Enhancing Teacher Quality: A Reverse Engineering Approach

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2. Enhancing Teacher Quality: A Reverse Engineering Approach. Robert P. StraussProfessor of Economics

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´╗┐Enhancing Teacher Quality: A Reverse Engineering Approach Robert P. Strauss Carnegie-Mellon University A Presentation at Education Writers Association Annual Conference Midland Hotel Chicago, Illinois April 17, 1999

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Improving Teacher Quality: A Reverse Engineering Approach Robert P. Strauss Professor of Economics & Public Policy Heinz School of Public Policy Carnegie-Mellon University http://www.heinz.cmu.edu/~rs9f/rs9f@Andrew.CMU.Edu

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Introduction Origins of worries about instructor quality: global correlation of understudy scores retirement bluff in many states judgment skills thought of updating educators as k-12 educational module is redesigned scholarly writing that demonstrates the instructor information understudy accomplishment interface

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Current Approach to Teacher Quality: The Big Three Teacher Quality Issues and Their Mainstream Remedies: Address Subject Matter Knowledge Demands for New Teachers (require topic major) Improve Pedagogy Training of New Teachers (expanded utilization of associate survey, more understudy instructing) What to do about Non-resigning Teachers A.K.A. Proficient Development? (significant in-administration preparing as well as seek after the best?)

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A Reverse Engineering Approach to Improving Teacher Quality Instead of Improving the Pool of Qualified Teachers, Reverse Engineer the Problem How improves Quality Teachers in the Classroom? Answer the Following and Work Backwards: Who Got Hired and Why?

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Question 1: Who Hires Teachers? A greater part vote of a school board is important to approve the offering of a vocation to a candidate in many states; To be considered for business, the candidate must be affirmed or a waiver/crisis confirmation asked for by the locale from the state agency; Note: union enrollment takes after marking work contract

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Question 2: What does accreditation involve? In Pennsylvania and correlation expresses, some affirmed coursework, and breezing through test scores at an extremely negligible level (15'th percentile); general and particular learning tests; The measures for instructor accreditation are far less requesting than in law, bookkeeping, or other directed callings; same for expert advancement;

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Question 3: What are the impacts of these low state confirmation principles? School sheets can enlist whomever they wish to since affirmation is not exceptionally requesting; In a normal Pa. area, 40% of the instructors went to the region where they educate; 1/2 areas have no composed strategies; In Pa., as this % neighborhood rises, understudy accomplishment falls; as unemployment ascends among regions, the % of local people procured rises

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If regions employ the most scholastically fruitful (QPA and high test scores), that is an absolutely nearby choice. In the event that one takes a gander at Pa. instructor test scores in a metro zone, one sees rich regions not being specific and poor regions being particular, and then again; in Pa., there are immense (frequently 40%+) contrasts inside a metro territory of starting subject information; (see my answer to Pa. State Board of Education, p.149)

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Major Implication # 1 of Reverse Engineering the Teacher Quality Issue Unless the procuring choice is tidied up, what happens next is anyone's guess as far as enhancing the nature of new contracts, and taking care of the quality issue; employing issue is "beyond reach" There are vast quantities of affirmed educators never enlisted as yet needing to instruct in many states; they are of profoundly factor quality. School sheets can enlist them rather than scholarly stars; result? Business as usual...

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Question 4: Why Do School Boards do What they Do? Administrative Answer : Because they can escape with it; it's completely legitimate. Also, they are volunteers. Arrangement? commit sheets by means of promise of office to: stay away from immediate and circuitous irreconcilable situations; correspondingly commit them to act to guarantee that every understudy figures out how to the greatest of limit;

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Question 5: What does tidying up the employing choice involve? Procuring on the premise of scholastic capabilities (subject learning) and guarantee in the classroom; differentiate Kaplan SAT necessity (90'th + percentile) to watched SAT's of utilized instructors (35'th percentile- - 2/3 of class are "more brilliant") Utilizing non-conventional wellsprings of educators Getting freed of irreconcilable circumstances, "awful nepotism"

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Question 6:Who are the Foot Draggers to Answers Reverse Engineering Provides? Conventional Schools of Education: enlistment will fall if not everybody can get to be or dream to wind up distinctly a grade teacher; loss of cross-endowment to Arts & Sciences Departments; School Boards: lose their carefulness to spend others cash any way they need; Superintendents: likewise. Faculty approach and its implemention are diligent work

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Major Implication # 2 of Reverse Engineering the Teacher Quality Issue Information for partners about results (understudy accomplishment) is essential to guarantee assets are appropriately used; Stakeholders are: the children, their folks, the educators, the principals and director; the chose school load up, and TAXPAYERS (people in general); Critical part for open revelation of results and furthermore staff choices;

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Summary and Prospectus Lousy contracting choices influence any educational system for quite a while : open, private, parochial; effectively a $750,000 choice. Unless the educator contracting choice depends on ensuring understudy accomplishment is the concentration, state funded training will flop; Education scholars ought to begin asking hard inquiries re. procuring and report the outcomes; Will (morally tested) state councils manage school board irreconcilable situations issues? If not, then what?