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designs and practices Undertaking Library. Brian Catch bbutton@agilestl.com Expert/Engineer designs and practices. Speaker Presentation. Chief Specialist at Dexterous Arrangements Bunch St. Louis-based Train, tutor, create, lead groups in light-footed programming advancement

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designs & hones Enterprise Library Brian Button bbutton@agilestl.com Consultant/Developer designs & hones

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Speaker Introduction Principal Consultant at Agile Solutions Group St. Louis-based Train, tutor, create, lead groups in coordinated programming improvement Consulted in Microsoft designs & hones since October, 2003 Smart Client Offline Application Block Enterprise Library My identification is orange, not blue These feelings are mine and mine alone I don't represent MS or examples & rehearses

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Welcome to an Exclusive Club!

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Short History

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designs & rehearses Patterns Application Blocks Reference Architectures Atomic answers for repeating issues Sub-framework level direction for normal administrations System-level direction for regular client situations Guides Guidance on compositional standards and cross-cutting issues, for example, security and execution

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Application Blocks characterized Reusable, extensible, modifiable Common component Logging Caching Configuration administration… Reusable section of application engineering User interface prepare administration Smart detached customer Service conglomeration…

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Application Blocks are awesome, however… when all is said in done input has been to a great degree positive, yet there is opportunity to get better: Make pieces predictable Make squares function admirably together Minimize conditions On different pieces On foundation Make it simpler to arrange squares Make assessment and comprehension of pieces less demanding Make utilizing pieces less demanding

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Introducing "Venture Library" Library of reusable programming resources for address basic endeavor improvement challenges Part of the examples & hones direction library Strong concentrate on consistency, extensibility, usability and reconciliation v1 delivered in organization with Avanade, utilizing background from client engagements and fusing parts of their ACA.NET application structure

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Included Application Blocks Caching Data Exception Handling Logging Security Cryptography (symmetric just) Common setup and tooling

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Let's fabricate an illustration application Simple information access to Northwind Add a touch of logging And some special case taking care of

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Enterprise Library v1 Architecture Exception Handling Caching Data Access Logging & Instrumentation Security Crypto Config Tooling Config Run-Time

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Block Code Block Code Block Code Pluggable Providers Block Configuration Code Block Architecture Block Configuration Design Code Unit Tests

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What comes in the container? There is no container Released as direction Source code design just "As-may be", like rest of p&p direction You get All source All unit tests Documentation Quick begins

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Caching Application Block Provides an adaptable and extensible reserving component that can be utilized at all layers of an application Supports backing stores that persevere store information into a database or confined stockpiling, so the information can survive application restarts Can be utilized as a part of ASP.NET applications, in spite of the fact that the ASP.NET store is favored for basic situations Supports comparative situations to the first storing piece, however with a reexamined engineering to make it more string and exemption safe

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Data Access Application Block Provides disentangled access to the most widely recognized information get to operations Aim was to keep a great part of the effortlessness of the first DAAB squares, yet to give extra elements asked for by clients Notable new elements: Support for various database sorts through an industrial facility (SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 out of the case). This gives reliable and convenient code (provisos apply!) Connection strings are put away and oversaw in outer design

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Exception Handling Application Block Facilitates predictable exemption dealing with conduct at legitimate limits of an application Allows the production of "exemption strategies" which direct which moves ought to be made for particular special case sorts at the intelligent limit Example: All security exemptions emerging from the business layer should be logged, and the messages disinfected before being proliferated to the guest Actions are extensible; we give Logging, Wrapping one exemption with another, and Replacing one exemption with an other Block has little in the same way as the current EMAB which was fundamentally used to log exemptions

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Logging & Instrumentation Application Block Allows applications to log business and operations information to different goals, which are remotely configurable Replaces the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework and the current Logging Application Block Configuration indicates which messages go where, and how they are arranged Formatters and sinks are extensible. We give sinks to Event Log, Database, Text File, MSMQ, E-mail, WMI and Windows Event Tracing

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Security Application Block Provides a basic API and pluggable executions of center security primitive operations Covers 5 security regions: Authentication, Authorization, Roles, Profile and Security Caching Each module underpins extensible module suppliers. As a rule we supply modules for basic Microsoft foundation (AD, AzMan) and additionally a light-weight database execution Developers can assemble their own modules to interface with existing security arrangements

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Cryptography Application Block Provides an improved way to deal with actualizing basic cryptography situations Includes modules for symmetric cryptography and hashing Each module bolsters pluggable calculations and key stores Supports all .NET crypto calculations out of the container, or engineers can actualize their own particular Algorithms and keys can be overseen through the setup device

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Configuration Application Block Allows applications to effortlessly read and compose setup information from configurable stockpiling areas Used by all squares in Enterprise Library, can likewise be utilized by client pieces, systems and applications Includes two sections: Configuration Runtime, which applications use at runtime to get to setup information Configuration Designtime, which gives hubs that are utilized by the design apparatus to give a basic plan time encounter Configuration can be scrambled and singular components can be veiled in the device

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Lots of spots to go take in more… Webcasts Several outline webcasts in addition to one webcast per piece http://www.pnplive.com Hands on Labs concentrated on figuring out how to utilize each piece http://www.pnplive.com/hands_on_labs.htm Podcasts Listen to the Enterprise Library engineers discuss the way of life, encounters, and history of EL V1. http://www.ronjacobs.com/podcast/default.htm

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Even more places… Patterns & Practices Download and introduce Enterprise Library http://msdn.microsoft.com/hones Enterprise Library GotDotNet Workspace http://practices.gotdotnet.com/ventures/entlib

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Learn from the creators Enterprise Library group websites: Brian Button http://oneagilecoder.agilestl.com Scott Densmore http://blogs.msdn.com/scottdensmore Peter Provost http://peterprovost.org Jim Newkirk http://blogs.msdn.com/jamesnewkirk Tom Hollander http://blogs.msdn.com/tomholl Hisham Baz http://blog.hishambaz.com Tim Shakarian http://dotnetjunkies/WebLog/tshak

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What's coming? Venture Library June 2005 Bug settles, a couple of new elements, changes to gather on Whidbey June 30, 2005 or so Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0 Same list of capabilities executed on Whidbey A short time after Whidbey ships Enterprise Library V?.? Taking care of the following bunch of issues A year or more after Whidbey ships