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... Feizabadi, Marcos Goncalves, Nithiwat Kampanya, S.H. Kim, Bing Liu, Paul Mather, Fernando Das Neves, Unni. ... Sort: one-quit looking for instructors and learners: courseware (CSTC, ...

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La Biblioteca Digital y su rol en la Educaci ó n Superior Biblioteca Central Universidad Nacional del Sur Bahia Blanca, Argentina M ay 17-18, 2004 Edward A. Fox fox@vt.edu http://fox.cs.vt.edu

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Acknowledgments (Selected) Sponsors: ACM, Adobe, AOL, IBM, Microsoft, NASA, NLM, NSF, OCLC, SUN, US Dept. of Ed. (FIPSE) VT Faculty/Staff: Debra Dudley, Weiguo Fan, Gail McMillan, Manuel Perez, Naren Ramakrishnan, Layne Watson, … VT Students: Yuxin Chen, Shahrooz Feizabadi, Marcos Goncalves, Nithiwat Kampanya, S.H. Kim, Bing Liu, Paul Mather, Fernando Das Neves, Unni. Ravindranathan, Ryan Richardson, Rao Shen, Ricardo Torres, Wensi Xi, Baoping Zhang, …

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Acknowledgments (NDLTD) NDLTD Board of Directors, past Steering Committee + other NDLTD advisory groups; those running Electronic Thesis & Dissertation (ETD) activities in colleges, areas, nations Helpful sponsorship by numerous associations, particularly Adobe (new activity!), CONACyT, DFG, FIPSE (US Dept. Training), IBM, Microsoft, NSF (IIS-9986089, 0086227, 0080748, 0325579; DUE-0121679, 0136690, 0121741, 0333601), OCLC, SOLINET, SUN, SURA, UNESCO, VTLS, numerous legislatures (Australia, Germany, India, … ), … Colleagues at Virginia Tech (workforce, staff, understudies), and teammates at numerous colleges Slides included from: Vinod Chachra, Thom Hickey, Joan Lippincott, Gail McMillan, Axel Plathe, Hussein Suleman, …

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Other Collaborators (Selected) Brazil : FUA, UFMG, UNICAMP Case Western Reserve University Emory, Notre Dame, Oregon State Germany : Univ. Oldenburg Mexico : UDLA (Puebla), Monterrey College of NJ, Hofstra, Penn State, Villanova University of Arizona University of Florida, Univ. of Illinois University of Virginia Endowment: VTLS

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UNESCO Cláudio Menezes [cmenezes@unesco.org.uy] Purpose: Reinforce nearby arrangements, responsibilities Emphasize: ETD does not require numerous assets. Open source and free programming is accessible. Global participation can offer assistance. Nearby preparing is significant. => Inclusion of ETD in practices, forms => Schedule for ETD ventures

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Part 1 Digital Libraries and Higher Education

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Virginia Tech Background Largest college in Virginia, arrive concede, football, town populace 35K in addition to 26K understudies Blacksburg Electronic Village, since 1992, with > 80% of group on Internet Net.Work.Virginia, with destinations for training, inquire about, government LMDS, Local Multipoint Distribution Service, gigabit remote systems administration - 1/3 of Virginia Math Emporium, 500 workstations Faculty Development Initiative, cycle 3 Torgersen Hall, $30M Advanced Communications and Information Technology Center, with DLRL

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Fox at VT Professor, Dept. of Computer Science 1/3 time answer to Erv Blythe, VP for Info. Tech. Executive, Digital Library Research Laboratory Location: 2030 Torgersen Hall Students: ordinarily around 20 Visitors: India: 2, S. Korea: 1, Brazil: 1, … Grants: 9 dynamic Director of University Center: Internet Technology Innovation Center at VT

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Internet Technology Innovation Center Supported by Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology Statewide University Partners - Governing Board: Christopher Newport University William Winter, William Muir, Virginia Electronic Commerce Technology Center/Southeastern Virginia Network (VECTEC/SEVAnet) George Mason University Steven Ruth, International Center for Applied Studies in IT (ICASIT) Old Dominion University – Kurt Maly (CS Head), … University of Virginia Alf Weaver, Internet Commerce Group (InterCom) Jim French, Internet Digital Library VCU – Information Systems, in addition to association with telemedicine and so forth. Virginia Tech Edward Fox, Digital Library Research Laboratory (DLRL), CC, CS Scott Midkiff, Center for Wireless Telecomm. (CWT), VTISC, ECpE

