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so get the least expensive one (e.g., GoDaddy.com). Why do I need to have a ... The GoDaddy Special. Purchase you're facilitating administration FIRST and get your space with the expectation of complimentary or a ...

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Facilitating Service & Domains Setting Up Your Web Site

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Domains What is an area? A web address (e.g., yourname.com) How would you get a space? By heading off to an enlistment center of space names (e.g., GoDaddy.com) and checking whether it's accessible. All space registries utilize similar information base, so get the least expensive one (e.g., GoDaddy.com).

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Why do I need to have a website?

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Because . . . Individuals won't recollect a unique augmentation—they will go to the website (and see whatever is there). Also, in case you're not there, they'll get occupied. This could demolish your marking. (Madonna.com)

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What in case you're past the point of no return?? Discover a variety of your name (yet keep it short): JaneSmith Studios .com JaneSmith Media .com Go with an organization name (yet make it essential) DreamLogicDesign .com And set it to auto-restore.

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Don't Make Domain Names Too Long Most Popular Domains

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Purchase Additional Domains Why would it be advisable for you to buy the greatest number of extra area varieties as you can sensibly bear? You can guide them all toward website. They maintain a strategic distance from web index rivalry. They safeguard your marking. Include proper areas: .organization = not-for-profit .net = IT site . television is getting huge

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What Is It? How Is It Different?

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Hosting Service What is it? The administration that rents you the server space where your site documents physically go to get posted. How is it not quite the same as an area? A space is only a name (like your place of residence). The facilitating space is the place your documents live (like a house). Where would I be able to get it? A similar place you get your space (normally) or you can utilize two separate spots (one is more helpful)

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It's shoddy to have a site. GoDaddy Domain Name approx. $10 every year Hosting Service approx. $4 every month Other Sources 1) free (e.g., yippee) with irritating advertisements 2) U.T. server space (questionable setup, complex URL ceases after graduation). 3) Cheap administrations with no technical support (e.g., siteflip.com for $1 every month)

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The GoDaddy Special Buy your facilitating administration FIRST and get your space for nothing or a dollar (rather than $10). (Go to Hosting>Hosting Plans) When you're inquired as to whether you require a space name, say yes (however ensure you have looked into an accessible area name early).

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Let's Get Started How to Start with GoDaddy

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Get Off on the Right Foot 1) Create a record first. 2) Always sign in before you buy extra things. 3) Your record login and secret word oversees everything, except every site has an alternate login and watchword.

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To actuate your facilitating space and set up your site login and watchword: 1) Log into your record on the landing page. 2) Select Hosting>My Hosting Account Click on "Record Setup" on the privilege (after setup it will state "Oversee Account")

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Now What? Instructions to Post Your Files SEE www.julietdavis.com/howtoftp

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You require a "FTP Client" Dreamweaver has one implicit. On the off chance that you don't have Dreamweaver, utilize another: SmartFTP free for PC at http://www.smartftp.com/Fetch for Macs at http://fetchsoftworks.com/A considerably less demanding approach to get to and drag/drop documents to the Web is to go to ftp.yourdomanname.com . With your login and secret key, the records will most likely open up in a window.

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Dreamweaver Make beyond any doubt the FTP data is entered Site>New Site

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Drag & Drop See www.julietdavis.com/howtoftp

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Inserting Flash The writing records in Flash are called .fla documents. When you distribute the record for the web, you make a .swf document (claimed "swiff" and remaining for "shockwave streak"). This document can be embedded into a site page, much the same as a still realistic can utilize, install labels in HTML or utilizing a WYSIWYG to embed it for you.

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