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Clashing Definitions of

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FAMILY, MARRIAGE Issues in Family and Marriage

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Conflicting Definitions of "Family" 1. "family as a gathering" (which performs "capacities" for the general public) 2. "family as a system of relatives (by blood, marriage, appropriation) who are commonly committed to each other"

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Text book takes after a present view: Traditional= atomic group of living arrangement (where spouse/father is the provider, wife/mother is remain at home, no different relatives living with this family) New and non-traditional=dual worker, step family, mixed family, single parent family, non-wedded couples, same sex couples, "singlehood"

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Other sociologists would question: Need to recognize a perfect family sort and the observational family sort Ideal=cultural inclinations particular to a general public Empirical=the designs that really exist in a general public

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what's more, Calling the atomic family "customary" is wrong Need to recognize the verifiable succession of family sorts, and, Distinguish between the institutional and companionate (brotherhood) family sorts

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American family sort—19 th C "family" the same as "family"? "family" the same as "the marriage"? Family was "male-headed" Similar to European "stem-family"?

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Variations In Family and Marriage Family of Orientation (Origin)vs. Multiplication Nuclear, Extended Descent: patrilineal, matrilineal, bilineal (respective)

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Variations: Residence Where is the recently hitched couple anticipated that would live? 1. Patrilocal=near prepare's family 2. Matrilocal=near lady of the hour's family 3. Bilocal=either lady of the hour's or prep's family 4. Neo-local=neither (new, free family unit)

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Variations: Authority Patriarchy=rule by eldest male Matriarchy=(does this truly exist for a general public, as an ideal..may be an exact sort) Equalitarian expert or "camaraderie" family sort (companionate) *Note: might be takeoffs from the perfect with patriarchy or male headed

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Variations: Forms of marriage Monogamy Polygamy: 1. Polygyny=one man wedded to various ladies 2. Polyandry=one lady wedded to various men (amazingly uncommon. Spouses might be siblings)

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Variations: Mate Selection 1. By catch 2. By game plan (guardians with help of go betweens, relatives) ( lady of the hour cost or share) 3. Free decision

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Variations: issues in mate choice Exogamy Endogamy Homogamy Matching versus correlative needs

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Institutional versus Companionate Institutional: marriage exists for some "reason" (making posterity, keeping up family financial status or family line etc_ Companionate: love of accomplices is just explanation for marriage

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Permanent Availability Model "constantly accessible" Source of shakiness Consumer culture?

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Marriage as lifetime duty: Strong marriage de-underscores plunge issues In period of feeble relational unions, plummet line underlined

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Marriage & family in USA Leveling off of separation rate Most wed sooner or later 2/3rds claim cheerful Changes: utilized moms (double worker families)