Family Systems Theory

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Definitions. A framework is characterized all in all comprised of intelligent parts. You can not include these parts together and get the aggregate framework. The framework is more than the total of it\'s parts.. Family System. A family framework is a social or natural development made up of an arrangement of individuals related by blood or intention.Members cooperate in complementary connections, reacting to each other in the conten

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Family Systems Theory

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Definitions A framework is characterized all in all made up of intelligent parts. You can not include these parts together and get the aggregate framework. The framework is more than the aggregate of it's parts.

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Family System A family framework is a social or natural development made up of an arrangement of individuals related by blood or aim. Individuals cooperate in equal connections, reacting to each other in the substance of parts.

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How they work Each family sort portrays the way the family framework works inside each sort In surveying family sorts, Olson (1993) utilizes a multisystem evaluation, which incorporates taking a gander at various subsystems inside the family, for example, the military framework, parent-tyke framework, and the family all in all Each family sort can particularly be considered as discrete family societies, in which hidden gathering standards, part, practices and desires

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Interaction – the exchange between individuals Reciprocity – both sides impact each different as they connect with each different Roles – a character or capacity one plays

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Family Communication correspondence is either great or poor The sorts of frameworks families have uncover their correspondence sorts Communication is verbal and nonverbal It incorporates governs inside the framework

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Wholeness, it is important to take a gander at the family completely – not only one or a few sections Boundaries-the lines of division that show who is "in or out" of the framework They are physical or typical Permeable-ready to enter or leave the framework Open or shut

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"Change versus Stability" Family frameworks are steady in their bedlam and precise in their confusion Families are unsurprising when all is said in done and erratic in detail

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Homeostasis The inclination of a framework to come back to a condition of harmony This is balanced in the requirement for change in a living framework

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Subsystems Smaller units inside the bigger framework that share the attributes of the bigger framework Multiple personalities with in the framework

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Feedback Loops the criticism circle as a "way along which data can be followed from one point in a framework, through at least one different parts of the framework or its condition, and back to the point of beginning Feedback circles are of two sorts: constructive and antagonistic A contrary input circle has been compared to a homeostatic framework, in which the input circle gives data that profits the framework to some preset level and decrease deviation causes to the framework. A positive criticism circle has a tendency to advance change

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Three fundamental measurements, family attachment, adaptability and correspondence "family union is characterized as the enthusiastic holding that relatives have toward each other" (Olson, 1993, p. 105) "family adaptability is the measure of progress in its administration, part connections, and relationship rules" (Olson, 1993, p. 107) "family correspondence is measured by concentrating on the family as a gathering concerning their listening abilities, talking aptitudes, self-divulgence, clearness, congruity following, and regard and respect" (Olson, 1993, p. 108). 

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Family union has four separate levels Disengaged Separated Connected Enmeshed

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Family adaptability has four levels Chaotic Flexible Structured Rigid

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Rigidly Enmeshed Strictly authorize rules Negotiations are restricted Rules are perpetual Roles are unmistakably characterized Little division of self Time together & minimal private space Few outside companions Decisions made by the entire not individual

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Chaotically Disengaged Little train Limited administration Impulsive basic leadership Little part lucidity Frequently changing tenets Emotional separateness Low communication Private space Individual fellowships

Slide 17,21,Healthy Marital Relationships

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A withdrew relationship regularly has outrageous, passionate separateness. There is little inclusion between the couple or a relative and a great deal of individual separateness and autonomy. People frequently do their own thing and have isolate interests.

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An isolated relationship has some enthusiastic separateness yet is not as extraordinary as the withdrew framework. While time separated is critical, there is some time together and some joint basic leadership. Exercises and interests are by and large partitioned yet a couple are shared.

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An associated relationship has some enthusiastic closeness and steadfastness in the relationship. Time together is more essential than time separated. There is an accentuation on harmony. While there are separate companions, there are likewise companions and interests shared by a couple or family.

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An enmeshed relationship has an extraordinary measure of passionate closeness and dependability is requested. People are exceptionally reliant on each other and receptive to each other. There is a general absence of individual separateness and little protection is allowed. The vitality of the people is for the most part centered inside the marriage or family and there are couple of outside individual companions or interests.

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Cohesion concentrates on the capacity of the couple and family framework to adjust separateness and harmony. High levels of harmony (enmeshed) and low levels of fellowship (separated) may be dangerous for a marriage and family. Then again, connections having moderate scores (isolated and associated) can adjust being separated from everyone else together in a more useful way.