Enhancing the Drop Shipment Process MTAC Workgroup 87 Update

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Enhancing the Drop Shipment Process MTAC Workgroup 87 Upgrade. Washington, D.C. May 2007. Motivation. Mailer Rating Quick Walk Discharge May 2007 Discharge Next Steps. Mailer Rating Survey. The Mailer Rating testing achieved the accompanying objectives:

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Enhancing the Drop Shipment Process MTAC Workgroup 87 Update Washington, D.C. May 2007

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Agenda Mailer Rating FAST March Release May 2007 Release Next Steps

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Mailer Rating Review The Mailer Rating testing achieved the accompanying objectives: Allowed mailers to approve Appointment Rating and Corporate Rating Reports in a controlled situation Gave mailers a hands-on chance to timetable meetings with levels and evaluations turned on Allowed mailers to survey arrangement rating classes in detail Allowed mailers to approve arrangement rating and corporate rating standards and counts before applying them to the creation condition Mailer Rating Pilot objectives: Have clients execute arrangement booking with appraisals in an operational domain with select pilot offices Monitor SV use for finishing off drop shipments Communicate to all mailers that evaluations will be taken off to all offices taking after Pilot execution June-July 2007

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Customer Acceptance Test Mailers Participating Mailers Fairrington Quebecor RR Donnelley Quad/Graphics Harte-Hanks Arandell WIT – Postal Logistics

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Customer Acceptance Test Facilities Participating Facilities

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Statistics Overall, around 90% of arrangements had no issues revealed, 85% without Mailer 6. Mailer 1: 80% of the arrangements had no issues detailed Mailer 2: 70% of the arrangements had no issues announced Mailer 3: 91% of the arrangements had no issues revealed Mailer 4: 93% of the arrangements had no issues detailed Mailer 5: 84% of the arrangements had no issues detailed Mailer 6: 100% of the arrangements had no issues announced Mailer 7: 85% of the arrangements had no issues detailed

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Mailer Findings Appointment IDs are not continually being inputted on 8125s Mailers ought to work with their bearers, consolidators, and so forth to guarantee that an arrangement ID is being inputted on 8125s. 8125 Findings Signed 8125s are not generally promptly accessible as verification of conveyance Drivers ought to take 2 duplicates of the 8125 with them to the office so they may keep 1 duplicate for future reference. No Show Appointments because of Consolidation/LTL Carriers Some mailers saw no-demonstrate arrangements because of numerous arrangements being made by different substances. The FAST framework incorporates joint planning usefulness to take into consideration one gathering to be accountable for arrangement level (coordinations) data, while different gatherings are responsible for substance level data. Mailers ought to work with their clients to guarantee that just a single arrangement is related with a heap for one drop shipment.

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USPS Findings Arrival or Departure time not being finished on the 8125 Mailers ought to urge drivers to be proactive in getting appropriate entry and flight times on the 8125. Genuine Pallet Count not Matching Expected CAT group discovered situations where the arrangement was made by a CAT mailer which was used by a consolidator with other substance incorporated into the shipment. This prompted to real bed numbers being more prominent than anticipated. Content Accuracy and Irregularities Deductions Facilities noticing inconsistencies erroneously (i.e. – An arrangement that touches base with 10 a larger number of beds than anticipated. The office noticed an abnormality of 'Holder numbers don't coordinate 8125'). USPS to impart to zone organizers to guarantee offices comprehend legitimate utilization of anomalies. "Other" and "Different" Irregularities Improper utilization of "Other" and "Random" Irregularities FAST will no longer deduct for "Other" or "Various" abnormalities Early Appointments getting No-Show Status Unscheduled landing being made for arrangements arriving before the actual arranged time USPS to convey to offices to scan for arrangement IDs on the off chance that they are not obvious on their day by day plan

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Issues to Resolve The accompanying concerns were raised by the mailers at the last MTAC 87 meeting: Customers regularly don't get duplicates of marked USPS Form 8125 inside 120 hours of the arrangement to approve on-time exactness Customers asked for FAST increment the finish time frame by an extra 7-10 days Customers might want an interests procedure to challenge appraisals These things will be talked about in further detail at the following MTAC 87 meeting

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FAST March Release The FAST framework discharge on March 18 th incorporated the accompanying improvements and augmentations: The Appointment Rating Report was refreshed to join Submission Method and Exemptions, On-Time Accuracy, and Appointment and Content Accuracy into one view. The new Appointment Rating Details page portrays in detail the arrangement rating computation on the accompanying classifications: Submission Method; On-time Accuracy; Content Accuracy; Pre-notice and Irregularity Deduction; Exceptions; and Exemptions. The Corporate Rating Report seek page was refreshed to permit clients to see "By Facility" or "By All Facilities". The Corporate Rating Report was refreshed to show subtle elements, for example, the aggregate number of arrangements at every office and the normal focuses granted per classification. It additionally shows the normal rating for all enterprises over all offices, the Corporation's National Average Rating and the Facility Corporate Average Rating. The Closeout Data Report now shows planned and genuine bed means arrangements.

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FAST March Release (cont.) The Recurring Appointment Report was refreshed to permit Users to be able to look Recurring Appointment occurrences by Date Range or all Recurring Appointment occasions in the course of the Last 90 Days. Where bed presort is accommodated arrangements made through Web Services, an approval on each substance will jump out at guarantee that the quantity of presort beds coordinates the aggregate number of bed alloted to the substance. If not, blunder message 3045 will be shown "Bed Presort Level Counts must equivalent Pallet Level Counts"

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May 2007 Release FAST will start supporting the new IDEAlliance TM Specification in May 2007 Enhancements include: Using mail.dat to give substance to repeating arrangements Joint Scheduling by means of Web Services using Appointment Shell by Scheduler and Delivery Content messages via Mail Owners and Mail Preparers Ability of Schedulers to question FAST for substance data in joint booking situations Visibility for Mail Owners and Mail Preparers Receive redirection notices by means of Web Services Ability to give the Mailer Placard Barcode when making Web Services arrangements without the utilization of mail.dat Changes for blended burdens and Non-Flats Machinable (NFM) Ability to note if Tandem Trailers are related with arrangement

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Next Steps Execute Mailer Rating Pilot in an operational domain Begin imparting Rating procedure to whatever remains of the Standard and Package Services Mail people group Review Mailer Rating issues and National Deployment of rating with Workgroup