Existing Upstream Program Process CPUC HVAC Workshop

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2. Upstream Program Theory. Influence Marketplace at a point in the Distribution Channel where most impactful.Provide inspiration to

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´╗┐Existing Upstream Program Process CPUC HVAC Workshop Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Upstream Program Theory Leverage Marketplace at a point in the Distribution Channel where generally impactful. Give inspiration to "Stock and Sell" the most productive hardware. Give motivators in view of effectiveness of equipment to conquer Cost Barriers. Diminish Barriers to support by means of a effective program outline.

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Leverage the Market Manufacturers/Distributors have knowledge, foundation, correspondence channels, and different assets (promoting expertise) that can be conveyed to stand to achieve shared objectives. Many Distributors can impact about three thousand temporary workers who can impact a huge number of customers.

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Barriers to Stocking and Selling Without sufficient mediation - bring down cost/less efficient hardware hoards deals. Wholesalers are going after business where lowest cost ordinarily wins the honor. Clarifying advantages of all the more exorbitant, more productive equipment requires significant investment in this way can be a hindrance to "Up-offering". Merchants must have "intensely estimated" product keeping in mind the end goal to win new business and in addition to justify for crisis substitution business. They stock what they trust they can offer most quickly or generally beneficially.

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Incentives Provide the Right Message Incentives straightforwardly correspond to proficiency of gear. Motivating forces depend on reserve funds irrespective of brand. Layered motivating forces give extra impetus to advance and build up the next era item.

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Removing Barriers to Participation Web-based, easy to use framework limits administrative cost to the Distributor (and Utility) over the long haul. Pre-building up motivating force levels and qualifying equipment permits Distributors a "level playing field" in offer estimating to customers. Robotized audit gives streamlined endorsement and installment to Distributors. Lessening or evacuating the incremental cost can change stocking routine of Distributors.

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Program Process Distributor surveys terms/executes program agreement. Security secret key issued to Distributor to access the online secure framework. Merchant advances qualifying gear and enters qualifying deals into framework. Online framework approves client, gear, transaction date qualification and starts installment process. Test of uses might be held for on location verification action.

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Program History and Reach PG&E presented in 1998 and showed as a effective approach for HVAC. Statewide IOU program in 2004 and 2005. Right now in SCE, SMUD, NV Energy and PG&E. (Under thought in LADWP & PacifiCorp.) Since 2004, this Program has prepared over $31 million motivations speaking to more than 375,000 tons of proficient HVAC gear for customers. Different measures ie boilers, different lighting, or refrigeration are either in progress or under consideration with different customers.

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Going Forward The preparing and endorsement time is days rather than weeks by means of conventional procedures. Having the On-Line System oblige volumes of utilizations in the several thousands per month is as of now happening. Having migrated preparing to an adaptable server cluster has expanded both unwavering quality and accessibility. 500,000 applications for every year would not be problematic. Redesigning the On-Line System to suit a more complex review trail would take from two to three months once all points of interest are known.

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