Edward I in Control

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Leaving in September 1296 to battle France, Edward I trusted that Scotland was his He wasn't right: thrashing of Scottish armed force and detainment of Balliol did not imply that Scots had acknowledged annihilation Harsh treatment of Scots made them furious and excited for requital The Nobles may have acknowledged thrashing however others would bear on the battle… . Edward I in Control?

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Wallace's Revolt Arrival of another pioneer energized the general population to revolt In May 1297 Wallace executed Heselrig as vengeance for the murder of his better half This stunned the English and they were excited to catch Wallace

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Who was William Wallace and Why was he so critical? Most renowned of Scottish pioneers Not from an imperative respectable family Very little is known about his initial life First specify of him in 1297 when portrayed as a "bandit" (criminal) Brought a wild vitality to the war Offered authority and new strategies when Scotland required these most

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What he did was not one of a kind Others were battling back… .. Andrew Murray caught English palaces in Inverness & Elgin In the South West, Robert Bruce, James Stewart and Wishart drove resistance All of this confirmation focuses to a composed national crusade against the English Wallace turned into their pioneer and the concentration of Scottish resistance… . Did Wallace bear on the battle alone?

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With Sir William Douglas, Wallace propelled an assault on Scone Ormsby got away with his life yet Wallace seized significant war "goods" Scots were triumphant After every assault Wallace & his men vanished into the field English thought that it was exceptionally hard to discover them Wallace's assaults gave Scottish nobles drove by James Stewart time to shape an Army Wallace the guerrilla warrior

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Edward I: The Hammer of the Scots? A tremendous English armed force confronted the Scots at Irvine They didn't battle – the Scots again consented to obey Edward I This was not surrender – they had consulted for a month… .. Giving Wallace time to accumulate quality, recover châteaux and supplant English authorities with Scots Murray and his powers were clearing the English out of the North Wallace and his men cleared them out of the South

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Edward I's Big Mistake Day-to-day running of Scotland left to Hugh Cressingham, Treasurer of Scotland Hated by the Scots for raising charges and treating Scots cruelly August 1297 needed to tell Edward "we can't bring any cash up in Scotland" Most of Edward's authorities were dead, attacked or excessively alarmed, making it impossible to work Surrey and Cressingham given the occupation of pounding Scottish resistance. Huge English armed force walked towards Stirling…