Florence Nightingale

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´╗┐Florence Nightingale The Lady with the Lamp

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Florence Nightingale Born in Florence in 1820 First helped a wiped out canine with a broken leg Loved her dolls One day she went by a doctor's facility THIS CHANGED HER LIFE

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Often individuals who went into healing center passed on They were Dirty Badly run Nurses didn't recognize what to do Hospitals in 1830's

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Florence Nightingale Parents did not need her to wind up an attendant She contemplated solution books herself for quite a long time She was 30 when her folks let her go to Germany and Paris to study nursing

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Crimean War Broke out when Florence 34 was years old War Russia v Turkey(Britain and France) Reports were coming through about loathsome conditions in doctor's facilities

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Florence leaves London No cheering No group "You'll be back," her family said

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Scrubbed the floors Cleaned the wards Washed the bedclothes Made the men agreeable She got the chance to work

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In the night she conveyed a light so she was called "The Lady with the Lamp" Soldiers kissed her shadow

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They started to improve Sitting up, happy and more joyful!

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Letter from Queen Victoria Thanking "Miss Nightingale and her women" for all their diligent work

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She was given a precious stone clasp with 'Favored are the tolerant' engraved on it

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kicked the bucket in 1910, age 90 Florence Nightingale

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Until as of late her photo was on our British £10 note

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She was acclaimed everywhere throughout the world She changed doctor's facilities everywhere throughout the world There is an exhibition hall in London which commends her life and work