Esteeming the Multiple Uses of Irrigation Water

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Esteeming the Different Employments of Watering system Water . Ruth Meinzen-Dick Worldwide Nourishment Approach Research Establishment Washington D.C., USA. Various profitable employments of water. Horticulture Field crops Gardens Perpetual vegetation Domesticated animals (counting waterfowl)

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´╗┐Esteeming the Multiple Uses of Irrigation Water Ruth Meinzen-Dick International Food Policy Research Institute Washington D.C., USA

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Multiple beneficial employments of water Agriculture Field crops Gardens Permanent vegetation Livestock (counting waterfowl) Fisheries in supply, trenches, fields Aquatic plants: lotus, reeds, and so on. Non-farming ventures Brick making, coloring, retting, and so on. Tourism, ecotourism

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Other basic employments of water Domestic water supply Drinking water Bathing, washing Environmental uses Wildlife Groundwater revive Recreation Religion

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Stakeholder Analysis Identify numerous clients of water, intrigue gathers By word related By sexual orientation By era inside the family unit Inside and outside the water system framework Look for underestimated bunches Government organizations managing each utilization

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Management issues Improving "productivity" may remove a few uses, lessen general estimation of yield Attention to water quality impacts, cooperations between utilizations Infrastructure prerequisites (e.g. lining for domesticated animals get to)

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Institutional issues Can government organizations or "client bunches" oblige all needs? Perceiving formal and casual rights characterized by time, space, amount, quality Especially critical with water exchanges

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Multiple Water Uses in Kirindi Oya, Sri Lanka

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Economic issues Capturing estimation of all uses in extend assessments in financing projects in all imminent water exchanges

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Production and income, Tamil Nadu water system tanks

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Conclusions Irrigation water creates more than simply grain Identify all uses, clients Information on estimation of all uses prompts to better arrangements Providing access to "minor" clients, for job security Implications for water rights, particularly in exchanges Opportunities, additionally exchange offs in advancing joint result of all uses, clients