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Flooded Benchmark-Egypt First Coordination Meeting 13-16 February 2011 Fawzi Karajeh ICARDA in the interest of the study group

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Egypt-WLI Objective The objective of Egypt-WLI is to enhance the vocations of family units and groups in the Nile Delta Sub-locales by expanding monetary, social and instructive open doors through tending to the key need issues in Water/Land administration

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Outputs The Egypt-WLI activity is relied upon to deliver the accompanying direct yields: Integrated water and land-utilize systems for strategy making, apparatuses for economical advancement. Improved information, abilities and capabilities for key partners. Enhanced country occupations through the reception arrive/water administration practices and work systems.

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Means of Verification (Outcomes) The Egypt-WLI activity is required to accomplish the accompanying results: Income expanded in rustic families/towns. New employments adjusted/expanded creation frameworks received. Access to spotless, top notch water enhanced by selection of better water administration frameworks. Normal assets oversaw better at group and institutional levels. Arrive utilize escalated, diminishing weight to move agribusiness to new or delicate grounds. Status of land debasement and water quality observed. Enhanced limit of augmentation and research establishments.

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The Nile Delta sub-destinations The Nile Delta sub-locales speak to the full range of issues to be found in the inundated agro-environments in Egypt. Egypt-WLI is sex receptive to all locales to include esteem and increment salary a portion of the littlest per capita rural regions on the planet.

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The objective of every sub-site To enhance cultivate water administration by controlling water tables and decline saltiness develop Improvement of water system and waste frameworks Old land Improvement of seepage and product frameworks administration To control saltiness, diminish saltiness develop and set the assenting crop framework Salt influenced land To enhance soil fruitfulness and water-holding limit; control water table and reduction soil hull arrangement and saltiness develop Development of water system frameworks and soil administration New land This pilot technique created at the sub-locales will then be accessible for scaling-up.

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El-Bustan South El-Husania El-Boheya Old land New land Salt-influenced arrive

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Priority Issues Water administration Soil administration Cropping frameworks Sustainable water system frameworks Treated wastewater and bio-solids reuse Sustainable utilization of horticultural seepage Water profitability under surge water system Management of salt-influenced soils, saltiness control Sustainable utilization of rural seepage Improved manure efficiency Sustainable editing frameworks Improving trimming design Protected farming for money crops Cross-cutting Issues Community strengthening Capacity advancement Decision-bolster Gender (Female cooperation) Dissemination & innovation exchange

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El-Boheya benchmark site Sharkia Governorate Old land

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Bio-Physical Characterization Location/Population Sharkia Governorate is situated at lower Egypt locale (LER) which is reached out from north of Cairo to the Mediterranean ocean El – Boheya site has similar qualities of Sharkia – it's the biggest region in the governorate.

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Land Holding Bio-Physical Characterization At, El – Boheya , the aggregate territory assessed at 121,000 bolstered which possessed by 62,451 holders.

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Bio-Physical Characterization Water Sources Water sources are for the most part from El - Boheya channel notwithstanding some groundwater. The assessed add up to water necessity for yields developed in 2006/2007 harvest season came to 496,847 thousand m 3 (around 18.75% of the aggregate water prerequisite dedicated to LER). At El – Boheya , around 10% of grounds are enduring tail water

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Labor Force Bio-Physical Characterization Labor are for the most part talented The normal wage/day work extended between L.E. 30 to L.E. 50; Depending on the sort of agribusiness operation furthermore as per the kind of products developed.

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Education Status: Bio-Physical Characterization There are three sorts of schools (essential preliminary and optional). Elementary schools assessed at 94 schools which speak to around 59% of the aggregate number of schools in the area ( 160 ), where private academies speak to around 30% and auxiliary schools speak to around 11% of that aggregate. There are around 89 foundations has a place with El Azhar at which essential organizations speak to around 35%, preliminary establishments speaks to around 34% and optional foundations speaks to around 32% of that aggregate. There are some different associations which consider to 65 conveyed 25 for wellbeing which speaks to 39%, 25 for veterinary which speaks to 23% and 25 social associations which speak to around 39%

