Flame and EMS Leadership Training Systems, Inc.

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Flame and EMS Authority Preparing Frameworks, Inc. F E LTS,Inc. set up in 2006 to prepare the pioneers of tomorrow, today.

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FIRE and EMS Leadership Training Systems, Inc. F E LTS,Inc. set up in 2006 to prepare the pioneers of tomorrow, today

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Welcome to FIRE and EMS Leadership Training Systems . My name is Dick Johnson, I am the president and CEO of F E LTS . The accompanying introduction clarifies the present preparing gave by F E LTS to your authority needs. Get in touch with me by means of email at rijohnson@columbus.rr.com or call (614) 875-5827. FELTS 2006-01

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Leadership & Officer Improvement A Training System for Fire & Emergency Service Leaders Of Today & Tomorrow FELTS 2006-01

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America's Fire Service Past Present Future FELTS 2006-01

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America's Fire Service This four-hour introduction helps individuals from the division comprehend and welcome the distinctions of "societal era crevices" and how they affect everyday operations. Utilizing the program by Dr. Morris Massey, Who You Are Is Where You Were When, as an establishment Dick Johnson furnishes members with an edified comprehension of why individuals do the things they do! FELTS 2006-01

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Prioritizing—The Pathway to Success Learning to Understand Pareto FELTS 2006-01

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The Pareto Principal In this six-hour program, members find out about the answer for the well established issue—"There sufficiently aren't hours in the day to complete things; what with runs and dealing with another person's inability to arrange . . ." Dr. John Maxwell clarifies the 20/80 Rule. FELTS 2006-01

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Instructional Methodology FELTS 2006-01

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Instructional Methodology This 24-hour session readies the Company Officer (and additionally those with a desire to teach) the " center parts " of the State Certified Instructor Course. An essential component of this session manages Speech Writing and Public Speaking! FELTS 2006-01

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The Other I.S.O. The National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD, as of late amended an officially remarkable program. Fruitful fulfillment of this 12-hour course will win the member a Certificate of Completion from the National Fire Academy. FELTS 2006-01

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Developing the Leader Within You A Dr. John Maxwell introduction from Injoy FELTS 2006-01

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Developing the Leader Within You This 12-hour video-driven introduction demonstrates the Fire Service the assets in the private area that can aid Leadership Development for Fire Officers! Dr. John Maxwell (using video and a video session control) gives the learner simple, sensible, time-demonstrated administration systems! FELTS 2006-01

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Decision Making and Problem Solving This 8-12 hour course will consolidate two attempted and demonstrated techniques for critical thinking… Working in gatherings, members will unravel a division issue. FELTS 2006-01

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Coaching, Mentoring, Counseling, and Conflict Resolution FELTS 2006-01

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Coaching, Mentoring, Counseling, and Conflict Resolution This 6-hour session is an unquestionable requirement for the Fire Department Officer at each level. Ken Blanchard's "The One Minute Manager" and "Giving The One Minute Manager Something to do" are the establishment on which this basic course has been created. FELTS 2006-01

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Coaching, Mentoring, Counseling, and Conflict Resolution While structure fires represent a true blue risk to our wellbeing and prosperity, the flames of progress, hostility, misconception, correspondence breakdown, and, well, and so on, can likewise be vocation finishing issues. Avoidance is the name of the diversion. FELTS 2006-01

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A Guide to Formulating SOPs for the Fire Service This session utilizes the production composed by Christopher Schiller and distributed by VFIS. It has 8 hours of class time, and a clinical with a 30-day finish due date. FELTS 2006-01

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WHAT OFFICERS NEED TO Put It All Together! In this last session, Division and Department Officers are given the last stride important to be a Great Leader! Every one of the nine sessions are put into a "tool kit" to be utilized with certainty and consistency. FELTS 2006-01

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Additional Programs F E LTS offers an assortment of different classes to better set up your work force for authority positions. FELTS 2006-01

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Additional Leadership Programs from Injoy by Dr. Maxwell 21 Laws of Leadership 21 Qualities of a Leader 17 Laws of Teamwork 17 Qualities of a Team Player Developing the Leaders Around You Five Levels of Leadership The Power of ONE FELTS 2006-01

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Five Levels of Leadership A Dr. John Maxwell introduction from Injoy This DVD preparing arrangement clarifies the five particular levels of Leadership. It will everlastingly modify the way you lead and the reasons why individuals tail you. John Maxwell takes you through the levels one by one, demonstrating to precisely generally accepted methods to roll out improvements that will expand your impact and results. FELTS 2006-01

