Enlistment Administration Review November 7, 2007 Marilyn Osweiler and Jim Reilly, Stamats

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Fall headcount expanded by 432% since 1982 from 1,868 understudies to a ... Offer understudies some assistance with learning DAISY. Expand the quantity of understudies pre-enlisting and selecting ...

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Enlistment Management Overview November 7, 2007 Marilyn Osweiler and Jim Reilly, Stamats

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Enrollment foundation Enrollment at SJC has been a rocket ride Fall headcount expanded by 432% since 1982 from 1,868 understudies to a high of 9,270 Fall 2000 HC = 6,650 Fall 2006 HC = 9,941 (+52%) Fall 2000 FTE = 3,363 Fall 2006 FTE = 4,109 (+22%)

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Rocket Ride Headcount % Increase FA98 5,929 FA99 6,045 10% FA00 6,650 10.4% FA01 7,344 11.6% FA02 8,196 10.4% FA03 9,270 13.1% Fall 1999 through Fall 2003, SJC skyrockets with 10% headcount expands every fall

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Taking Care of Business Double digit enlistment expands added to a situation concentrated on: Taking consideration of the understudies who came to SJC Providing top notch client benefit Expansion of projects and offerings Juggling to stay aware of the request Building framework to handle the development Rather than : Aggressive enlistment endeavors Fully created maintenance methodologies An exhaustive enlistment administration and showcasing arrangement

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When things began changing – fall 2004

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Engage administrations of national advertising firm – Stamats – in spring 2007. Correspondences review in January 2007 Student overview led in summer 2007 Enrollment Management Task Force framed in fall 2007

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Primary Objectives of Survey To help San Juan College in its enlistment forms by giving bits of knowledge with respect to conventional and grown-ups understudies. In particular: How do candidates see San Juan College? How did candidates feel as a planned understudy? What are the potential hindrances to section keeping understudies from seeking after advanced education? What administrations could be offered to understudies that would be of esteem to them?

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Method Stamats finished a sum of 266 phone studies among San Juan College's 2007 candidates: 133 finished reviews among customary age candidates (ages 18 to 24) 133 finished studies among grown-up candidates (ages 25 and more seasoned) List gave by San Juan College Survey advancement, information accumulation, examination, and report composing led by Stamats Sampling mistake of ± 5.5% at the 95% certainty level for the whole specimen

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Demographic Overview Gender – 53% female; 47% male Race – n 45% Caucasian; n 35% Native American; n 12% Hispanic; n 2% African American; n 1% Asian; n <1% blended – no overwhelming race; n 4% declined Age – n half under 25; n 24% 25 to 34; n 10% 35 to 44; n 10% 45 to 54; n 4% 55 or more established; n 2% can't

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Traditional-Age Applicants (18-24)

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Current Educational Goal as anyone might expect, the most pervasive objective among conventional age candidates is to procure a partner's degree

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Reasons for Pursuing Additional Education Similarly, it ought not come as an astound that the greater part of understudies are searching for a partners degree to seek after another vocation However, understudies not naming San Juan as their first decision are five times more inclined to demonstrate they plan to exchange to a single man's program As more understudies view two-year foundations as a venturing stone to a four-year degree, it is vital that San Juan is obliging this and conveying the transferability of its two-year degree into four-year organizations

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Concerns in Pursuing Education This diagram shows the top boundaries to passage confronting conventional age candidates Of most concern ought to help understudies see how they can pay for a San Juan instruction and how they can adjust function and taking classes While these total results recommend that exclusive two noteworthy hindrances exist, the accompanying slide separates these outcomes by race Specifically, a bigger rate of Native American candidates demonstrate having concerns in regards to their training

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Concerns in Pursuing Education by Race Native American understudies have altogether higher concerns in regards to their quest for advanced education Specific administrations ought to be gone for this segment of the understudy populace, for example, transportation to and from grounds and in addition youngster mind help Additionally, Hispanic and Native American understudies alike could utilize additional assistance in seeing precisely how to back their San Juan training, and also help guaranteeing they are set up for the rigors of school level coursework

