Fighting Over-the-Counter Pharmaceutical and Physician endorsed Drug Misuse in your Group

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Late studies demonstrate that the misuse of remedy (Rx) and over-the-counter hack drugs (OTCs) to get high is a worry especially among adolescents. ...

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Fighting Over-the-Counter Medicine and Prescription Drug Abuse in your Community

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Contents Understanding pharmaceutical mishandle CADCA's Dose of Prevention people group toolbox Tips on bringing issues to light in your group

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Abuse of Rx and OTC Medicines Recent studies demonstrate that the manhandle of solution (Rx) and over-the-counter hack medications (OTCs) to get high is a worry—especially among adolescents.

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General Decline in Alcohol and Illicit Drug Abuse Been Drunk—Annual Prevalence Source: Monitoring the Future Study, 2008

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The Problem Monitoring for the Future (2009) Sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Monitoring the Future is one of the prevalent teenager reviews on substance manhandle. In 2009, the information appear: Past year Rx opiate mishandle among 10 th - graders: 8.1% Past year over-the-counter hack and icy pharmaceutical manhandle to get high:  8th-graders: 3.8% tenth graders: 6.0% twelfth graders: 5.9%

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Children Learning A great deal From Parents 37% took in a ton about the dangers of medications from guardians in 2008 Partnership for a Drug-Free America yearly report

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Understanding Cough Medicine Abuse

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Dextromethorphan (DXM) is… … a sheltered and successful fixing affirmed by FDA in 1950s and found in well more than 100 over-the-counter hack meds. … the most broadly utilized hack suppressant as a part of the United States … likewise being mishandled by taking measurements over the restorative dosage of hack pharmaceutical to get high.

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Understanding Medicine Abuse Key Factors Driving Teen Medicine Abuse Misperception that mishandling medication is not as perilous as (is more secure than) "road drugs" Ease of get to by means of pharmaceutical cupboards at home or companion's home, other individual's solutions, Internet, stores

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More Than 100 Cough & Cold Remedies Contain DXM

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Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough prescription Coricidin HBP Cough and Cold Delsym medicines* Dimetapp DM Mucinex medicines* PediaCare hack meds Robitussin hack meds Sudafed hack meds TheraFlu hack meds Triaminic hack syrups Tylenol Cough and Cold meds Vicks 44 Cough Relief meds Vicks NyQuil and Dayquil medicines* Zicam Generic/store brands *certain items Sample of Products with DXM

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Stop Medicine Abuse Icon Leading creators of OTC hack solution are including this symbol on hack pharmaceutical bundling with an end goal to bring issues to light among guardians about the threats of manhandle.

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The "High" Mild contortions of shading and sound Strong visual mind flights "Out-of-body" sensations Confusion Slurred discourse Loss of engine control

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Delusions Panic assaults Memory issues Blurred vision Stomach torment, queasiness, and heaving High circulatory strain and fast heart beat Numbness of fingers and toes Drowsiness and wooziness Fever and migraines Rashes and irritated skin Loss of cognizance The "Lows"

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Side Effects Can Be Worsened if… The solution contains extra fixings that treat more than simply hack, Abuse happens with liquor or illicit medications, or DXM is mishandled in mix with physician recommended drugs as well as different prescriptions.

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Inside the Cough Medicine Abuse Subculture

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Cough medication manhandle "code names" Dex or DXM Robo Triple Cs or CCC Skittles Syrup or Tussin Roboing Robo-stumbling Robo-effervescing Skittling

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OTC Cough Medicine Abuse and the Internet

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The Internet Many sites and online groups advocate and advance hack pharmaceutical mishandle

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Postings on Social Networks Detailed directions and discussions about DXM mishandle; Blogs and recordings with postings of how and when children will take DXM-containing hack drugs; Footage of children while "high."

Slide 21 Online asset on hack prescription manhandle The exertion keeps on developing. Our accomplices include: CADCA Partnership for a Drug-Free America D.A.R.E. America WebMD National Association of School Nurses

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What The Community Can Do to Curb Rx and OTC Medicine Abuse

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Video - Stopping Cough Medicine Abuse in Your Community

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Our Objective: Educate people group about hack prescription manhandle A Dose of Prevention Online Toolkit: Downloadable materials to confine and recreate Offers systems to incorporate and execute. Visit

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Get a Conversation Started in Your Community Visit the Stop Medicine Abuse Toolkit . We have illustrated the means expected to arrange your occasion at a move/dosage of-counteractive action toolbox/This page incorporates a specimen PowerPoint presentation, materials to advance the occasion, and materials to share at your event.  Watch and share the group video . Play the video Stopping Cough Medicine Abuse in Your Community ,  done as a team with CADCA, at your town corridor. The video gives data on adolescent hack pharmaceutical manhandle and is intended to help coalition pioneers instruct their group about the issue. free handouts . We offer free leaflets on Cough Medicine Abuse that you can request and go out at your occasion. Promote your occasion. When you have a date and time for your town lobby, we will elevate your occasion to our Stop Medicine Abuse Facebook page and through our Twitter page. www.twitter.stopmedabuse

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Parents Take Action Educate yourself. Safegaurd your solution bureau. Converse with your youngster about OTC and Rx prescription mishandle. Screen Internet utilize. Know the guardians of your kid's companions. Be watchful for signs that your kid is mishandling OTC or Rx solutions.

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Educators Take Action Be attentive for indications of OTC hack prescription and Rx mishandle among understudies. Incorporate over-the-counter pharmaceutical manhandle in your medication mishandle aversion unit. Include parent-instructor associations in mindfulness battles. Prepare staff about Rx and OTC drug mishandle.

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Healthcare Providers Take Action Be mindful of side effects of Rx and OTC medication manhandle. Teach guardians, youngsters and different parental figures, about taking medicines as coordinated. Get some information about any OTC prescription utilize or manhandle. Give your therapeutic ability as a major aspect of a neighborhood hostile to medication coalition.

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Retailers Take Action Be a constant spectator in your store. Instruct your workers and clients. Work with misfortune counteractive action specialists to distinguish in-store issues and address them. Band together with a neighborhood coalition.

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Law Enforcement Takes Action Add hack drug mishandle or overdose to your radar screen. Serve as the group's teacher on the perils of Rx and OTC medication mishandle. Pay special mind to "pharming" parties. Get included in nearby group wide avoidance endeavors.

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"Training is the best instrument we need to battle substance mishandle—including hack prescription manhandle—at the group level." General Arthur T. Senior member CADCA Chairman and CEO

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Combating Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drug Abuse in Your Community