point conceivable. The classifications of honors may incorporate excursions, trophies, strips, region decorations, and so on. List the most imperative honors and those most significant to the next data you have incorporate into your honors application. Year Award Honor Award Description Level 03-07 Trips Won outings to state and national S(5)N(2) judging occasions 03-07 Trophies 23 trophies in 4-H Livestock C(12)S(3) shows including 4 thousand and 9 hold stupendous champion

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Activities, Experiences, and Events List encounters by year(s) in sequential request consolidating data where conceivable. Things ought to reflect support in exhibitions, talks, workshops, centers, judging occasions, field trips or other learning encounters. Year Project Competitions/Exhibits Your Involvement Level 04-07 Exhibits Created and showed 15 photo C,D,S displays (C), and 2 blurb workmanship (D, S) exhibits Year Presentations/Demonstrations Your Involvement Level 03-07 Demonstrations Created and introduced 5 county, C, D, S 5 area, and 3 state demos Year Other 4-H Events and Activities Your Involvement Level 06-07 Florida 4-H Legislature Lobbyist S

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Offices and Leadership Examples Year Leadership Activity Your Responsibilities Level 02-07 Club officer and President, V.P, treasurer, (L) panel part recreation pioneer and phone committee 05-07 State Executive Board District Representative (S) Congress Planning Committee 06-07 State Council Officer Vice President (S) Indicate at what level you took an interest: (L)Local, (C) County, (D) District, (S) State, (R) Regional, (N) National, or (I) International.

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Citizenship and Community Service Remember, this classification is to record what you accomplish for others inside your group… exclusively or as a gathering. Accomplishing for others is the key… administration for these occasions is great, additionally helping as a part is great, as well! Year Community Service/Citizenship Activity Your Responsibilities Level 05-06 Trails 4-H Club Coordinated extend, (G) Community Pride Project completed Community Pride application and report.

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Florida 4-H Portfolio: Section III Experiences in different associations, side interests, and unique interests. List all together of significance your most important encounters in school, church, and group associations. It is imperative to show initiative inclusion on the off chance that it happened.

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Resume Use the case in "Promoting You" to help you with the proper configuration of a resume. Portray aptitudes, learning and capacities you have increased through 4-H. Be compact! This area ought to portray exactly how magnificent you are. Allude to the "What are My Skills Worksheet"

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Resume Objective Your target is the thing that you want to finish by presenting the resume. For this situation a target is secure assets for school or to be granted a honor trip. Abilities and Accomplishments Use aptitudes you have recognized by utilizing the "What Are My Skills" worksheet to finish this segment. Instruction When you will get your certificate. List your most grounded zone of center, i.e. science, writing, and so on., and school related respects and exercises in this area. Businesses If you have been utilized, utilize this segment to report those positions. Incorporate the businesses name, dates of work (mm/yy), and a brief depiction of your duties. You may likewise list the city and condition of business.

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Narrative 2-3 page Narrative that condenses and highlights how you have profited from your 4-H encounter. Ought to address the accompanying five focuses. How have you profit by 4-H? What aptitudes have you realized in 4-H? By what means will they profit you later on? Select an involvement in which you were a part of a gathering and disclose your commitments to that exertion. In what capacity will you share your encounters in 4-H? What effect will you have the capacity to make as an aftereffect of your 4-H encounter? Grant Portfolio Narratives must incorporate an announcement of Financial Need for the grants you are applying for

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Additional Scholarship Attachments Don't overlook those extra connections for Scholarships! Extra Statement of Financial Need in Narrative. Letters of Recommendation: (1 from your County Agent, and 1 from a business, school advocate, teacher, or scholastic counselor) Official Transcripts: (secondary school and school grades) Transcripts can be opened and duplicated before they are sent to the State Office.

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Submission Process Make beyond any doubt you meet your County's portfolio dead