Filtered water and Nature

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Robert Sasser, a proprietor of Wasatch Ice Water Company, said in light of carbon ... Park City

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Filtered water and The Environment Outcomes of Lecture: You are shoppers so you profit. Filtered water profits for huge business. Assembling of plastic containers utilizes loads of water. Filtered water is earth costly to convey. Free Lunch? - Bottled water becomes scarce springs and waterways.

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Park Record Park City, Utah Oakley water "uncommon" By Patrick Parkinson Of the Record staff Saturday, March 20, 2004 - A Park City water organization will soon be packaging water from a spring in Oakley available to be purchased to selective eateries across the nation. Robert Sasser, a proprietor of Wasatch Ice Water Company, said in light of cell based dating, the water is over 21,000 years of age. "It's a totally ensured aquifer, which is, exceptionally strange, Sasser said. Oakley occupants frequently call the water "dinosaur water or "the springs of endless life, Sasser said. "There's no debases of any sort in the water, he said, including that the water was found almost 2,000 feet underground. Sasser said when advertised industrially, the Oakley water would be " the most costly water in the United States."

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Bottled Water in U.S. Americans spend more than $10,000 "every moment of each day" or up to 30 pennies for a glass of packaged water* 1978 Consumption = 415 Million Gallons** 2003 Consumption = 6.4 Billion Gallons** Per capita utilization expanded from 10.5 gallons in 1993 to 24 gallons in 2003.*** * Consumer Reports Magazine (2000) ** Water Follies (2002), ***msnbc (2005)

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Why Drink Bottled Water? water.gif

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Bottled Water is Big Business REVENUES (2005) $10 Billion in US $47.5 to $100 Billion Worldwide (Beverage Marketing Corp. World Water Forum 2006) In 2002, filtered water partnerships burned through $93.8 million for promoting. (Boston Globe, September 25, 2005)

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Who Are The Players? 700 brands are sold in the United States Aquafina = PepsiCo Dasani = Coca-Cola Deja Blue = Dr. Pepper/SevenUp Nestle = Perrier and 72 marks in 160 nations Dannon = Visit one of their plants at Mt. Shasta!

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Who Is Perrier? "Perrier" = 32% of U.S Market Arrowhead Calistoga (Spring & Mineral) Poland Spring Ozarka Ice Mountain Deer Park Perrier (Mineral Water)

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Who is Dannon? No. 2 worldwide in filtered water Evian (showcased by Coca-Cola in US & Canada) Volvic (Mineral Water) Dannon Natural Spring Water ( from Mt. Shasta ) Pure American Enon Springs Alhambra Junior Sport Drinking Water Sparkletts Junior Sport Drinking Water

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Who Dominates Market In Oregon? Settle = 29% Crystal Geyser = 20% Pepsi = 20% Coca-Cola = 18% Others = EartH 2 0 and other littler bottlers who are our neighbors = 4%

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Types of Bottled Water Artesian Water/Artesian Well Water - Water from a well that taps an aquifer in which the water level stands at some tallness over the highest point of the aquifer. Not as profitable as Spring Water, but rather might be a similar water. Drinking Water - Water that is packaged sanitarily without included sweetners or compound added substances. Flavors, concentrates, or embodiments might be included. Mineral Water - Water containing no under 250 sections for every million aggregate disintegrated solids. Commonly from a geothermal well or spring. Cleaned Water - Water from which all minerals and some other solids have been evacuated. May likewise be called refined, deionized, or switch osmosis. Shimmering Water - Water that after treatment and conceivable supplanting with carbon dioxide. Spring Water - Water got from an underground arrangement from which water streams normally to the surface of the earth. It must be gathered just at the spring or through a drag opening tapping the underground development. Well Water - Water from a gap penetrated in the ground which taps the water of an aquifer.

