ENUM Diagram Able ITU Joint Workshop May 21-22, 2000 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

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46000 Center Oak Plaza. Sterling VA 20166 USA. richard.shockey@neustar.com richard@shockey. ... Telecom Equipment Vendor or Independent

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ENUM Birds of a Feather: IETF Update PULVER.COM VON – Boston 2005 ENUM Overview APT-ITU Joint Workshop May 21-22, 2000 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam Richard Shockey IETF ENUM WG Co-Chair Director – Member of Technical Staff NeuStar, Inc. 46000 Center Oak Plaza Sterling VA 20166 USA richard.shockey@neustar.com richard@shockey.us +1 571.434.5651 sip:rshockey@iptel.org Skype: rshockey101

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ENUM IETF RFC 3761 ENUM splendidly coordinates telephone numbers to web area names http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/enum-charter.html Considered a key empowering influence for Convergence The potential for utilizing TN's to address different applications other than voice Mobility and Presence Video Creates IP to IP benefit interoperability and VoIP peering crosswise over space limits

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ENUM more or less Take E.164 telephone number +1 571 434 5651 Turn it into a FQDN pick a space Solicit the DNS Return list from URI's sip:richard.shockey@neustar.biz Or Maybe sip:+15714345651;rn=+12159816321;npdi@network.foo;user=phone

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The Three Faces of ENUM : Public RFC 3761 Public ENUM is for the most part characterized as the regulatory approaches and methodology encompassing the utilization of the e164.arpa area for TN to URI determination. By IAB-ITU understanding all parts of the e164.arpa tree are country state issues administered by National Regulatory Authorities All records are unmistakable on the Internet US – Canadian Govt arrangement has been to support buyer OPT-IN. Which is for the most part thought to be the number holder or shopper instead of the bearer of record is the main element allowed to make records in e164.arpa. How might you enroll your Phone Number? Enlistment Model much like Domain Names… May be a Service Provider or Telecom Equipment Vendor or Independent "Recorder, for example, GoDaddy

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New Concept : Private ENUM Private ENUM is for the most part viewed as at least one advances (counting DNS) that allow benefit suppliers to trade telephone number to URI information in a private secure way . May utilize any space commonly settled upon Private ENUM is to be expected as legitimate for all endpoints benefit suppliers trade information for. There is no compelling reason to OPT-OUT. Private ENUM really implies private .. Information is not open by means of general Internet. The innovation by which this information is gotten to is at present not settled DNS, SIP Redirect, LDAP Products accessible now Wireless MMS – SMS steering

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Private ENUM –in use by remote industry today CO Code Assignments Process transforms CO Code and NPAC information into URIs, then loads the mapping into the Routing DB How do your highway a photo if the sum total of what you have is a telephone number? Private ENUM with LNP Correction for MMS Routing

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New Concept : Carrier/Infrastructure ENUM Carrier ENUM is by and large viewed now as the utilization of e164.arpa to allow benefit suppliers to trade telephone number to URI information keeping in mind the end goal to discover purposes of interconnection . Just the administration supplier of record for a specific TN is allowed to arrangement information for that FQDN. Benefit suppliers are searching for NGN flagging foundations Default PSTN end no more drawn out monetarily adequate.. Bearer ENUM is to be expected as legitimate for all endpoints benefit suppliers trade information for. The designation way by which this tree is gotten to is under discourse at the IETF Split tree – New Tree 6.4.c.e164.arpa or c.6.4.e164.arpa Where "c" speaks to the transporter tree. The 3 Faces of ENUM are Orthogonal to each other, they serve diverse markets for various reasons.

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Recharter-Reorg of the ENUM WG Public ENUM has been ease back to take off .. Transporters now comprehend the estimation of ENUM End to End IP Service Delivery Carriers caving in their systems on to IP ENUM WG consent to take a gander at "Bearer ENUM" issues IETF investigating VoIP peering VOIPEER BOF IETF revamping working gatherings – New Directorate Real-Time Applications and Infrastructure (RAI) Area "The Real-Time Applications and Infrastructure Area creates conventions and models for deferral delicate interpersonal interchanges ." SIP, SIPPING, XCON, SIMPLE, GEOPRIV, ECRIT, ENUM, IPTEL, MEGACO, MMUSIC, IEPREP, SPEECHSC, and SIGTRAN

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Public ENUM and VoIP Peering VoIP Peering is IMPOSSIBLE without Telephone Number Translation .. otherwise known as ENUM in some shape Bi-Lateral/multi-parallel, private trees will just scale so far before operational and administration challenges introduce themselves. Consequently, Public ENUM is a long haul objective. What frame will this take? (Transporter or User ENUM) Without bearers in e164.arpa is the plan of action for "Client" reasonable? Will there be a blend of various peering sorts? Private POPs, with submitted limit. Open peering focuses. Over the Internet by and large, best exertion (no QoS). Industry's Conclusion : Working towards open ENUM later on (critical), while supporting the wagers with work on private ENUM in the shorter term.

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Short term issues in VoIP Peering What is a Carrier ? Provisioning into/security for ENUM tree. Standardization of various SIP profiles between suppliers. Trust at system edge. Security/encryption at system edge. QoS at system edge/passing QoS between gatherings. Legal capture. Choice of best IP courses & publicizing courses as # POPs increments. Failover to PSTN courses in case of IP course disappointment. Investigate the part of SBCs Regulatory?

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The Achilles Heel of ENUM : Provisioning Carrier - Service Management Systems will need to figure out how to arrangement ENUM DNS frameworks. Dynamic exchange on including Static SS7 - LNP information to ENUM http://www.ietf.org/web drafts/draft-livingood-shockey-enum-npd-00.txt Work concentrated on utilization of EPP and additionally SOAP/XML interfaces http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4114.txt Active talk in IETF on Voice Peering http://www3.ietf.org/procedures/05aug/minutes/voipeer.html

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The IP Service Control Point ENUM is not just about TN to URI … It is the center flagging innovation for the NGN-Network to Network Interface ENUM is the NGN IP-SCP All Call Query - Query on Call Origination All directing information connected with a call conveyed at ring set TDM and also URI information

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The End of SS7 ? – The Emerging IP SCP Policy Engine Carrier #1 SIP URI's LNP LSMS Carrier Provisioning Master Database PSTN Routing Data ENUM Registries Carrier #2 URI's CNAM Proxy's gets to information via:ENUM/DNS - SIP Redirect - LDAP Carrier Internal Cache Servers "IP-SCP's" SS/PROXY SS/PROXY