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EMR Project Vanderbilt (Sztipanovits, Karsai, Xue) Stanford (Mitchell, Datta, Barth, Sundaram) Berkeley (Bajcsy, Sastry) Cornell (Wicker, Gerkhe, Machanavajjhala)

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Preamble EMR is an integrative venture for rousing, testing, assessing center TRUST examine territories in: Model-based plan for security Formal demonstrating, checking and authorizing arrangements Sensor systems Investigate "best practices" for interfacing open strategy to innovation We are completely mindful of the way that EMR is a gigantic zone of research and EMR-TRUST is only one generally little subproject in TRUST. We influence our association with the Vanderbilt Medical Center to have a more extensive effect. One related exertion in the US is Microsoft's Software Factory for HL7 consistent EMR exchange among suppliers.

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The Problem 2050 Percentage of Population more than 60 years of age Global Average = 21% Table aggregated by the U.S. Organization on Aging in view of information from the U.S. Evaluation Bureau . Joined Nations ▪ "Populace Aging ▪ 2002" Rise in develop populace Population of age 65 and more seasoned with Medicare was 35 million for 2003 and 35.4 million for 2004 New sorts of innovation Electronic Patient Records Telemedicine Remote Patient Monitoring Empower patients: Access to claim therapeutic records Control the data Monitor access to restorative information Regulatory consistence

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Challenges Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) HIPAA Privacy Rule (2003): gives US residents Right to get to their medicinal records Right to demand corrections, bookkeeping of revelations, and so on. HIPAA Security Rule (2005): requires medicinal services associations to Protect for individual identifiable wellbeing information that is in electronic configuration Complexity of security Variable levels of affectability; "delicate" in the eye of numerous onlookers No splendid line between individual identifiable and "mysterious" information Complexity of get to rights and approaches Simple part based get to control is inadequate Governing standards: "need-to-know" and "least divulgence"

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Research Platform: Patient Portal MyHealthAtVanderbilt is a web-based interface for an expanding number of administrations for patients. Current capacities incorporate arrangement administration, secure informing, access to EMR and charging Future administrations will/may incorporate solution administration, persistent information transfers, continuous information connections and others..

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Overall Research Objective Satisfying abnormal state prerequisites expressed for protection, secrecy, trustworthiness, non-renouncement and get to control properties of data streams in the PP framework. Concentrate on framework design and arrangement issues - utilizing existing security innovation parts.

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TRUST Research Effort in EMR Architecture displaying and investigation Policy demonstrating and examination Interfacing continuous patient information

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Architecture Modeling and Analysis Sub-Project Architecture investigation is led in light of the SOA engineering system – regular fit to the issue and to the current execution of MyHealthAtVanderbilt In SOA Workflow demonstrating Policy displaying Data demonstrating Service displaying is utilized to confine and computerize data stream in mind boggling, dynamic environment.

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Research Approach System Analysis Risks and Threats Analysis Policy Analysis Domain examination VU Medical School TRUST explore bunches (Vanderbilt, Stanford) Domain Specific Modeling Languages Domain Specific Policy Languages Privacy safeguarding Modeling VU Medical School TRUST look into gatherings (Vanderbilt, Stanford, Cornell) Fast prototyping BPEL4WS instruments TRUST investigate bunches (Vanderbilt, Stanford, Berkeley) Mapping to target design - > proposals

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Domain Analysis Regular gatherings with Medical School Physicians Medical Informatics Researchers Software building staff Privacy Officer Information Security Officer Architecture and arrangement dialogs Case concentrates on Brain raging sessions

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"Target" Architecture for Experimentation Partners Standards: BPEL XACML SAML WS-Sec … External Policy Enforcement Point Policy Decision Pt. BPEL Process Manager Policy Repos. Design Engine Target Architecture Limitations: Modeling lngs? Approach lngs? Openness of engineering? Tractability of investigation? Strategy Decision Pt. Inside Policy Enforcement Point S1 S2 Sn

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Modeling For Patient Portal Technology foundation: PP Domain Workflow Models Activities Coordination Service Models Component Interface Data Models Policy Models Access models Privacy models Modeling Tools Analysis Tools Model Transformation Model Transformation Model Transformation Model Translators Research Tasks: Specification of displaying/strategy dialects Model investigation/check strategies Model interpreter particular Case thinks about WSDL XACML BPEL4WS BPEL Process Manager Policy Repos. BPEL Infrastructure

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Modeling Challenges Development of "right" deliberations How to build up clear relationship among work process, information and strategy related reflections? Illustrations: " A patient is permitted to make arrangement just for normal hours." " Physicians can get to and alter therapeutic records for those patients where they are the assigned essential care doctor." " An attendant can read restorative records just in her specialization with the exception of when the sickness is checked classified." Research approach: Formal detail, test assessment and development of displaying dialects.

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Modeling Tool

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Architecture Challenges Privacy/security in open, dynamic designs Workflows are included and changed in the framework. Structure of data streams are progressive, information needy and complex. By what method would we be able to ensure and look after protection/security properties? Case: another administration added to the PP to give pertinent data to patients. Are there security spills? Examine approach: Data mining of review records and finding spills, not-demonstrated data streams.

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Deliverables Suite of demonstrating dialects and devices inside and out displaying of part of the PP and point by point examination of security and protection properties Integration with Policy Languages segment Exploring protection issues identified with the exploration extend (e.g. protection spills through access to review logs.)

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Policy Modeling Subproject

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Interfacing Real-time Patient Data (See Professor Bajcsy's Talk)

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Impact and innovation exchange Direct association with a noteworthy Patient Portal research and sending venture Results can be summed up to an extensive variety of SOA applications MyHealthAtVanderbilt; … .

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How is TRUST having any kind of effect here? Vanderbilt, Stanford, Berkeley, Cornell This venture would be unthinkable without TRUST in each sense

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Education and Outreach Immediate aftereffect of the uncommon cooperation with the Medical School are: thought of a CS pre-med joint undertakings co-prompting understudies "TRUST Fellowship" for medicinal informatics Ph.D. hopefuls