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Productivity & Learning Where does new information originate from?

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epistemology "The study or hypothesis of the inception, nature and points of confinement of information"

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learning Tabula Rasa-Or Innate Knowledge? Does Efficiency increment by Analysis Or by Imitation?

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"Productivity Experts:" Frank & Lillian Gilbreth

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Therbligs – 17 Elemental Motions Search Select Grasp Hold Transport Release "Think" Insomniac Agnostic Dyslexic Stayed up throughout the night thinking about whether there is a pooch.

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Motion Study Principles Eliminate Combine/Coordinate Reduce Fatigue Arrange working environment Improve apparatuses and gear "Locate the 'one most ideal path' to do a bit of work." Find the laziest laborer and study his approach.

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Learning enhances productivity By both Analysis and Imitation

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Frank Gilbreth Invented Time & Motion Study Typewriter plan changes Foot levers on waste jars Military rifle dismantling blindfolded Surgery collaborator strategies Use of Movies for T & M examine Increased the rate of bricklaying two overlap !

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Frank Gilbreth With his significant other Lillian Had twelve youngsters

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Improve effectiveness Study an assignment that is performed habitually Identify redundant or superfluous movements Eliminate Combine Improve

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Coffeepot setup Component undertaking aggregate time Get pot, funnel 10 seconds Fill pot, pour 40 Coffee open, put filter 104 Three scoops (12 sec) 116 Assemble,put away 129 Approx 2 minutes add up to

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A Larger scoop would spare: 8 seconds For 350 days for a long time 84,000 Seconds 0.75 Applied Factor 60 sec./minute 60 min./hour 31 hours for each lifetime Two Days squandered! Bigger scoop 49 pennies

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Alternative Process- - spouse Component undertaking combined time Start water in pot 4 seconds Scoop 3, kill water 25 Pour water, assemble 41 Put away coffee 53 Less than one moment add up to I spare 444 hours in a lifetime ~ one month! "One most ideal approach to do work"

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People who practice frequently live Longer WSJ- - Life anticipation has two more years 365 days for each year 16 hours for every day 11,680 hours of additional life 3 workouts for every week 2 hours 50 weeks 40 years 12,000 hours spent working out.

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Do all that you accomplish for its own purpose. Yesterday is a basin of fiery remains that won't blaze again Tomorrow is a fantasy you may never observe. Life isn't a destination, It's a trip… And consistently - as great or as awful as it may appear - is the most ideal of all days. Where does new learning originate from? ...

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People make new learning: Analysis AND amalgamation Discovery... "Seeing what others have seen and thinking what nobody has thought." Seeing the world from new headings and comprehension another measurement...

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"There is a period in each man's instruction when he lands at the conviction that envy is obliviousness; that impersonation is suicide; that he should take himself for better, for more regrettable, as his bit; that however the wide universe is loaded with great, no part of feeding corn can come to him yet through his drudge gave on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. "The power which lives in him is new in nature, and none yet he comprehends what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has attempted." Ralph Waldo Emerson in Self Reliance

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Some Core Course Concepts: Statistics=objective confirmation, not "evidence" Expand arranging skylines Think long haul The "brilliant run" is moral since it works. Normal self-intrigue is an excellence Drive out dread to maintain a strategic distance from minimax lament Reward Process instead of transient results Rational Laziness is a temperance Unemployment is the objective

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