Fascination and Cozy Connections: Address #10 points

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The starting fascination. WHAT IS

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´╗┐Fascination & Close Relationships: Lecture #10 themes The underlying fascination nature, physical fascination, mate choice Close connections sorts of connections, sorts of affection (bleh)

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The underlying fascination BUILDING FAMILIARITY the _______ impact will probably become a close acquaintence with, date, & wed individuals who live near us the _______ impact the all the more regularly we're presented to something, the more _______ we assess it happens with novel jolts (e.g., outside words, faces)

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The underlying fascination PHYSICAL ATTRACTIVENESS The Dove Campaign for Beauty

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The underlying fascination PHYSICAL ATTRACTIVENESS we're one-sided toward the delightful: alluring understudies are seen to be more brilliant & more inclined to prevail in school Texan judges give bring down fines to appealing crooks wonderful individuals get paid higher wages

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The underlying fascination WHAT IS "Excellence"?

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The underlying fascination WHAT IS "Magnificence"?

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The underlying fascination WHAT IS "Excellence"?

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The underlying fascination IS BEAUTY OBJECTIVE? high _______ on appraisals of engaging quality: generally, men lean toward " _______ " physical make-up in ladies; ladies favor _______ men with " _______ " shape _______ is lovely: _______ appearances are alluring in light of the fact that they're _______ we look for facial _______ (indication of wellness & richness)

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The genuine Shannen The underlying fascination Shannen Doherty: A case of facial symmetry Shannen, carefully upgraded

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The underlying fascination

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The underlying fascination

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The underlying fascination IS BEAUTY OBJECTIVE? babies incline toward _______ confronts: gaze _______ at countenances appraised by grown-ups as being appealing

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The underlying fascination IS BEAUTY SUBJECTIVE? _______ in body embellishment: scarification, penetrating, tooth recording, inking are not rehearsed generally we have distinctive _______ body sizes: where sustenance is rare, _______ ladies are more alluring magnificence _______ change after some time: models today are _______ than before

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Eva Herzigova, 2001 35-23-35 (5'11") The underlying fascination Marilyn Monroe, 1953 35-22-35 (5'5")

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The underlying fascination IS BEAUTY SUBJECTIVE? judgments of magnificence change with the _______ : individuals turn out to be more delightful in the event that we _______ them men see their spouses as _______ alluring in the wake of survey _______ models we feel less appealing in the wake of review models

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The underlying fascination WHY ARE WE BLINDED BY BEAUTY? lovely individuals are _______ satisfying ______________ generalization the conviction that appealing individuals likewise have other _______ qualities alluring individuals do have more companions & better social aptitudes however don't score higher on _______ trial of knowledge, identity, or self-regard

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The underlying fascination we like other people who like us: _______ when somebody loves us, we'll tend to like them back in some cases, we like individuals progressively in the event that we need to _______ their warmth we like individuals who are " _______ ": social _______ e.g., "The Rules": men are more enchanted by difficult to-get ladies

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The underlying fascination _______ when your folks preclude you to date Bill, you _______ your flexibility to date who you need result: you need to date Bill significantly more

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The underlying fascination MATE SELECTION Buss (2003): ladies look for _______ , _______ stable men ladies are _______ in # of posterity they can have; subsequently, they look for men with _______ to bolster their posterity men look for _______ , _______ , _______ ladies in spite of the fact that sperm is modest, men are confined by their capacity to draw in ripe accomplices & to guarantee _______ of posterity

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Marriage #1 Marriage #2 Marriage #3 Age contrast: 3 years Age distinction: 17 years Age contrast: 28 years The underlying fascination

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Close connections ATTACHMENT STYLES _______ joined infants _______ when Mom leaves; _______ when she returns _______ appended babies _______ : cry when Mom leaves; frantic when she returns _______ : no response when Mom leaves/returns _______ connection styles impact our _______ sentimental connection styles

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Close connections Description Attachment Style % of populace I discover it moderately simple to draw near to others & am open to relying upon them & having them rely on upon me. I don't frequently stress over getting surrendered/about somebody getting the opportunity to near me.

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Close connections Description Attachment Style % of populace I am to some degree uncomfortable being near others; I think that its hard to trust them totally & to permit myself to rely on upon them. I am anxious when anybody gets excessively close, & frequently, cherish accomplices need me to be more cozy than I feel great being.

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Close connections Description Attachment Style % of populace I find that others are hesitant to get as close as I might want. I regularly stress that my accomplice doesn't generally cherish me/won't have any desire to remain with me. I need to blend totally with someone else, & this longing once in a while frightens individuals off.

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Close connections LEE (1988): Different love styles _______ cherish styles _______ (suggestive love) _______ (diversion playing, uncommitted love) _______ (kinship adore) _______ adore styles _______ (requesting, possessive love) _______ (handy love) _______ (other-arranged, philanthropic love)

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Close connections STERNBERG (1986): Triangular hypothesis of adoration 3 segments to love: _______ segment; enjoying & sentiments of closeness _______ segment; fascination, sentiment, sexual yearning _______ segment; choice to resolve to long haul accomplice

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INTIMACY Liking (closeness alone) Romantic Love (closeness + enthusiasm) Companionate Love (closeness + responsibility) CONSUMMATE LOVE (closeness + energy + duty) PASSION COMMITMENT Infatuation (enthusiasm alone) Empty Love (responsibility alone) Fatuous Love (energy + duty) Close connections

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Close connections HATFIELD (1988) _______ adore: seriously _______ ; finish assimilation in one's accomplice as per Schachter's ______________ , enthusiastic love requires: _______ excitement conviction that _______ set off this excitement e.g., Dutton & Aron's (1974) "Capilano connect" think about

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Close connections HATFIELD (1988) companionate love: less extraordinary more _______ , longer enduring based on _______ , minding, & long haul _______ after some time