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Sources of Bottled Water

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Bottled Water versus Tap Water Bottled water is alot more costly than faucet water. How about we go shopping and discover the amount it costs: Corvallis Tap Water = $0.03 to $0.05 per gallon Brita Filter Pitcher ($25.00) and channel ($8.00) = the channel alone gets us to $0.10 to $0.12/lady. Candy machine (BYOB): $0.30 to $0.40/lady Bulk water (No Fancy Bottle): Treated Portland Water ($0.68/lady); Unknown Spring ($0.78/lady) Bottled Waters: Mt. Shasta = $2.56/lady to Perrier = $5.03/lady Park City "Ice" Water = $18.00/lady About one-fourth of filtered water is dealt with faucet water. Aquafina = $3.77/lady Dasani = $3.38/lady Retail outlets charge upwards of $50,000 for rack space, and make around half of the benefits.

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Bottled Water Regulations Bottled water, not at all like faucet water gave by an utility, is viewed as a sustenance. The U.S. Sustenance and Drug Administration (FDA) manages filtered water. EPA is in charge of the security of drinking water from open water frameworks through SDWA. (Joe Gelt, Arroyo, 1996; IBWA, 2003)

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Corvallis Water & SDWA

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March 19, 2004

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Bottled Water Environmental Problems It takes 1,851 gallons of water to refine one barrel of unrefined oil.** Twenty-four gallons of water are expected to make one pound of plastic. ** 1.5 million tons of plastic utilized every year to make bottles for packaged water.*** That's 24gal/pd X 2000 pd/ton x 1.5 million tons = 72 billion gallons of water or 24 times the amount of water utilized by the City of Corvallis consistently to make bottles that are unfilled . **Emily Gersema, Associated Press (2003) ***FAO

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Bottled Water Environmental Problems Another take a gander at the circumstance: 1.5 million tons of plastic utilized every year to make bottles for filtered water. American Plastics Association shows that for each kilo (2.2 lbs.) of plastic utilized for PET filtered water bottles, it takes around 0.6 gallons of oil. That's… . 1.5 M tons X 2000 lbs/ton X 0.3 lady/lb. X 1 bbl/42gal = 21.4 M bbl of oil to make purge PET jugs

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How Much Oil is 21 Million Barrels?

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Bottled Water Environmental Problems "Tap water originates from underground pipes, while the produce, conveyance and transfer of filtered water requires a great deal more vitality and fuel."* How is Bottled Water is circulated? How are the jugs reused or discarded? (*BBC) (International Bottled Water Association)

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Bottled Water Environmental Problems "… a monstrous misuse of vitality and plastic and assets on the off chance that you consider the quantity of jugs that are made and transported and discarded… " (NRDC) US Consumes Equivalent of 43 Billion 16 ounce Polyester (PET) bottles Only 16% of containers get reused in California, just 12% in US , yet the jugs can be reused 20 to 30 times. Reusing rate has tumbled from 54% in 1994 to 19% in 2003 Water Follies (2002), , msnbc, 2005 What about the landfill administration issue? Have a go at leveling a plastic jug.

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Bottled Water Environmental Solutions Bottled water in "plastic" produced using cornstarch which biodegrades. Sold at Wild Oats stores for $1.79.

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September 19, 2005

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Shifting global geology of the filtered water industry In five years, filtered water utilization will be most noteworthy along the Pacific Rim. China is expecting vast development. The greater part of our reused bottles go there. Canada will keep on closing the hole amongst them and France in imports. Mexico additionally appears to be a place where numerous plants may choose to contribute. 10 years prior, France was considered at the focal point of the business, yet starting 2000 the business appears to heading every which way.

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Conclusions If the utilization of filtered water keeps on expanding at the ebb and flow rate, the world will be hard to find in 22 years. Filtered water isn't justified regardless of the cost , particularly considering that it must be acquired, transported, and put away by the shopper. " North American faucet water is as well as can be expected get ."

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Recommendations If you should purchase filtered water, search for " Purified " or " Well " water in Corvallis in light of the fact that it is generally as immaculate, if not more unadulterated, as a " Spring " Source. Consider this… "Our customer inclinations for spring water, include blameless decisions made by people, however their total effect can possibly pulverize springs and waterways" -Robert Glennon Recycle your containers. The plastics business truly wants your jug back.

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