Exercises with respect to UBL at ECOM in Japan

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On the off chance that a few organizations have their exclusive business archives, they need to change over the business records to work together in the business. ...

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Exercises with respect to UBL at ECOM in Japan May 10, 2004 Yukinori Saito Vice Chair of OASIS UBL JPLSC Fuji Electric Information Service Co., Ltd. saito-yukinori@fujielectric.co.jp

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Activities done in financial 2003 at ECOM. Standard business archives change technique inquire about impromptu TF Research of advancement strategies for Standard Business Documents. Improvement strategies for standard business reports. Recommendable standard business reports between enterprises. Recommendable strategies and programming items to change over standard business records. The technique for XML-izing and some thought focuses. 2. Contextual analysis of business archives transformation framework and thought. 3. Mapping trial amongst UBL and Japanese real industry's business archives. Thought of UBL gotten by this trial.

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Objective of the TF Background Many ventures create numerous standard business reports and are working them as genuine business now. On the off chance that a few organizations have their restrictive business archives, they need to change over the business reports to work together in the business. I n case to work with whatever other industry, numerous organizations under the business need to change over the business reports to alternate business archives to keep interoperability. This is a major issue with which numerous ventures and organizations are confronted. ebXML standard is being produced as a global standard to do e-business. As measures to create standard business reports, Core Component particular, XML Schema plan rules, institutionalized CC (Core Components) and BIE (Business Information Entities), and possibly ebXML approved standard business archives are currently being produced. Despite the fact that ebXML would build up these models depicted above, numerous ventures have requirements to change over business reports between the's business records and ebXML approved standard business archives. 2. Objective The goal of the TF is to propose recommendable change strategies for standard business reports for enterprises in Japan.

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Electronics Mfr A Hospital B Chemical Mfr C RosettaNet HL7 CIDX An's industry accomplices B's industry accomplices C's industry accomplices Objective of the TF is to concentrate how to change over business archives between enterprises which is prescribed use of UBL by UBL TC. Where UBL Can Fit Into Existing XML B2B Reference : UBL: Realizing eBusiness XML (Mark Crawford, XML Europe 2003)

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The Reason for us to concentrate on UBL The purpose behind us to concentrate on UBL OASIS (the significant standard body on XML) is advancing UBL. UN/CEFACT perceives and bolsters UBL. : UN/CEFACT will bolster stand out record driven way to deal with XML substance and its longing is that UBL will be the establishment for that approach. (August 21, 2003) UBL is completely in view of ebXML CC Technical Specification. :UBL is focused on, and completely conformant with, the ebXML CCTS. (XML Conference 2002) Observation of UBL for us UBL is the primary real hopeful of the cutting edge worldwide XML standard business report. UBL is the standard business record that is utilized on the second way to deal with create business archive, which is depicted on the accompanying page 8.

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UBL Position among International gauges for e Business Red Characters: implies XML based Standard. * : shows that details of other standard are connected. ( ): implies future arrangement.

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Typical B2B Standards in Industries Red Characters: implies XML based Standard. * : demonstrates that details of other standard are connected. ( ): implies future arrangement.

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Two ways to deal with create business records. All Industries and organizations perceive that cutting edge EDI standard business records are XML based. The following issue is the means by which to create or present XML-based standard business reports, and what are they. Recently outline and create standard business record including BIEs in light of ebXML strategies. This approach requires much assets (e.g. Labor, cash, time). The enormous businesses are possibly ready to do this approach. e.g. Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA). To present or reuse some major XML-based business archives. This approach requires less assets. This approach might be recommendable one for medium or little businesses or organizations. The following issue for this approach is transformation technique for business reports.

