Family Friendly Personnel Flexibilities In The Federal Government

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Displayed by. Pat KinneyOffice of Work/Life ProgramsU.S. Office of Personnel Management. Staff Flexibilities Family Friendly Initiatives Wellness Programs Workplace Programs. The Need-enrollment, maintenance and moraleWork/Life BalanceThe MechanismPresident\'s May 24, 1999 MemoWork/Life Coordinators.

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Family Friendly Personnel Flexibilities In The Federal Government Presentation for Strategic Compensation Conference 2000 August 28-30, 2000 Washington, DC

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Presented by Pat Kinney Office of Work/Life Programs U.S. Office of Personnel Management

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Personnel Flexibilities Family Friendly Initiatives Wellness Programs Workplace Programs The Need-enlistment, maintenance and resolve Work/Life Balance The Mechanism President's May 24, 1999 Memo Work/Life Coordinators

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Retirement Wave Creates Vacuum Within 5 years, around 30% of the administration's full-time representatives will be qualified to resign. An extra 20% could look for early retirement.

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The Flexibilities/Initiatives/Programs Flexible Work Schedules and Leave Dependent Care Programs Wellness Programs

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Flexible Work Schedules and Leave Flexible Work Schedules & Telework Leave Annual leave Sick Leave for family care and deprivation Sick leave for selection Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 Expanded Family and Medical Leave sharing Voluntary leave sharing project

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Dependent Care Programs/Initiatives Child Care Elder Care Adoption Fatherhood Kinship Care Nursing Mothers Parenting Support

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Wellness Programs Mental Health Issues Health Promotion Addiction Prevention Employee Assistance Programs Physical Health Issues Physical Fitness Centers and Programs Preventive Screening and physical examinations

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Safety Issues Domestic Violence Workplace Violence Workplace Trauma/Disaster Response

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Major Principles Accomplishing the mission of the association is premier. Representatives assume liability for dealing with their work and individual duties. Bosses offer adaptabilities that workers use as apparatuses for overseeing. Chiefs need to learn better approaches for overseeing workers in the 21st century.

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Managing Family-Friendly Flexibilities 3 Fs: Flexible - comprehend representatives' circumstances Friendly - build up a steady culture Firm - have approaches set up; secure the mission

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Implementation Ideas Hold workshops and lunch-and-learn sessions Hold sessions intended for chiefs' issues Produce straightforward handouts and fliers that address the adaptabilities Develop proficient systems for spreading the data Form bolster amasses Collect anecdotals of examples of overcoming adversity Develop framework of administration coaches

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Evaluating Work/Life Programs No "silver projectile" Get standard information Use subjective and quantitative measures Measure over the long haul

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Measuring Effectiveness Rates of turnover Retention Employee confidence Productivity Absenteeism "Representatives who utilized work/life projects were the to the least extent liable to copy out and were the most dedicated." (1995 DuPont think about)

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In shutting… … . "Work and individual life have a roundabout effect; one can't be experienced without a response from the other."

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