Evolved ways of life

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´╗┐Natural pecking orders Shows the encouraging connections between creatures in a living space

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Composition of evolved ways of life Begins with a PRODUCER -more often than not a plant The wellspring of the vitality for the natural way of life is the SUN The PRIMARY CONSUMER (herbivore) eats the maker The SECONDARY shopper (flesh eater) eats the essential and so on The chain completes with a top meat eater.

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Pond Food Chain green growth Water insect Damsel fly sprite Dragon-fly fairy

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Beech Wood Habitat Sparrow Hawk Beech leaves aphids Blue Tit

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Predator Prey Relationships Rabbit populace rising-few predator foxes to eat them Falling rabbit populace less vegetation to eat, More predator foxes to eat them Fox populace falling-less rabbit Prey to eat Fox populace rising Lots of rabbit prey to eat

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Sunny knolls reenactment http://puzzling.caret.cam.ac.uk/game.php?game=foodchain%20

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Transfer of Energy is moved in nourishment Not all the vitality taken in by a life form is accessible to the following living being in the chain

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Energy misfortune: Loss in defecation Not the greater part of a creature is eaten (roots, bones) Organism utilizes its vitality, discharged by breath, for development and so on

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How much vitality is exchanged? Just 10 % of what a life form gets is passed on This implies there are less life forms in every connection of the chain Chains are never longer than 5 joins

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Food Webs. Natural pecking orders infer that a life form just eats one sort of living being Webs demonstrate the assortment of nourishments eaten and are more sensible of the bolstering connections in a living space.

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Woodland nourishment web

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Pyramids Pyramid of Numbers-demonstrate the quantities of living being found in every level of the evolved way of life Pyramid of Biomass-demonstrates the DRY MASS of the living beings at every level

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Pyramid of Numbers

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Concentration of chemicals in the natural way of life . Chemicals are thought up a natural way of life and can achieve deadly levels in the top meat eater It happens on the grounds that every buyer eats a considerable lot of the life forms which each have the compound in them