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Ace Production Schedule

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Overview Define M aster P roduction S chedule Explain MPS Discuss How MPS Works Example From "Genuine living" Brainstorm: How Can MPS Help Your Firm? Hone MPS Logic

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What is MPS? M aster P roduction S chedule – States the prerequisites for individual end things by date and amount. - APICS

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MPS Explained Breaks down, or disaggregates, the creation arrange into item families Promotes legitimate request guarantees Provides a correspondence medium between Marketing/Sales and Operations

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Explanation Continued Proactively control capacity to convey merchandise to clients Resource accessibility control Proactively control stock levels

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Disaggregate the Sales and Operations Plan The generation plan is broken into item families

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Promotes Valid Order Promises By approving the limit with regards to the MPS through unpleasant cut scope organization, alterative arrangements can be made when there are a bigger number of requests than production

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Marketing ��  Operations Marketing imparts request through client requests and estimates Operations conveys limit through stock levels and requirements

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Resource Availability Control Production deficits will be known early and option arrangements can be made.

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Customer Service Proactively control capacity to convey merchandise to clients

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Inventory Control Proactive way to deal with stock control Items are booked to arrive when required Safety stock has less significance

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Planning Organization

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How MPS Works Information required for MPS rationale Lot Size Lead Time Product Demand Starting Inventory

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How MPS Works Cont. W 2 Inc. MPS for Widgets Lot Size = 25 units Lead Time = 0 periods

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Jet Spray Corp. Illustration Jet Spray Corporation Markets allocators for hot & frosty refreshments Uses an incorporated framework that incorporates: MRP Capacity Planning Shop floor control MPS Inventory Management

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Example Continued

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Brainstorming Exercise How can a MPS framework be utilized as a part of your Firm?

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You're the Master Scheduler… W 2 Inc. is booking creation for another item called the Widget 5000 Starting Inventory = 0 Lot Size = 50 Lead time = 0

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W 2 Inc. Proceeded with

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Summary MPS breaks the Sales & Operations arrange into item families Maintains Desired Level of Customer Service Allows proactive control of stock

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