Fire Safety Engineering Structures in Fire

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Fire Safety Engineering & Structures in Fire Development of Codes and Practice Session JT2 Workshop at Indian Institute of Science 9-13 August, 2010 Bangalore India

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Structural Design of Services Design of Fire Safety Systems Construction No Architectural Concept Consultation with Parties Fire Safety Authorities Fire Brigades Yes Construction Fire Safety Authorities Fire Brigades Inspection Yes No Acceptance

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The Cost of Error £ Architecture Design Construction £ Unlimited Acceptance £2 £1

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Smoke Management Evacuation Access for Fire Brigade Architecture Mechanical Engineering HVAC frameworks Hydraulic Systems Civil Engineering Detection & Alarm Smoke Management Suppression & Control Fire Resistance Evacuation Access for F.B. Security Fire Safety Engineering Fire Resistance Structures

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Fire Safety Strategies Prescriptive Design Performance Based Design

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Life Safety Compartmentation Structure Response

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Life Safety Common Sense Compartmentation Locate According to producers Specifications Specify According to Manufacturers Standard Test Data Structure Response Define as indicated by basic guidelines (Common Sense) Common Sense Common Sense

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Can similar principles be connected?

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Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris The Dome London Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai

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Compliance Limited to customary structures Conventional is less and less regular Construction has developed speedier than codes Construction has advanced quicker than our ability to prepare powers/engineers/fire benefit Codes must be utilized as a device for the skillful expert

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Summary Fire Safety Engineering is a mind boggling field that connects with every single other train in the development procedure Codes and Standards (exemplary practices) are suitable just for straightforward structures – complex structures require more elevated amount designing Fire Safety Engineering is a critical calling in the development procedure!

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Fire Safety Strategies Evacuation Detection Alarm Displacement far from the fire Crowd administration Compartmentation Slows fire development Minimizes smoke spread Response Automatic (fire concealment) External Internal Structural Integrity

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Evacuation Completed Untenable Conditions Structural Failure Time Lines % 100% t

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Untenable Conditions Evacuation Completed Solution % Structural Failure 100% t

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The Objectives t e <<<<t f t e <<<<t S t s → 

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Allen Lambert Gallery (Canada)

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Unprotected structure High Ceilings Delayed discovery Delayed sprinkler Activation Smoke Management

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Egress Problem

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Refurbishment of Historical Monument Combined Construction Methods (Modern-Classic) Interconnected Multiple Uses Complex utilization of materials (plastic, steel, stone, and so on.)

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How are these issues tended to Can not be tended to by method for codes and gauges They are tended to by a mix of codes & measures and also investigative instruments The procedure requires a mind boggling endorsements handle where everybody included must be equipped

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A Detailed Analysis Heron Tower Kohn Pedersen Fox 80 Story Building in London Formed of numerous 4 story "towns" Arup: Fire Engineering

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Key Issues How Would a 4 Story Fire influence: The basic execution of the building? Departure? Fire Detection & Suppression?

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The Fire 4 Story Atrium Transforms the Fire None of the customary strategies can address the one of a kind nature of the Fire should be demonstrated Detection, Suppression and Structure should be tried against the genuine fire

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Modeling of the Fire

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What does the Engineer need to know? What does a designer need to know to have the capacity to lead a satisfactory CFD investigation of this fire? What does a designer need to know to have the capacity to exchange the fire data to test Detection, Suppression and Structure?