Electrical Inspection in the PHYSICS Division

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Electrical Inspection in the PHYSICS Division October 20, 2006 by Bruce G. Nardi

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Overview and Background The Electrical Equipment Inspection Program Why are we doing it The reviews are required by NEC [NFP 70: 110.2 and 110.3] And by OSHA [29CFR1910.303(a) and 29CFR1910.303(b)(2) And most essentially, DOE obliges us to comply with the above directions as expressed in 10CFR851.23(a)(3) for OSHA and 10CFR851.23(a)(13) for NEC. Investigations will improve wellbeing. The underlying 100 reviews at APS had a half disappointment rate. In our own particular division, an understudy manufactured a 120 VAC control dissemination box that utilized male AC connectors for the yields.

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What gadgets don't should be reviewed Electrical hardware and gadgets, for example, PCs, lights, apparatuses, and so forth that bear a posting imprint or mark from an OSHA perceived Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) don't should be examined. Cases of such research facilities incorporate UL (Underwriters Laboratory), CSA (Canadian Standards Association), and (FM Global Technologies).

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Examples of NRTL Markings

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Equipment Considered Non-risky For 60 Hz AC, < 50 volts All other AC: < 50 volts and < 1000 watts, or > 50 volts and < 5 mA R&D DC: < 100 volts and < 1000 watts, or > 100 volts and < 40 mA Capacitors: < 100 volts and < 100 joules, or 100-400 volts and < 1 joule, or > 400 volts and < .25 joule Batteries < 1000 watts

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Equipment that should be reviewed All other electrical/electronic gear, including unlisted office hardware and hardware that was worked at the Lab, must be examined by a Designated Electrical Equipment Inspector (DEEI). On the off chance that the gadget has no recognized markings from any of the NRTL labs showing up on the OSHA list, the hardware requires investigation, regardless of the possibility that recorded by another testing lab not on the rundown. Essential note: CE is not an endorsed NRTL. On the off chance that a bit of NRTL recorded hardware is altered, the posting is voided and the gear must be investigated. In a September 25, 2006 notice from EQO executive, R. McCook it was expressed that: "All new unlisted electrical hardware (procured or worked after June 10, 2006) is required to be investigated BEFORE it is put into administration ."

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Temporary Approval for Users at User Facilities From the ESH manual, ANL-East Unlisted electrical hardware acquired by clients to offices, for example, the APS, IPNS, and ATLAS must be field assessed before utilize. The DEEI will assign a close date relating with the end of the client's visit at the client office. Endorsement marks must be connected to a removable tag, and the lapse date must be composed on the tag and archived in the gear examination database. Gear must be re-examined if brought nearby at a later date.

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Who may play out the electrical assessments Inspections must be performed by a Designated Electrical Equipment Inspector (DEEI) who has taken the proper preparing and who has adequate electrical/electronic foundation. Our division DEEIs are Bruce Nardi, Don Phillips and Tom Mullen.

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Electrical Inspection Forms I Use In-house fabricated, non-respectable producer, or altered recorded ANL 678A Reputable maker ANL 678B System-A mix of gear or parts coordinated into a unit to play out a particular undertaking that is probably not going to change. ANL 678C Facility Equipment-The appropriation (rather then utilization) of electrical power connected with the building, e.g. blowers, engines, pumps, compressors, and so on. ANL 678D

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Form ANL-678A Used for hardware, for example, Argonne assembled frame: custom constructed control supplies custom fabricated information obtaining and control body Argonne assembled racks Equipment from a seller that is not NRTL recorded and the producer is not on the rundown of trustworthy makers Listed gear that has been adjusted

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ANL-678A – Non-NRTL/Modified NRTL Listed Electrical Equipment Approval Form

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Reputable Manufacturer – Form ANL-678B Use this shape for gear from a producer that shows up on the Argonne rundown of respectable makers Requirements for our rundown: A producer of perceived notoriety providing great quality items with great workmanship Has a North American office/merchant Services their items and gives specialized bolster Provides sufficient documentation in English A specimen of items have been reviewed and affirmed by a DEEI If as of late gained gear from a legitimate producer come up short examination or are judged to be the reason for at least one occurrences, its legitimate status can be re-assessed and perhaps repealed.

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Reputable Manufacturers Currently Recognized Since our program depends on LANL's, we are beginning with their rundown: Allen-Bradley, Danfysik, DuKane Audio, Eberline, Elgar, Fluke, Glassman, Granville Phillips, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Keithley, Kepco, Lambda, LeCroy, Lindeburg, Maxwell, National Instruments, Princeton Applied Research, Ross, Sencore, Simpson, Square D, Superior Electric, Systron Donner, Triplet, Varian, and WaveTek.

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ANL-678B – Reputable Manufacturer Unlisted Electrical Equipment Approval Form

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Multiple Identical Units A delegate test is reviewed utilizing the fitting structure The rest of the units are endorsed if visual outside examination demonstrates no harm or change Each unit must be recorded in the documentation/database

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Proper utilization of Labels Approved Only issued to DEEIs Applied after gear passes investigation by a DEEI Unlisted Approval Not Required May be connected to any unlisted hardware not requiring assessment because of voltage and power considers already talked about NRTL Approved Electrical Equipment Applied to the front of an unmodified NRTL recorded bit of hardware to promptly recognize it as NRTL recorded and not requiring assessment.

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Proper Use of Labels Rejected – Do Not Energize Until Approved Apply to gear that comes up short an investigation because of at least one genuine insufficiencies Rejected – Equipment May be Used Pending Approval Apply to hardware not passing a review because of minor infringement, for example, a minor marking issue Out of Service Electrical Equipment – Must be Approved before Use Apply to gear not being utilized or as a part of capacity Two distinct sizes. Bigger size to stamp extensive regions of capacity (confine).

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Notes and Lessons from my Inspections Many bits of hardware have fizzled the underlying investigation. The most widely recognized disappointment is missing marks. The Inventory, assessments and repairs will be a noteworthy exertion.

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Action Items for the present Inspect recently bought unlisted electrical hardware before it is put into administration. Make the Physics Division stock rundown and proceed with assessments. December 15, 2006 – finish stock spreadsheet of all hardware that necessities assessment and convey to ESH. Every January and July – send duplicate of current database of investigations finished to Electrical Safety SME, Joe Kilar.

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The stock - Why A stock, if finish, will permit us to perceive what number of examinations should be expert in the following five years (by June 9, 2011). Every year we will know whether we are on pace with finishing all investigations before the due date.

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The Inventory - How We might want to attempt an automatic way to deal with our stock. Chart book has effectively asked for discrete inventories from their gatherings, cryogenics, PC, and so forth. A stock does not need to be performed by a DEEI. The individual doing the stock needs to comprehend what sort of hardware to search for and to perceive NRTL markings. (this presentation contains the data to finish a stock.) I might want to solicit each from you who have a lab, confine or trial region to make a stock rundown of hardware and return it to me by November 15, 2006. In the event that you have addresses please get in touch with me. This will set up a precise stock if everybody partakes. Keep in mind the due date for presenting the Physics division Inventory of unlisted electrical gear requiring investigation is December 15, 2006.

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Sample Inventory List

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Sample Equipment Inventory Spreadsheet