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story and the inverse. of the primary character. Day by day DOUBLE. Hero ... Stories with creatures characters. that instruct a good. Tale. Stories went on from ...

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English 9 Exam survey

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..a man, place or thing Noun

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… changes a thing or a pronoun Adjective

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… demonstrates activity Verb

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… alters a verb, descriptive word, or another … . Intensifier

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… replaces a thing Pronoun

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The defining moment in a story Climax

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DAILY DOUBLE The principle character in a story and the inverse of the primary character Protagonist Antagonist

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An enlighten given a tale about what may happen later on Foreshadowing

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Bitter sweet Jumbo shrimp Honest scoundrel Oxymoron

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Climax Rising Action Falling Action Setting Resolution Plot structure

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The tone, disposition, or feeling or the speaker Voice

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His feet are enormous vessels Metaphor

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Peter Piper picked a peck of cured peppers Alliteration

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His feet are huge like water crafts. Likeness

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I adore you I cherish you I adore you Repetition

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RAFTS Role Audience Format Topic Strong verb

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Answer the question Cite _____________ Explain your position Specific illustrations

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DAILY DOUBLE Name three ways particular cases can be created when composing Tell a story Use insights Quotes

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Subject Topic ______________ Thesis

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Introductory section goes from __________________ Less particular to most particular

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Survey, address, read, recount, audit SQ3R

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What does the principle thought seem like? a) a section b) a title or feature c) a address

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When does the fundamental thought USUALLY show up in a sentence? a) the end b) the center c) the starting

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Statements in a bit of perusing that bolster the fundamental thought Supporting points of interest

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Drawing conclusions from the subtle elements read Inferences

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Please Stand By

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Scattergories Task: to rundown 10 things from this course start with the arbitrarily picked letter. Here's the catch – no rehashes permitted. The objective is to extend your mind to consider ten things that nobody else will consider.

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Double Jeopardy

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What sort of sentence? We are looking into for the last. Straightforward sentence

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What kind of sentence? We are exploring for the last by playing Jeopardy. Complex sentence One free condition and at least one ward provisions.

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What kind of sentence? We are investigating for the last however everybody is not focusing. Compound sentence at least two autonomous statements -

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DAILY DOUBLE What is the contrast between a free provision and ward proviso ? Free clause= can remain solitary Dependent clause= sounds fragmented

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What sort of sentence? We are assessing for the last by playing Jeopardy yet everybody is not focusing. Compound-complex sentence at least two free provisos and at least one ward conditions

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Stories that have wicked spirits and other extraordinary components and regularly occur in medieval times. Tall tales

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A customary saying Proverb

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Stories that educate an ethical lesson Parable

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Stories with creatures characters that instruct an ethical Fable

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Stories passed on from era to era. Society story

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a long, account (narrating) sonnet that tells the accomplishments of a saint. This saint for the most part symbolizes the convictions of his nation. Epic

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DAILY DOUBLE What are the five reasons for verse? For stimulation To express an inclination or feeling To put forth a political expression To respect a man To depict something or some occasion

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Odysseus, ruler of Ithaca Cyclops, one-peered toward beast Circe, sorceress Sirens, ocean animals that sang and made ships crash The Odyssey

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An abstract blast that brought another social character for African Americans. Harlem Renaissance

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DAILY DOUBLE What makes an essayist's voice mighty, unmistakable, and important? Non-literal dialect

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BONUS!!! Gathering the actualities and reaching a conceivable determination. Derivation To what is this term comparable? Derivation

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Someone or something that demonstrates who carried out the wrongdoing. Confirm

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D M D M T D M D Give the area for the subject, primary thoughts, and subtle elements

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For this perusing system, give the area for the principle thought and points of interest Main thought Details

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I. A. B. 1) 2) C. II. Diagram

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Identify the point, supporting subtle element, and primary thought for every gathering. M ___ One entryway and for the most part close to a solitary window gave light and air. ___ For poor homestead families, life on the fields meant a grass house or a hole cut out of the slope for security from the winds. ___ Sod houses on the fields D T

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"What is the creator attempting to say?" "What is the point the creator is attempting to make? "What is the focal center?" "What is the fundamental thought?"

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The answer is not in the content. You should associate the content data to things you definitely know Author and You

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Reading the content is not important to answer these inquiries. Commonly it is your feeling. All alone

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You should put bits of data from the content together to get the answer Think and Search