Enhancing your Charging and Business utilizing Parallels Business Computerization

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Enhancing your Billing and Business utilizing Parallels Business Automation Jan-Hendrik Benter Program Manager Business Automation, Parallels

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Agenda Business Automation Challenges Parallels Business Automation Abilities PBA Standard (once HSPcomplete) Roadmap Questions & Answers Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation Overview Parallels Business Automation

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What is Parallels Business Automation? Shopper & Business (On Premise) Service Provider (Hosted & SaaS) Usage Model Parallels Open Platform Ecosystem APS Standard APS Catalog & Marketplace Virtual Templates & Appliances Automation Dev Platform Automation Plesk Expand Plesk Billing License Automation Business Automation Plesk Control Panel Plesk Sitebuilder Virtual Automation Operations Automation Solutions Virtualization Desktop Workstation Server Containers System Support Baremetal/Hosted X86/x64 Windows Hyper-V Linux Mac OS Xen VMware IA64 Parallels Business Automation

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Business Automation Challenges Launching New Products How long does it take you to make new items? To what extent does it take to distribute new items in your store? Arrange Processing Can your clients put orders on the web? How quick would you be able to handle new client orders? How well do you up-offer your current clients? Arrange and Provisioning Workflows How great are your inner controls and procedures? Are the right individuals required at the perfect time? Parallels Business Automation

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Business Automation Challenges Billing and Chargeback How would you gather and dispense asset use? What amount of time does it take you to run your month to month charging? Is it accurate to say that you are charging every one of your clients for every one of the administrations they utilize? Restorations and Terminations How would you tell your clients about administration recharges? Will the client's administration be ended if not restored? What happens when a client does not pay on time? Account Management How do your clients change subscribed administrations? How do your clients change their contact or installment points of interest? How do your clients audit arrange history and parities? Parallels Business Automation

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Business Automation Challenges Reseller Management How long does it take to make affiliate accounts? What administrations do you offer to help your affiliates work together? How would you charge affiliates for these administrations? Item Pricing Management Can you react to market changes in 1 day? How simple is it to offer rebates and run advancements? How would you take off new valuing for your items? Incorporation with External Systems Do you deal with all provisioning frameworks from a solitary place? Do you give an incorporated control board? Do you naturally prepare client installments? Parallels Business Automation

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The Solution Parallels Business Automation is a business emotionally supportive network which robotizes and incorporates all parts of administration conveyance from item creation, distributed items in your store, advertising effort and advancements, online request situation, installment handling, repeating charging. PBA Components Storefront Order Processing Workflow Service Plan Management Discounts, Promotions E-Commerce Reseller Support Trouble Ticketing Fraud Screening API and SDK Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation Abilities Product Management One-Time and Recurring Charges Charge for any outer thing (e.g. Blackberry gadgets) Services/Prices characterized at the Resource-Level Product to Product Upgrades Online Store Customizable Storefront Completely Rebrandable Built utilizing PBA API Workflows Customizable Order Flow Automated and Manual Steps System Event Handlers & Notifications Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation Abilities Billing and Chargeback Recurring Charges One-Time (Setup, Renewal, Transfer) Customizable Billing Periods Resource Usage Collection Promotions and Discounts Promo Codes, By Plan, Resource, Customer Fixed Promotion Prices and Percentage Discounts Promotion Periods Financial Management Apply Payments to Invoices and See Balances Refunds and voiding of Online Payments Flexible Tax Support Parallels Business Automation

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Multiple Levels of Control Panels Service Provider Create Products Run battles and advancements Analyze business execution with reports Resellers Multiple levels of affiliates Customized marking Resell Providers items or make their own End Customers Upgrade/Buy extra items View solicitations and submit installments Open Support Requests Parallels Business Automation 11

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Parallels Business Automation Abilities Integration with outside frameworks Domain Registrars Payment Gateways Parallels Operations Automation Parallels Plesk Control Panel Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Reporting Sales Reports Deferred Revenue Reports Tax Reports Accounts Receivable Reports Cash Management Reports Parallels Business Automation

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Domain Registration Gate Payment Gate Parallels Business Automation Architecture Parallels Business Automation Core Service Gates (~10) Plug-Ins (~30) Parallels Operation Automation Gate Order Processing Workflow Engine Taxation & Payments OpenSRS API GoDaddy API GoDaddy E-Commerce Notifications Authorize.Net API Reporting PaymentTech API PaymentTech Promos & Discounts Manually Provisioned Items Gate Service Plan Manager Parallels Business Automation 13

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PBA Standard (once in the past HSPcomplete) Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation Standard 2000 - Vision of Complete Solution for Hosting Service Providers 2001 - First Version Released called HSPcomplete January 2008 - Renamed to Parallels Business Automation (PBA) Standard February 2008 - Latest Version Parallels Business Automation Standard 3.3 Service Pack 3 Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation Standard HSPcomplete and PEM.Billing Teams (40+ specialists) joined to take a shot at single Parallels Business Automation Solution. Next significant rendition 4.4 on same stage as Enterprise Edition. Stage in light of existing Enterprise stage: 5 years underway More than 50 effective arrangements Easy redesign from 4.4 Standard to Enterprise Edition PBA Standard 3.3 PBA Standard 3.3 PBA Standard 3.3 PBA Standard 4.4 PBA Enterprise 4.4 PBA Enterprise 4.4 PBA Enterprise 4.3 Parallels Business Automation

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Major Advantages of New Platform Enterprise Application created in C/C++ Runs on Linux and Windows Supports MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle Modular Application Structure Per Module Redundancy Separate Business and Presentation Layer Single GUI with different Parallels Automation Products Separate Billing and Provisioning Parallels Business Automation

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PBA Standard versus Undertaking Parallels Business Automation

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Roadmap Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation 4.3 May 2008 – Enterprise Edition Only Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation 4.3 Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation 4.3 Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation 4.4 Parallels Roadmaps not accessible online Parallels Partners may contact their business agent with respect to guide accessibility Parallels Business Automation

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Parallels Business Automation 4.5 Parallels Roadmaps not accessible online Parallels Partners may contact their business delegate in regards to guide accessibility Parallels Business Automation

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Questions & Answers Parallels Business Automation

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Questions & Answers Now a Few Minutes For Your Questions … Meet Our Business Automation Team at The Summit: Jan-Hendrik Benter, Program Manager – jb@parallels.com Mikhael Chtchelkonogov, Project Manager – mik@parallels.com Alex Blinov, Program Manager PBA Standard – blinov@parallels.com Try Our Live Demo Set in The Lab Room or Request a Demo Online at www.parallels.com/mechanization/Thank You Parallels Business Automation