FLARE RECOVERY SYSTEMS AND THE FLARE BULLET Economic way to deal with flare minimisation

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FLARE RECOVERY SYSTEMS AND THE "FLARE BULLET" Economic way to deal with flare minimisation Jonathan MILES Argo Environmental Engineering Limited

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The Environment CO 2 from Power Generation and Fuel Gas CO 2 from Flaring VOC from tank emanations/transport

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Environmental Emissions - UKOOA Flaring rose in UK in 2006 to 1.725 m tons CO 2 outflows in 2006 fell by around 1m tons

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UKOOA Commitment 47 UK Flaring in 2001 spoke to around 30% of Industry CO 2 discharges (5.5 m tons) Started Emission Trading Scheme Participants concurred target 10% emanation lessening underneath assent understandings

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Best In Class? Examination 2000-2004 has appeared: Best in class produces 0.63 ave kg CO 2/boe Worst in class – 38.61 ave kg Of most noticeably awful 10 entertainers in flaring just 3 had stranded gas supplies with 7 associated with gas gathering frameworks Foinhaven has stranded gas repository yet accomplishes in main 10 CO 2 from Flare/boe 7 of main 10 entertainers were BP worked

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The "Passing Zone" on a flare – Turndown to 1-2% Flare and related hardware harm Wasted Gas – particularly if fuel gas lacking – blazing diesel CO 2 or exchanging or assess administration. Notoriety Potential income/cost sparing of $1million every year How does diminished flaring spare cost

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What is zero flaring

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Flare Gas Recovery HP flare To flare Bursting Disk LO HH PT FOV N supply 2 HH FE XV Check valve HP K.O. Sources Drum Drain

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FOV Layout To flare Bursting circle Tie in 2 Manual valve FOV Tie in 1

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Fast Opening Valve Mokveld valve has SIL-level 3 (MTBF=2160 years of operation to "full stroke") Tyco valve has SIL-level 3 (MTBF=523 years of operation to "full stroke")

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Flare Opening Assemblies Rupture plate/Buckling pin valve Buckling pin valve Bursting circle

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Flare Gas Recovery – financial aspects Annual esteem accepting: Quota exchanging Increased gas send out 2 flare change outs Annual income from flare gas recuperation $1,000,000 Typical Installed Cost - $2-4 million (less expensive on new offices) Pay back time will normally be 2-4 years

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Low Pressure System

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LP start framework: Automatic Pellet Launching cupboard and air propelling jug Guide pipe Pellet gatherer unit (discretionary) Flare Gas Ignition

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LP framework ordinary establishment

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Long-extend start pellet Armed by the starting weight Ignite when risen up out of guide pipe Independent of developing speed Will not touch off if presented to flame Flare Gas Ignition System

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Low weight Ignition System Ekulama II - SPDC Nigeria

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Low weight Ignition System Ekulama II - SPDC Nigeria

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Flare Gas Ignition No moveable parts or electronic hardware situated close flare tip When required upkeep is performed at cupboard All gear in warmth radiation territories are warmth in safe material High unwavering quality and long lifetime

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Conclusions and Recommendations Install FGR if in fact plausible Increased income regularly $1million Cost to introduce $2 – 4 million Install Pellet Ignition framework – suit all frameworks Increased dependability of start Increased security Reduced support Cost approx $150,000