Expendable Mattress Cover with Conductive Threads to Detect Wetness utilizing Resistance Comparison

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´╗┐ECE 4884 L03 Advisor: Dr. Koblasz Disposable Mattress Cover with Conductive Threads to Detect Wetness utilizing Resistance Comparison Team Members: Ankit Hemani Jacob Huang Yuval Rooz Heonwoo Song Sarju Vasavada

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Motivation 2 million instances of nosocomial (doctor's facility obtained) diseases every year (CDC) Wet bedsheets increment danger of contamination

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Design Objectives Use biodegradable plastic and paper Stitching conductive strings on the paper to identify wetness Design a location unit Detect a break in the circuit Detect wetness Isolate electrical hardware from patient

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Cost Analysis

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Layout Of Mattress Cover On Hospital Bed Source: http://www.ponsishoes.com/products.asp

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Mattress Cover Construction Plastic joined to paper utilizing glue Plastic on the base side, paper on the top

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Conductive Thread Stitching Conductive strings laid out on paper in two circles, of 40 ft every Regular strings used to fasten conductive strings on paper

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12V AC/DC Adapter + Transformer Fuse 9V Regulator Power Supply Transformer and breaker used to secure against voltage spikes

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Detection Unit Continuity d etection Opto - isolator Output Reading from sleeping cushion cover Wetness d etection

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Detection Unit Schematic

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Communication amongst Pad and Detection Unit Plastic clasp Four metal cushions contact the conductive circle on sheet Wires patched to cushions associate the clasp to the discovery unit

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Modifications to Proposed Items

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Current Status Stitched a paper bedsheet (has discontinuities) Tested unit with a cotton bedsheet Stitched a (non-working) paper bedsheet Built identification unit Designed a model connector

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Steps for Marketable Product Include cut in connector Casing for recognition unit Investigate less expensive conductive strings Implement with full-estimate healing facility bedsheet nor biodegradable polyethylene Optimize resistances in recognition unit

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Video If time permits, video of a venture exhibit

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