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Estonian Health Care System Jevgenia Makarova Kristel Kaur Tallinn 2006

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Geographical and recorded figures • Area: 45.215 km² • Bordered by the Russian Federation toward the east and Latvia toward the south • Population: 1,4 million • Male: 46 % female: 54 % • Urban: 69 % country: 31 %

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Geographical and chronicled figures • Life anticipation: male: 66,3 years female: 76,7 years • Birth rate: 8,7/1000 populace • Average pay rates: 500 Euro • Average annuity: 150 Euro

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Geographical and verifiable figures • 1940 control of Estonian Republic by USSR • 1991 autonomy of the Estonian Republic → add up to change of the social insurance framework • Today's number of intense doctor's facilities: 19

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North-Estonian Regional Hospital Inpatient and outpatient treatment. 24-hour medical aid. 613 beds out and out.

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North-Estonian Regional Hospital Departments of general surgery, neurosurgery and neurology, cardiovascular surgery, cardiology and basic coronary care unit, injury area and orthopedics, inward pharmaceutical, eyes, ear, nose and throat, thoracic surgery, urology, maxillae-facial surgery, emergency unit.

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North-Estonian Regional Hospital Consultative Clinic of the Mustamae Hospital . The specialists of this center work at the Mustamae Hospital.

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North-Estonian Regional Hospital Psychiatric Hospital Inpatient and outpatient treatment of all mental maladies. There is likewise a cutting edge paid division of non-crazy handicaps with sauna, private rooms and so on where it is conceivable just to cure your stretch or some other issues.

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East-Tallinn Central Hospital There are the greatest Gynecologic and Maternity Clinic in Estonia and o ne of the best prepared and cutting edge eye malady focuses in Estonia. Additionally has injury focus.

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Tallinn Children's Hospital Inpatient and outpatient bureaus of pediatrics, ear-nose and throat ailments, traumatology and orthopedics, surgery, hemato-oncology. Every one of the specialists are exceptionally instructed and communicate in English.

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Tartu University Clinicum

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Clinic of Cardiovascular and Total Surgery Surgical Clinic Ear Clinic Eye Clinic

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Children's Clinic Women's Clinic

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Cardiology Clinic Lung Clinic Dermatology Clinic Neurology Clinic Psychiatric Clinic Internal Diseases Clinic Dental Clinic

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Traumatology Clinic

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Medicover Swedish-Estonian Medical Center (private) 24-hour Hotline for crisis medicinal care; therapeutic exams for grown-ups and kids; screenings and symptomatic tests; mammograms; yearly influenza shots; dentists(including 24-hour crisis dental care); emergency vehicle benefit; home visits; gynecological and pregnancy mind, and so forth

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Family Physician All people guaranteed with the Health Insurance Fund have a family professional. A man not dwelling in Estonia may likewise visit a family professional.

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A man needs a referral from the family expert to visit a therapeutic master. No referral is expected to visit a therapist, gynecologist, dermatovenerologist, ophthalmologist, dental practitioner, pulmonologist (for tuberculosis treatment), contamination master (for HIV/AIDS treatment), specialist or orthopaedist (for traumatology).

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The measure of the patient's money related cooperation in the accompanying cases: out-patient examination – a family expert can charge a visit expense of up to EEK 50, when making a home visit; specific restorative care – a visit expense up to EEK 50; transportation by rescue vehicle on account of crisis – for nothing out of pocket; hospitalization – an in-patient charge of up to EEK 25 every day and for up to 10 days for every hospitalization.

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There is no in-patient expense: for youngsters underneath the age of 19; in cases identified with pregnancy and childbirth;  on account of serious care.

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It is conceivable to enlist with a family doctor by presenting an application to the doctor chose. It is additionally conceivable to change the doctor; to this end one ought to present an application to the new family doctor. At the point when going by the new doctor one ought to display a unique of his/her restorative record.

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Primary care During the Soviet period, pediatricians filled in as essential care specialists in unique kids' polyclinics. It was normal for patients to sidestep polyclinics and wellbeing focuses, going by masters specifically.

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Primary care is sorted out as the principal level of contact with the wellbeing framework.

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Each family specialist has a rundown of enlisted patients. These rundowns can't contain less than at least 1200 than 2000 patients (aside from in particular cases, for example, happen in some provincial ranges or on a few islands). The normal patient rundown size is 1600.

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Family specialists as a rule work in leased premises (here and there in offices which used to be polyclinics), albeit a few specialists have taken out credits to fabricate new offices.

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Family specialists are required to have no less than 20 going to hours a week, and practices ought to be open for no less than 8 hours a day. In essential care, patients ought to have the capacity to see their family specialist around the same time for intense issues; patients with constant conditions have the privilege to see their family specialist inside three days.

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The 2002 results demonstrate that all patients with intense issues can get to their family specialist around the same time, and that 97% of patients with ceaseless conditions see their family specialist inside three days.

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The national inoculation program is characterized by the Minister of Social Affairs and actualized by the Health Protection Inspectorate. Inoculation is the obligation of family specialists, despite the fact that school specialists are additionally permitted to attempt it.

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All family specialists are required to work with no less than one family nurture, despite the fact that there is a deficiency of prepared family medical caretakers.

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Nursing will happen in participation with the patient's GP and with a social laborer from the metropolitan government if important.

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Home nursing and care administrations are offered just in Tallinn.

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The administrations are free for patients in the degree allotted from the financial plan of the City of Tallinn.

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Target assemble: Patients who have left nursing healing facilities or long haul treatment wards or different doctor's facilities who require nursing care and not dynamic treatment. Patients for whose situation nursing care averts hospitalization Patients who can't move Chronically confined to bed patients with genuine physical issues People with diminished portability Patients who have confused nursing care needs that can't be met by social specialists or relatives Terminally sick and passing on patients

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Patients in an intense maniacal state won't be taken in nursing care. 

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Distribution and organization of medicaments Taking circulatory strain Reading beat Measuring temperature Measuring glucose with a glucometer Inserting a catheter in the bladder, embeddings a lasting catheter, upkeep of catheters Change of dressing and watch over ostomy Micro-bowel purges Removal of fastens from wounds Removal of throws Prevention of bedsores Care for wounds, incl. bedsores Position treatment Rehabilitation treatment at home Counseling Performed techniques:

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Nursing schools and their educational module have been produced to meet the norms of professional secondary school and a four year certification.

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Besides fundamental nursing preparing, Estonian therapeutic schools additionally offer higher professional preparing for birthing specialists, optometrists, drug specialists, mid-level wellbeing security authorities, radiology experts, physiotherapists, dental experts and lab experts , and in addition professional level preparing for long haul nursing pros.

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University of Tartu Faculty of Medicine for attendants with some work encounter. These graduates are viewed as the primary asset for further preparing of fundamental and pro medical caretakers.

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Nurses' proficient affiliations have been attempting to institutionalize the distinctive nursing strengths.

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The best deficiency of attendants is in expert territories, for example, surgical medical caretakers. Explanations behind the deficiency incorporate poor pay rates, elevated amounts of business related stretch, low occupation fulfillment and low proficient status.

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Nurses' proficient affiliations have been attempting to institutionalize the distinctive nursing claims to fame.

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Some endeavors have been made to raise the status of medical attendants by expanding their obligations and acquainting proceeding with instruction with the calling. The new Health Services Organization Act gives nursing care a legitimately very much characterized status on a standard with essential, authority and crisis mind.

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In doctor's facilities, medical attendants and nursing are progressively being recognized freely, by specialists and by patients .

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