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Potential Services of Interest Among the total conventional age populace, we see that the main four things in the chart have significant premium However, different administrations tried ought not be disregarded, as minority understudies tend to indicate solid enthusiasm for a hefty portion of these, as appeared on the accompanying slide

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Potential Services by Race We again observe that every single potential administration tried are of most enthusiasm to Native American candidates Particularly, see the one of a kind requirement for a school carry among this gathering and additionally the much more grounded enthusiasm for an individual mentoring administration and PC labs These outcomes propose that if attainable, executing these administrations would be useful to understudies, Native Americans specifically

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Program Format Preferences Much in-accordance with national conventional age understudy explore, the huge lion's share of understudies are occupied with on-grounds courses just While an online training might be more advantageous, numerous conventional age understudies fancy the conventional school grounds encounter that permits them to have hands-on experience, connection with schoolmates and educators, and the related encounters of going to a school

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Feelings Toward Online Education Consistent with the outcomes from the past slide, numerous understudies basically express that online courses are not for them As we will see presently, online courses are more grasped by grown-up understudies

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Learning about San Juan College How could you have been able to you initially start to gather data about San Juan College? It is intriguing to see such a high rate refering to their secondary school guide for this question According to our 2007 TeensTALK ® study, just 10% of understudies across the country first find out about the school they go to from a secondary school instructor or educator With such an extensive rate of San Juan's candidates first finding out about the College from their secondary school advocate, it is crucial that San Juan College is making solid associations with the neighborhood secondary schools, guaranteeing they are forward on what San Juan brings to the table customary matured understudies

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Perceptions of San Juan College Please let me know the amount you concur with the accompanying explanations in regards to parts of your correspondence with San Juan College as such. By and large, these are solid appraisals, which are not out of the ordinary from candidates of a school However, individual consideration evaluations are low. With 71% of San Juan's understudies being low-wage and original undergrads, this is a worry as these two gatherings are customarily the well on the way to not comprehend the school confirmation handle Interestingly, understudies not naming San Juan as their first decision had a tendency to dole out lower appraisals just in scholastic related properties (nature of their program, nature of personnel, individual consideration from staff, and openings for work for graduates)

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Greatest Strengths Please complete the accompanying sentence: I would go to San Juan College in light of the fact that ________ It gives the idea that candidates value the advantageous area and quality scholastics offered at San Juan Beyond that, it creates the impression that they are thankful that San Juan is accessible to help them advance their instruction, get ready for a vocation, or by and large achieve their objectives

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Greatest Weaknesses Please complete the accompanying sentence: The essential impediment of going to San Juan College is ________ It is exceptionally reassuring to see that over portion of respondents can't name a detriment to going to San Juan College Also, we don't see an overwhelming hindrance, except for understudies feeling San Juan is too a long way from their home (a property out of San Juan College's control)

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Overall Impression These individual evaluations consolidate for a mean of 4.2 on a five-point scale, an extremely solid rating Typically, we see the biggest percent of respondents allot a rating of "good." Therefore, having the biggest rate rating San Juan as "great" is a solid demonstration of the College, as is having just 2% of respondents allocate a contrary rating

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Likelihood of Recommending San Juan College These outcomes are imperative, as probability of prescribing something to a companion or relative is viewed as the most grounded measure of consumer loyalty With almost 70% saying they are "likely" to suggest San Juan, it is sheltered to say that candidates are by and large satisfied with their encounters with the College up to this point Additionally, verbal exchange is the most credible type of showcasing. San Juan can rest guaranteed that its candidates (and likely current understudies) are talking emphatically to others about the College

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Usability of Web Site Those having gone to the Web website have a tendency to be moderately satisfied with the format, as more than 60% thought that it was "simple" to discover the data they were searching for and another 33% discovered it "fairly simple"

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Adult Applicants (25 and Older)

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Current Educational Goal (Top 8) While somewhat more probable than customary age understudies to be seeking after a testament or taking general courses, the biggest rate of grown-ups are likewise hoping to finish a partner's degree The accompanying slides highlight the partner's degree and endorsement programs that grown-up understudies are thinking about

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Reasons for Pursuing Additional Education Among grown-up understudies, three common reasons are seen, with each accepting a comparative rate It will be imperative for San Juan to und