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II-Agro-Ecosystem Characterization: Crop creation, edit design and agrarian credit The principle developed yields are Berseem, Wheat, Sugar beet, Flax, vegetables, Maize, Cotton, and Rice as field harvests, notwithstanding Mango, Citrus, Grapes and date palm as changeless products. Cotton, maize and Rice are speaking to around 60% of the aggregate region developed notwithstanding some elaborate and restorative plants. The yearly trimmed zone is around 141,931 feddans. At El – Boheya , the bank of improvement and agri. credit branch all through the credit and change cooperatives is the principle wellspring of credit and advances for the majority of land holders. Credits gave by the branch are chiefly for agribusiness inputs ( 57% ) and the rest are for other distinctive rural exercises (domesticated animals)

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Crop Pattern of El – Boheya Site 2007/2008

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Livestock Characterization Livestock Number by Types, Diarb Negeme District, 2009 Poultry is fundamentally chicken. These chicken are raised at various sorts of houses as indicated by the motivation behind creation (for eggs as or for meat).the add up to number of houses committed to poultry are assessed at 727 ranches at which some are ceased (83 house) and the rest are still underway (644). Gear: the types of gear at El – Boheya , the aggregate number of tractors evaluated to 1,438 and water system pumps assessed to 13,356.

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Farm Income : The most noteworthy gross edge was for Wheat which assessed to L.E 3,246/encouraged and the least was for Rice which evaluated to L.E 1,599/sustained. Net pay per trim per feddan is diminished for Wheat, Maize, Rice and be negative for Cotton. Wage of domesticated animals generation was so hard to be assessed at El Boheya benchmark site.

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Income of Some Field Crops at El – Boheya Benchmark Site/Average of some Study Cases 2008/2009 Source: gathered and figured from 10 edit spending plans at the site.

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Weaknesses and Opportunities There are a few imperatives and Weaknesses that should be tended to keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish feasible water and land - utilize administration (enhancing country employments) at the Benchmark site including: I-Water Resources and Drainage Irrigation water genuine lack happens in July and August. Absence of seepage offices at which tail waste is not covering all ranchers arrive. Utilization of waste water for water system to over come water deficiencies at some part of the locale happen for agriculturists have their property close or actually affected by sidelong stream.

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Weaknesses and Opportunities II-Livestock Production Lack of focus encourage (costly, if accessible) and green grains costs are exceptionally costly. Absence of veterinary administrations. Absence of preparing offices. Cost of the head (Cows , Baffloles ) is exceptionally costly extreme variance.

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Weaknesses and Opportunities III-Loans: Short term advances are troublesome, yet accessible. Medium-and long haul are troublesome and not promptly accessible.

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… to enhance the occupations of family units and groups … .

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South El-Husainia plain Salt-influenced arrive

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El-Bustan New Land Area

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Weaknesses and Opportunities Problem/Constraints at Benchmark Site: Lack of sufficient specialized alternatives for effective water utilize Water administration rules are required under states of water shortage to deliver more with less water . Rules for agriculturist to advance water profitability and amplify pay are required. No unmistakable motivation of land use as atmosphere, markets, exchange, and so on., change to guarantee supportable horticultural generation and occupations ?

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Weaknesses and Opportunities Problem/Constraints at Benchmark Site: Lack of demonstrated broadened trim examples Lack of centered limit advancement to agriculturists to oversee water all the more effectively Lack of sufficient strategies to empower productive water use in flooded zones No game plan to manage appropriate negligible water utilize and administration

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Weaknesses and Opportunities Technologies gave by water system change venture are absence of some great execution. Advertising issues: Lack of current promoting channels at both obtaining sources of info and offering items. Advertising administrations gave by the wholesalers to agriculturists are restricted to auctioning and off-stacking. They do next to no reviewing, sorting, or exceptional advancement. There is no push to help agriculturists to enhance the sole cost through post-gather operation that would enhance the quality and diminish girls.

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On-ranch water administration exercises (profits by existing benchmark site) (Phase-I) Linkage between Water Benchmark extend and WLI Wide wrinkle water system Raised-bed planting frameworks Deficit water system Laser arrive leveling Long-wrinkle and fringes Dry planting of berseem Irrigation booking hones Water sparing methods in rice fields

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Capacity Devel