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Managing Company Tactical Operations Series  Preparation  Decision-Making Tactics Each session is 12 hours. By and by, the MCTO Series is offered through the Ohio Fire Academy, and might be qualified for an allow from the Federal Government and the National Fire Academy. FELTS 2006-01

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MCTO: Simulation F E LTS teachers Ray McCune and Marcus Moore were the key designers of this program, one of the Ohio Fire Academy's most prevalent in the Company Officer Development Series. In this 3-day session, which can be redone for your specialty, members manage:  Incident Command  Strategy & Tactics  Scene Safety Issues, for example, • Personnel Accountability • May-Day Procedures • Incident Safety Officer FELTS 2006-01

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Fire Officer Principles and Practices This new educational modules from Jones and Bartlett contains 18 sections—everything a recently advanced officer, or destined to-be advanced firefighter, ought to know to get off to an extraordinary begin. The course requires an a few week responsibility on the member's part—unquestionably time well spent.  Approved by the International Association of Fire Chiefs  NFPA 1021 agreeable for Fire Officer I and II FELTS 2006-01

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Preparing for Promotion Members of the F E LTS Team have involvement in get ready contender for the Oral Testing & Interview area of the limited time handle—a key component in today's Fire Service. Call for more data (614) 875-5827. FELTS 2006-01

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State of Ohio Certified Instructor I & II A F E LTS Team part wrote the Lesson Plan Outline and PowerPoint introduction utilized as a part of the State of Ohio Curriculum. This 72-hour course readies the member as an educator in grown-up learning, both in Fire & EMS. NOTE: Applicants are required to breeze through a composed pre-test (70% or better) preceding enlistment. Call for more data (614) 875-5827. FELTS 2006-01

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Training in Acquired Structures As the recurrence of real flames keeps on waning, it has turned out to be progressively more imperative for the fire administration to exploit gained structures for preparing—using both live-fire and non-fire situations. Dick Johnson built up this program as a venture at the National Fire Academy. It is additionally some portion of the State Certified Instructor Fire Curriculum. FELTS 2006-01

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College Credits The University of Cincinnati will give credit toward a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Science, through it's Portfolio Evaluation Program, for F E LTS courses finished. Effective fulfillment of America's Fire Service , in addition to Prioritizing: The Pathway to Success, can get 5 credit hours of Personnel Management, while the adjust of the courses can get up to 22 credit hours toward Electives. For more points of interest contact Bill Kramer at UC. (see UC slide)

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Ray McCune About the teacher FELTS 2006-01

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Ray McCune That 70's Show:  Joined Ohio National Guard  Basic preparing Fort Knox, Kentucky  Army Helicopter Mechanic School in Fort Rucker, Alabama  Joined Akron Fire Department November 1978 FELTS 2006-01

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Ray McCune The 80's:  Army Flight Training Helicopter Pilot Ft. Rucker, AL  Returned to AFD E-10 Kenmore, 1981  Squad 4: Haz-Mat, Scuba, Rope–High Rescue  Summit Co. Crisis Management "Agent Disaster", 1984  N8ICE ham radio permit  Paramedic Training Saint Thomas Hospital, 1988 FELTS 2006-01

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Ray McCune The 90's:  PSSI Certified OFA 1990  Akron Fire Academy Instructor  Emergency Medical Dispatcher  Instructional Methodology NFA 1991  Course Development NFA 1996  Promoted to Lieutenant AFD 1997  Assigned Station 10 Kenmore Scuba Team FELTS 2006-01

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Ray McCune The 2000's:  ACE Certifications for Fire Instructor 2002  Retired from AFD July seventeenth, 2004  Joined F E LTS 2006 FELTS 2006-01

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Marcus Moore About the educator FELTS 2006-01

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Marcus Moore City of Akron Fire Department Joined office in 1976 Promotions Lieutenant 1995 Captain 1998 District Chief 1999 FELTS 2006-01

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Marcus Moore Certifications, State of Ohio Law Enforcement Instructor Fire Instructor; IFSAC Fire Inspector; IFSAC FELTS 2006-01

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Marcus Moore NFA Train the Trainers  Leadership Series  MCTO Series  Health & Safety Officer  Incident Officer OFA Train the Trainers  Building Construction  Incident Command System  Emergency Vehicle Ops  Arson Detection and Basic Fire Investigation  All Levels of Hazardous Materials & WPD Preparedness FELTS 2006-01

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Marcus Moore  Assessment Center Facilitator  Assessment Review  Assessor for the Assessment Center Proce