Enthusiastic Intelligence

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Passionate Intelligence

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Quick Facts Your Emotional I.Q. is totally separate from your normal I.Q. Your Emotional I.Q. is identified with how glad you are 

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Developing Your E.Q. Build up the bravery to take after your own particular sentiments Express your emotions – discover who cares – invest energy with them

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Developing Your E.Q. Begin naming emotions; quit marking individuals & circumstances Analyze your own particular sentiments as opposed to the activity or thought processes of other individuals

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Developing Your E.Q. Ask others how they feel Make time to think about your emotions Use three word sentences starting with "I feel"

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Developing Your E.Q. Distinguish your feelings of trepidation and goals Identify your neglected enthusiastic needs

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Developing Your E.Q. Assume liability for your feelings & satisfaction; Stop trusting others cause your emotions; Don't anticipate that others will "make" you upbeat

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Ian Hopkins, Resident Assistant, Minnesota State University Submitted by… Ian is a lesser at Minnesota State University Moorhead and a second year Resident Assistant. He is a correspondence examines major and political science minor alongside pre-law.