Enhancing Outcomes for Children in Out-Of-Home Care Through Performance-Based Contracting and Enhanced Quality Assuranc

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2. Authentic Context. 1996

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Enhancing Outcomes for Children in Out-Of-Home Care Through Performance-Based Contracting and Enhanced Quality Assurance Processes Quality Improvement Center on the Privatization of Child Welfare

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Historical Context 1996 – Florida Legislature passes enactment to start privatization of kid welfare administrations for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) 2003 – Kids Central granted move contract to give kid welfare benefits in the DCF District 13 five region (Lake, Marion, Hernando, Citrus, and Sumter Counties) 2004 – Kids Central signs "benefit contract" to fill in as the lead group based care office in District 13 and gets to be distinctly in charge of the arrangement of defensive, child care and selection administrations for at-hazard kids and families recognized by Child Protective Investigators in the District 2005 – Kids Central serving more than 4200 youngsters and their families December, 2005 – Kids Central moves from a supplier based board to a group based top managerial staff 2006 – Kids Central Implements Initial Performance-Based Contract for Case Management Services with Case Management Agencies (CMAs)

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Project Focus To exhibit the effect of: the utilization of a comprehensive and complete arranging process in the advancement of an execution based contract for case administration administrations which incorporates execution motivating forces and disincentives; and the upgrade and arrangement of the quality confirmation handle with the execution construct contract desires in light of tyke welfare results.

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Joint Public Private Partnership Kids Central, Inc. Lead Community-Based Care Agency District 13 Department of Children & Families, District 13 Jean K. Senior & Associates Local Evaluator

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Target Population and Scope Targeted populace Children in out-of-home care Scope of execution based contract to be produced incorporates: Case administration administrations given by CMAs under contract to Kids Central in District 13 Harbor Behavioral Health Institute (Citrus & Hernando) Lifestream Behavioral Center (Lake) Camelot Community Care (Marion) The Centers (Marion) Children's Home Society of Florida (Sumter)

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Project Logic Model

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Key Project Implementation Dates

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Performance Based Contract Outcome Planning Group (Intervention Group) Planning bunch Includes: Contract Case Management Agencies (CMAs) District 13 staff (authoritative and lawful) Kids Central staff (managerial, contract, and QA) Neutral facilitator used to permit All gatherings the chance to give enter in a comprehensive collective way Local evaluators present to record process and techniques Materials created and circulated Initial gatherings held January 16 & February 6, 2007 Next 4 gatherings booked February 27, 2007 March 13, 2007 March 20, 2007 April 10, 2007

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Establishment of the Local Project Advisory Council Potential consultative committee individuals recognized Includes (at least): Court portrayal Community portrayal Legislative portrayal Consumers State Agency Kids Central Board of Directors Florida Coalition for Children Introduction letter and welcome to partake in the Local Project Advisory Council Introductory meeting set for March 15, 2007

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Anticipated Outcomes of the Performance-Based Contracting and QA System Initiative

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Short Term Project Outcomes Staff mindfulness and investment Understanding of execution based estimations and contracts Performance based estimations and results explored and redeveloped

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Intermediate Term Project Outcomes Staff engagement Incorporation of execution based estimations into contracts with CMAs Revise Kids Central quality confirmation procedure to reflect modified result estimations Changes to hone

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Long Term Project Outcomes Staff comprehension and acknowledgment Improved cost viability Tools and methodologies to enhance administrations Improved results for youngsters and families

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Current Kids Central Performance Measures Tier 1 - Kids Central contract with the State of Florida The DCF Contract Performance Report Tier 2 – Kids Central contract with CMAs CBC Report Card FY 2006 – 2007 Incentive Measure Workbook Vacancy – Case Load Report

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Current Kids Central Contract Linkages amongst Performance and Incentives/Disincentives Incentive $1,000.00 per measure up to $5,000.00 every month or $60,000.00 every year Disincentive Financial punishment for late accommodation of receipt No result execution disincentive is incorporated with the present Kids Central contract handle In the occasion suppliers don't meet execution destinations they might be set on a Performance Improvement Plan If the Performance Improvement Plan is not fruitful, the agreement might be ended by Kids Central

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Key Local Project Evaluation Concept Questions Does building up a mutual vision that drives rehearse result in enhanced results for kids and families? Whatever degree does setting up the "common vision" require comprehensive arranging and contract transactions? What are the most notable exercises to accomplishing this target? Who are the basic partners and clients and how might they best get to be distinctly occupied with this procedure? How does the comprehensive arranging and arrangement handle enhance partner purchase in and contract execution? What exactly degree does a formalized contract checking and assessment prepare influence contract results? What are the basic exercises in a formalized contract checking and assessment prepare? What are the basic exercises that advance acknowledgment, operational execution and utilization of proof based practices? Are these confirmation based practices savvy? Do these exercises enhance results?

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Local Project Process Evaluation Assessment of: What change happened, How change happened, To what degree changes were accomplished, Where changes were accomplished, and Who took part in the change procedure

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Local Project Outcome Evaluation Assessment of: Were results influenced, Were the normal results accomplished, Did the intercession cause the watched change, Were reexamined result desires sensible and achievable Did impetuses/disincentives give fitting inspiration to enhancing results

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Near-Term Evaluation Tasks and Timeframe