Explanatory Critique

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´╗┐Explanatory Critique Neo-Aristotelian Criticism

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History Neo-established Traditional Neo-Aristotelian The Genesis of Rhetorical Criticism Herbert A. Wichelns, "The Literary Criticism of Oratory" (1925). Artistic versus Expository Rhetoric not worried with perpetual quality and magnificence but rather with prompt impact. Recognize Communication and English offices

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The Consequences Neo-Aristotelianism turned out to be essentially the main technique. Expository Criticism turned into the "Investigation of Speeches" Subject matter and Purpose Effect on the prompt gathering of people Limited to single speakers Tended toward "world class men" of open issues.

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Criticism of Neo-Aristotelian Criticism Unchallenged until the 1960's Based on Aristotle's "Talk" Not intended for the commentator however intended to educate the speaker. "Did the discourse summon the proposed reaction?" and "Did speaker utilize the accessible method for influence?" not really the best inquiries. Otis M. Walter, "On the Varieties of Rhetorical Criticism" (1968) The Sermon on the Mount. "Were Jesus' method for influence reliable with his morals?" "What changes in Old Testament ethical quality did Jesus exhibit?" Greece and Rome not Modern Western Culture and as well "Levelheaded with "Mechanical Categories"

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Selecting & Analyzing an Artifact Analyze Speeches and Famous Rhetors Three Basic Steps: Reconstructing the setting in which the ancient rarity happened. Utilization of Proofs and the 5 Cannons Ethos, Logos, Pathos (1) development, (2)arrangement, (3)style, (4)memory, and (5)delivery Assessing the effect on Audience

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Neo-Aristotelian Critique