Facilitated Care Systems

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Layout. Foundation and RationaleSpecialized versus Non-specific Alcohol Treatment SettingsComponents of a Coordinated SystemBarriers to Coordinated CareSocial Work Roles in Resource Management. Justification. Recuperation requires multi-level continuum of careInteraction with administrations happens in a wide assortment (bundle) of settingsConsider levels of consideration (intensity)Consider kind of consideration.

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Facilitated Care Systems NIAAA Social Work Education Module 7 (updated 3/04)

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Outline Background and Rationale Specialized versus Non-particular Alcohol Treatment Settings Components of a Coordinated System Barriers to Coordinated Care Social Work Roles in Resource Management

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Rationale Recovery requires multi-level continuum of care Interaction with administrations happens in a wide assortment (bundle) of settings Consider levels of care (power) Consider sort of care © 2002 Microsoft Corporation.

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+ ? or, then again © 2002 Microsoft Corporation. Particular/Non-Specialized

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Specialized Focus on liquor utilize disarranges Accept referrals from non-specific Coordinate administrations Variety of sorts and levels of projects Non-particular Focus on other than liquor issues May make referrals if screening for them Philosophy, objectives might be inconsistent Wide assortment of settings Specialized/Non-particular (proceeded)

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Component Systems Child welfare Primary wellbeing/ mental medicinal services Social administration Educational and professional Legal and criminal equity © 2002 Microsoft Corporation.

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Component Systems (proceeded with) CHILD WELFARE 26% of revealed tyke abuse cases include substance mishandle 675,000 kids (substantiated) are genuinely abused by substance manhandling guardians 47% of ladies tyke bearing age utilize liquor; undesirable pregnancy is real result to ladies who drink © 2002 Microsoft Corporation.

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Component Systems (proceeded with) PRIMARY HEALTH/MENTAL HEALTH Ambulatory care settings: 15% of men are dangerous consumers 10% of ladies are unsafe consumers 5% are liquor subordinate half of injury focus affirmations are plastered 37% lifetime commonness of liquor mishandle and other emotional well-being scatters

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Component Systems (proceeded with) PRIMARY HEALTH/MENTAL HEALTH Alcohol Screening Instruments

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Component Systems (proceeded with) SOCIAL SERVICES Uncertain predominance Non-needy and ward consumers neglect to self-recognize Professionals neglect to meet about liquor © 2002 Microsoft Corporation.

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Component Systems (proceeded with) CRIMINAL JUSTICE 1.4 million captures for DWI in 1997 Underaged drinking captures expanded by 43% from 1984 to 1993 Arrests for DWI expanded by half © 2002 Microsoft Corporation.

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Barriers to Coordination Conflicting objectives between organizations Incompatible meanings of liquor utilize Inconsistent screening devices Use of different mediations No motivators for coordination; office affirmation clashes Confidentiality concerns © 2002 Microsoft Corporation

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Case Level Social Worker Skills Common screening rehearses Variety of intercessions (incorporates referral and consistence techniques) Early finding Case administration, discussion, joint effort Identify liquor issues in uncommon populaces Cultural ability

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System Level Social Worker Skills Cross-framework recognition with all parts of the framework Knowing framework hindrances and methodologies for tending to them Establishing correspondence and cooperation pathways System and political backing Integrated subsidizing © 2002 Microsoft Corporation.

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Assess Develop mind arrange Identify administrations got Identify benefits still required Identify contacts, present referrals Formulate defense arranging bunch Define parts Monitor usage Evaluate arrange Practice Interventions

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Example The Milwaukee County AODA/TANF Coordinated Service System

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Example (proceeded with) Purposes of assessment venture: Describe advancement of current framework into facilitated mind framework (prepare) Understand how benefit clients charge (result) Fulfill state order (responsibility) Provide data to specialist co-ops for use in enhancing care (best practices) © 2002 Microsoft Corporation.

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Example (proceeded with) Data Collection Instruments Prescreening: Rapid Alcohol Problem Screen (and Drugs; RAPS-D) Screening: Multiproblem Screening Instrument (MPSI) Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT-13) Assessment: Addiction Severity Index-Female (ASI-F)

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17 group specialist organizations: RAPS-D 3 offices focal intake 3 offices detached admission: AUDIT-13, MPSI-A 15 treatment supplier offices: ASI-F Example (proceeded with) Evaluation measures set into administration framework:

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19 Example (proceeded)

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Example (proceeded with) System Outcomes: Adoption of institutionalized measures Early recognizable proof at different destinations Expedited linkage to treatment Expanded cross-frameworks linkages Coordinate care arrange © 2002 Microsoft Corporation.

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Example (proceeded)

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Example (proceeded)

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Conclusion Social specialists must get to be distinctly proficient about dealing with a fundamentally more muddled arrangement of care, in which people with liquor utilize issues of changing force are moved rapidly through levels of care that are coordinated to their issue level and exactly exhibited to be powerful. © 2002 Microsoft Corporation.