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Research of advancement techniques for standard business archives Questions Development strategy for standard business report. Which one is attractive among followings? Recently plan and create standard business report in view of ebXML philosophy. Reuse the past or current standard business reports of XML linguistic structure. Utilize the past or current standard business archives (not XML) as it seems to be. (2) Standard business records between ventures. How to picked the interoperable business archives? What are the recommendable worldwide standard business reports? (3) Recommendable strategies and programming items to change over business records. (4) The technique for XML-izing and some thought focuses. Answer organizations Propylon, Ireland -Inforteria, Japan CECID, Hong Kong -NTT, Japan DagangNet, Malaysia -IT seller (Anonymous)

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Answers to the advancement strategy for standard business archive. Propylon, Ireland Newly outline and improvement standard business report in light of ebXML approach is troublesome on the grounds that accomplishing industry wide agreement for a solitary XML design in view of the ebXML philosophy can take quite a while. Reuse the current XML based standard business record is by all accounts the most sensible. CECID, Hong Kong We prescribes the utilization of XML to supplant the exclusive configuration. At the point when there is a reasonable XML application standard (e.g. XBRL) for a particular business range, we will utilize that standard. At the point when there is no appropriate XML application standard, we need to plan our own. We suggest the utilization of CCTS/UBL technique to display the information components and plan the XML Schema.

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Answers to the recommendable standard business record. Propylon, Ireland We would recommend that for essential reports (like solicitations) between ventures, the best course would be take a UBL archive, since it is a great deal more particular than other meta-models. UBL depends on real business archives including great illustrations and outlines. CECID, Hong Kong We will consider to utilize the standard with more predominant, prominent, and flat application first. At that point we will consider to utilize an industry-particular standard, if the even standard is not material. UBL V1.0 was discharged on Nov. 26, 2003, in this way we think UBL got to be develop, we will pick UBL. Infoteria, Japan from the get go, we ought to assess UBL details. On the off chance that appropriate, we would do well to choose UBL and utilize UBL as a unique detail.

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Answers to the recommendable strategy and programming items to change over standard business record. Propylon, Ireland We would clearly suggest PropelX, our usage of the Xpipe change strategy. PropelX presently offers the easiest most effective and most adaptable XML interpretation capacities. XML template are not effortlessly comprehended or changed. CECID, Hong Kong For straightforward interpretation, we utilize XSLT. Be that as it may, for the most part XSLT is not sufficiently capable to do the change starting with one standard then onto the next, which is typically exceptionally troublesome. We compose tweaked projects to do the change. NTT, Japan Using some business interpreters is recommendable to change over business archive.

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The technique for XML-izing for BIEs. Patterns or current circumstance in Japanese businesses. The naming strategies for XML Tag name in Japan. Utilizing Japanese dialect as it seems to be. e.g. Paint industry, ApparelArk (Chemical) Using BIE's thing number (Alphanumeric character). e.g. ECALGA (JEITA) Use English name. e.g. RosettaNet, Aerospace industry (2) Many businesses are meaning to plan English XML Tag names. Thought English XML Tag name is attractive by thought of usage. Japanese Tag name requires vast weight for implementers. Since a few instruments for altering XML information can't be utilized for Japanese Tag names. The English Tag names is vastly improved to change over to worldwide business record (e.g. UBL). XML naming guidelines drove by worldwide standard body depend on English. (2) The Japanese individuals are bad at English (perusing/composing and discussion). However, they can comprehend the English words. (3) Of cause, the qualities between begin tag and end tag ought to be both Alphanumeric characters and Japanese characters.

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Case investigation of change framework between standard business records. Research of transformation frameworks and requirements to changes between a few standard business archives. There are much needs to transformations of standard business records in genuine business. Classes of transformation frameworks and illustration frameworks. To change over the information in-house backend framework physically. Hardware industry's buying iron and steel by method for Trading organization. Hardware industry's obtaining compound merchandise by method for Trading comp. (2) Plural requests are gotten by various business reports, and they are changed over to single business record. 7 cases including followings. JEMIMA (Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturer's Association). Deals framework in Electronics gadgets provider. Cutting edge EDI framework at Chemical industry. Obtaining arrangement of PC programming at Microsoft Japan. EDI at dispersion industry. (3) To change over one single business report to plural business archives. Acquiring arrangement of Sony partnership. (4) To change over business reports utilizing ASP benefit. ASP administration of Port coordinations industry.

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Needs at JEMIMA ■Situation and issues : Orders are gotten from Communication, Automotive, Petro-synthetic, and Electronics gadgets enterprises. What's more, t