ELOGMAR-M venture: Web-based and Mobile Solutions with Logistics and Maritime Applications

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eLOGMAR-M venture: Electronic and Portable Arrangements with Logistics and Sea Applications. Eberhard Bluemel Fraunofer Institu te FhG/IFF, Gemany Svetlana Vinichenko Logi trans Counsel, Estonia Leonid Novickis Riga Specialized College, Latvia E-mai l: idc@balva.lv. Tatiana Rikure

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eLOGMAR-M extend: Web-based and Mobile Solutions with Logistics and Maritime Applications Eberhard Bluemel Fraunofer Institu te FhG/IFF, Gemany Svetlana Vinichenko Logi trans Consult, Estonia Leonid Novickis Riga Technical University, Latvia E-mai l: idc@balva.lv Tatiana Rikure Riga Technical University, Latvia E-mai l: rikure @ cs.rtu .lv Aleksejs Jurenoks Riga Technical University, Latvia E-mai l: ajurenoks @ rsdc .lv

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Introduction The displayed action is upheld by the eLOGMAR-M extend (Web-based and Mobile Solutions for Collaborative Work Environment with Logistics and Maritime Applications) The significant thought from coordinations perspective is to compute an all the way rate of freight transportation and to assess the most reasonable payload bearer and store network by utilizing Web-b ased answers for make a Web-entryway for data giving to transport administrations' buyers'

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AMCAI 1995 - 1997 DAMAC-HP 1998 - 2000 BALTPORTS-IT 2001 - 2003 eLOGMAR-M 2004 - 2006 Collaboration from 1994 to 2004 + Baltic Container Terminal LV Riga Freeport Authority LV Ventspils Freeport Auth. LV BALVA LV Latvian Railways LV + IDC Information Techn. LV KSSA LT Warsaw University PL University of Ulster UK JSC Ventamonjaks LV Kaunas University LT Port of Gdansk Auth. PL BI-Info EST + M & S chain Solutions UK TREDIT GR China Harvest Dev. CN Beijing HOPE Software CN Thessaloniki Port Auth. GR Logitrans Consult EE Hafen HH Marketing GER SONEX LT RTSB GmbH GER Port of Kokkola FI Interbalt EE Fraunhofer IFF GER Magdeburg University GER Riga Technical University LV Latvian Intelligent Systems LV Charles University Prague CZ TNO Apeldoorn NL Latvian Maritime Systems LV

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Project's Consortium The 17 accomplice associations supplement each other at various levels : Industrial Enterprises, Universities and Research Institutes, Transport Logistics, It-Solutions Companies: F raunhofer IFF( Germany ) ; W arszaw U niversity of T echnology ( Poland ), R iga T echnical U niversity (L atvia ); KSSA(L ithuania ), PKA(F inland ), RTSB( Germany ), HHM( Germany ), ThPA (G reece ), IB ( Estonia ) IDC Information Technologies, Latvian Intelligent Systems (LV); Sonex (LT); HOPE (China) M&SS (UK), TRD (GR), CHD (CN), LTR (EE) Different g eographical regi ons along the chose cargo course: China Mediterrania (Greece) Western Europe (Germany, U.K) Baltic Sea (Finland, Poland, Lithuania,Latvia, Estonia)

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Identification Integration Demonstration Internet-based intuitive Web-webpage as supporting device eLOGMAR-M result Work arrange – general structure The CA comprises of three phases Study and examination of coordinations and sea transport forms Study and examination of m-administrations, e-work, data and recreation frameworks Study and examination of enactment and controls Creating the open doors for the preparation of pros Identification Generalization of studies and examination of results, evaluation criteria and clients necessities by utilizing an Interactive Web-website of a dynamic, collective, virtual society Integration Setting up of demonstrators of an Internet based Collaborative Work Environment Setting up of demonstrators of versatile access to Collaborative Work Environment Demonstration

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Baltic Sea China The M aritime F reight R oute The sea cargo course " Baltic Sea feeder ports - Western Europe center point port (Hamburg) - Mediterranean port (Thessaloniki) - Chinese ports " is chosen as the subject of examination and exhibit.

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Major G oal Create a dynamic, communitarian accomplice pool joining associations from one Asian and eight distinctive European nations. Consolidate the distinctive accomplices working along the chose sea cargo route by the method for joining their data administration frameworks, databases, Internet Web-locales and gateways Provide administrations and new work strategies for the versatile on-screen characters (dealers, shippers, brokers, recipients, forwarders, railroads, and so on.) Deep ocean ports Feeder ports Railway holder terminals Estonia Hamburg Germany Tallinn Customers Shanghai China Riga, Ventspils Latvia Klaipeda Lithuania Gdansk Poland Kokkola Finland Thessaloniki Greece  Deep ocean shipping lines   Trains   Feeder shipping lines  Multilevel coordinations and transport business prepare.

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Cargo bunch (K2) Transportation gather (K1) Two Major Target Groups 1) Transportation assemble:  Shipping lines (remote ocean and feeder lines, deliver proprietors);  Container terminal administrators;  Block prepare administrators;  Forwarding organizations;  Multimodal transportation administrators.  Freight intermediaries 2) Cargo assemble:  Cargo proprietors;  Forwarding organizations as delegates of merchandise's proprietors (producers or purchasers);  Traders.

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1. Performing artists from K1 get ready and give access to beginning data with respect to their administrations advancement among on-screen characters from K2 2. Performing artist from K2 circulates request as per terms of a Contract of offer and buy among various on-screen characters from K1 3. Performing artists from K1 handle request and get ready data for on-screen character from K2 as per his request 4. On-screen character from K2 gets and investigations answers to his request 5. Performing artist from K2 settles on a choice for further reaching with the chose on-screen characters from K1 NO YES 6. Performing artist from K2 and chose on-screen characters from K1 set up contacts in regards to further methods of load transportation 7. END Decision Making Flowchart

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Basic Components of Web-based Portal in Transport Logistics Information with respect to arrangements in transport coordinations beginning data and calculation of basic leadership ). Starting data contains: cruising calendars of sea and feeder lines, timetables of square prepare administrations, qualities of port and railroad terminals, terms of cargo conveyance and transportation and so forth.). General data (review of IT and Communication Solutions with transport coordinations and oceanic applications, outline of EU directions, worldwide measures and national laws, diagram of chances and PC based courses for preparing).

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Demonstration conspire Users Web-entrance Central DB (MySQL) Cargo assemble Browser just Transportation bunch http://www.balticIT.com WAP Mobile performing artist 1 PDA Mobile telephone Mobile on-screen character 2 Wi-Fi Internet GPRS Browser just Bluetooth

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Benefits from Web-entry Applications

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Project Network eLOGMAR-M CA Web-based and Mobile Solutions for Collaborative Work Environment with Logistics and Maritime Applications Fraunhofer IFF Magdeburg LOGIS-versatile SSA Logistics Training portable arrangements LIS Latvia EC-BRIDGE CA EU-Chinese discussion on eWork, eLogistics, Research systems and Broadband answers for portable client and laborer Schlumberger Sema MOSAIC SSA Mobile Worker Support Environments: Aligning Innovation in Mobile Technologies, Applications and Workplaces for Location-Independent Cooperation and Networking Salford University Telematica Intituut IST4BALT CA Information Society Technologies Promotion in Baltic States EDNES SIMS SSA Supporting Innovation of SMEs in the Mobile Services and Application Supply Business Norcontel

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www.elogmar-m.org www.balticit.com Additional data in regards to eLOGMAR-M extend exercises can be gotten from the accompanying Web-destinations : References

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