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All grants recompensed through the college have been handled. ... Help must be decreased if a grants causes an understudy to surpass their expense of participation. ...

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´╗┐Exchange Orientation Information from the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid Warwick Center 140 Summer 2011 Emily Bliss, chief Beth Casper, Associate executive

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Topics Applying for Financial Aid The Cost of Attendance The Financial Aid Notification Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act Satisfactory Academic Progress Communicating with the Financial Aid Office Changing FAFSA Information Scholarships Loans

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Applying for Financial Aid File the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) File with data from the 2010 IRS 1040 The document might be chosen for confirmation Families with guardians who have been separated and after that remarried ought to record as wedded utilizing current mate pay

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The Cost of Attendance Direct Costs (show up on the understudy's record and can be paid with money related guide) Tuition and Fees Health Insurance Room and Board (if living on grounds) Indirect Costs (monetary guide can cover yet supports are given to understudy, if enough left over once bill is paid) Books & Supplies Transportation Miscellaneous

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Books Although books are considered part of the cost of participation and assets are incorporated into your budgetary guide bundle to cover books, those assets are not accessible until the principal day of class, at the most punctual . In the event that you utilize the book purchasing program, you can repay yourself once a discount is gotten on the principal day of class, or when help is finished and a discount is issued.

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Financial Aid Notification Families get one paper grant letter All extra correspondence begins with an email to the understudy's UNCW email encouraging them to check SEANET. Understudies are messaged every time there is an adjustment in their money related guide grant. Understudies are additionally advised at whatever point a Stafford advance is presented for them.

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Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment) FERPA Students, not the guardians, have the privilege to security once they go to introduction. UNCW has built up a FERPA discharge shape accessible to understudies which is finished to permit us to talk with whoever the understudy assigns. In the event that you pressure your kid into naming you on the FERPA, they can transform it at whatever time they wish

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Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP) Student must keep up SAP with a specific end goal to stay qualified for money related guide. SAP is checked toward the end of every spring Three regions GPA begins must be 1.75 1-45 credits 2.0 46+ Student must finish 75% of every endeavored hour Aid stops once understudy has endeavored 186 hours

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Communicating with the Financial Aid Office Most correspondence is done through email to the understudy's UNCW account A bulletin is sent once per month through email to the understudy's UNCW account Requests for missing data are sent through email to the understudy's UNCW account You can call us yet our telephones are to a great degree caught up with amid the mid year E-sends are typically a less baffling strategy for correspondence for families

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Changing Information on the FAFSA The representatives of the Financial Aid Office make remedies if an understudy is chosen for confirmation and revisions are required. In like manner if an exceptional condition bid is handled. On the off chance that you think about rectifications that should be improved it is more often than not to contact our office and have us make them.

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Special Circumstances The Financial Aid Office can make conformity to the understudy's FAFSA if a family can report a huge change in wage for the 2011 guide year. Acquire an exceptional condition shape the Financial Aid site, finish and send with all obliged documentation to the workplace. We don't settle on changes for individual decision choices.

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Scholarships Almost all grants granted through the college have been handled. Check for reestablishment prerequisites on the off chance that you have gotten a grant. You should tell the staff at the Financial Aid Office on the off chance that you get an outside grant Aid must be decreased if a grants causes an understudy to surpass their cost of participation. At whatever point conceivable, credits are lessened before some other guide.

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Federal Loans Students can get a government credit up to $6,500 as a sophomore or $7,500 once you achieve junior status. Guardians can apply for a PLUS advance for the contrast between the aggregate of the understudies offered help and the Cost of Attendance. A PLUS application must be finished by no less than one parent on the off chance that they wish to acquire an advance. A credit check is led for a PLUS advance.

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Loans You are not required to take the greater part of the credit offered to you. Understudies must finish an Entrance Interview. Guardians and understudies must finish their own particular Master Promissory Note.

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Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid Students are allocated an advisor one after another in order by last name. The available time are from 7:30 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. FAFSA week is held toward the beginning of February to help understudies finish their one year from now's FAFSA. Kindly don't send anything that is not asked. Reports got without a demand are destroyed.

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Most Common Areas Where Students Get Stuck Bill is not paid so classes get dropped Promissory notes or passageway meetings are not finished for credits Satisfactory Academic Progress is not kept up All required archives are not turned in They don't read their email

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