Everything that can be created has been developed

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" Everything that can be developed has been concocted." Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899 From http://inventors.about.com/library/lessons/bl_appendix5.htm … definitely no premise to bolster Duell's charged proclamation. The polar opposite is valid. Duell's 1899 report records an expansion of around 3,000 licenses over the earlier year, and almost 60 times the number allowed in 1837. Encourage, Duell cites President McKinley's yearly message saying, "Our future advance and success rely on our capacity to level with, if not outperform, different countries in the growth and progress of science, industry and business. To creation we should turn as a standout amongst the most intense guides to the achievement of such a result." Duell includes, "May not our innovators ideally look to the Fifty-6th Congress for help and efficacious consolation in enhancing the American patent system?" These are impossible expressions of somebody who conceives that everything has been imagined.

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"We have licenses on the Byte and the Algorithm" Dave Huffman EE has the electron Physics has matter/vitality Chemistry has atoms and responses Economics has the exchange. They all need us to do anything

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1. Presentation: Scientific Progress is Essential Science is a Proper Concern of Government Relations to Science - Past and Future Freedom of Inquiry Must be Preserved 2. The War Against Disease: In War In Peace Unsolved Problems Broad and Basic Studies Needed Coordinated Attack on Special Problems Action is Necessary 3. Science and the Public Welfare : Relation to National Security Science and Jobs The Importance of Basic Research Centers of Basic Research Within the Government Industrial Research International Exchange of Scientific Information The Special Need for Federal Support The Cost of a Program 4. Restoration of our Scientific Talent : Nature of the Problem A Note of Warning The Wartime Deficit Improve the Quality Remove the Barriers The Generation in Uniform Must Not be Lost A Program 5. A Problem of Scientific Reconversion: Effects of Mobilization of Science for War Security Restrictions Should be Lifted Promptly Need for Coordination A Board to Control Release Publication Should be Encouraged 6. The Means to the End: New Responsibilities for Government The Mechanism Five Fundamentals Military Research National Research Foundation Science The Endless Frontier Vannevar Bush - > Harry Truman, July 1945 http://www.nsf.gov/od/lpa/nsf50/vbush1945.htm

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Memex As We May Think, Vannevar Bush, 1945 "A memex is a gadget in which an individual stores every one of his books, records, and interchanges, and which is motorized so it might be counseled with surpassing rate and adaptability" "yet in the event that the client embedded 5000 pages of material a day it would take him many years to fill the archive, so he can be degenerate and enter material uninhibitedly"

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25Kday life ~ Personal Petabyte 1PB Will anybody take a gander at website pages in 2020? Likely new modalities & media will command then.

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Challenges Capture: Get the bits in Organize: Index them Manage: No stresses over misfortune or space Curate/Annotate: robotize where conceivable Privacy: Keep safe from burglary. Outline: Give thumbnail rundowns Interface: how ask/envision questions Present: demonstrate it in justifiable ways.

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80% of information is close to home/person. Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about the other 20%? Business Wall Mart on the web: 1PB and developing… . Oddity: most "exchange" frameworks < 1 PB. Need to go to picture/information observing for huge information Government is the greatest business. Science LOTS of information.