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ITIC @ VT Research Areas Collaboration (e.g., cooperative choice support) Community organizing (e.g., BEV) Internet get to (e.g., statewide system) Information administrations (e.g., advanced libraries) Modeling and reenactment (e.g., Web activity) Usability (e.g., human elements building) Virtual situations (e.g., CAVE, perception)

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Digital Libraries Projects (other chose) TULIP (Elsevier, OCLC) BEV History Base (NSF, Blacksburg) DL for CS Education - EI (NSF, ACM) WATERS (NSF) WCA (Log) Repository (W3C) NSDL (NSF): DL-in-a-Box, GetSmart, OCKHAM …

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DL Examples IBM Digital Library Virtua (www.vtls.com) Greenstone (www.greenstone.org) Eprints (www.eprints.org) Many frameworks in NSF DLI ventures VT frameworks: CITIDEL, CSTC, DL-in-a-crate, ETANA, MARIAN, NCSTRL, NDLTD

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Digital Libraries - Objectives World Lit.: 24hr/7day/from desktop Integrated "super" data frameworks: 5S: streams, structures, spaces, situations, social orders Ubiquitous, Higher Quality, Lower Cost Education, Knowledge Sharing, Discovery Disintermediation - > Collaboration Universities Reclaim Property Interactive Courseware, Student Works Scalable, Sustainable, Usable, Useful

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Benefits Ease of utilization Effectiveness "The advantages of computerized libraries won't be acknowledged unless they are anything but difficult to utilize successfully." - IITA Workshop report

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DLs: Why of Global Interest? National undertakings can safeguard relics and legacy: social, verifiable, etymological, insightful Knowledge and data are fundamental to financial and innovative development, training DL - an area for worldwide joint effort wherein all can contribute and advantage which influences interest in systems administration which gives helpful substance on Internet & WWW which will entwine countries and people groups all the more emphatically and through more profound comprehension

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Reagan Moore Ed Fox June 2002 for NSF

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DL Challenges Preservation - so individuals with trust DLs Supporting framework - systems, ... Versatility, supportability, interoperability DL industry - minimum amount by covering libraries, documents, exhibition halls, corporate data, govt information, individual data - "quality WWW" coordinating IR, HT, MM, ... Require devices & strategies to make them simpler to fabricate

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Libraries of the Future JCR Licklider, 1965, MIT Press World Nation State City Community

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Improving Education Info. Education (1995) Internet (1984) SGML (1985) Digital Libraries NSF DLI (1994) Multimedia (1986) WWW (1994) University Scholarly Electronic Pub. (1988) Library Cancelations (1988) PDF (1992)

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Synchronous Scholarly Communication Same time, Same or better place

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Asynchronous, Digital Library Mediated Scholarly Communication Different time as well as place

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Information Life Cycle Borgman et al.: Workshop Report on Social Aspects of Digital Libraries: http://www-lis.gseis. ucla.edu/DL/

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Information Life Cycle Creation Active Authoring Modifying Social Context Using Creating Organizing Indexing Retention/Mining Accessing Filtering Storing Retrieving Semi-Active Utilization Distributing Networking Inactive Searching

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Locating Digital Libraries in Computing and Communications Technology Space Digital Libraries innovation direction: scholarly access to all inclusive disseminated data Communicat i ons (transmission capacity, availability) Computing (flops) Digital substance less more

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CCLINC SERVER Summarization BugHanI IlBonE Ddo MiSaIlEul BalSaHan Deus HaDa Info Detection What is the north korean development in the bleeding edge? Extraction What is the status of nk rocket dispatch against japan? It appears that North Korea dispatch a rocket again After North Korea propelled a Daipodong rocket a month ago, NK is seen to continue to an extra test dispatch. Korea, US and Japan go into a ready state, and get ready for a joint reaction arrangement. Korea assesses that the extra dispatch will be on 09/05. Japan gauges that NK's rocket range is short. US data says that there is no indication of dispatch yet. Interpretation DARPA Integrated CCLINC Translingual Information System 2-way Speech Transation

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Structured Video Browser (making video into hypermedia) www.learn.umd.edu IBrowse Expository interactive media Narrative Structures

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MPEG-7 Video Library Systems Tech. Video Data Description Scheme Description Schemes Design Tool Description Generator Meta Database Video Database Presentation Module Player Retrieval Server Module ICU Information and Communication University MPEG-7 Video Library Systems Tech. Design

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AmericanSouth.Org – Roles, Content

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Case Study: NCSTRL Costs/Benefits

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Definitions Library ++ (library+archive+museum+… ) Distributed data framework + association + viable interface User people group + accumulation + administrations Digital articles, storehouses, IPR administration, handles, files, united inquiry, hyperbase, explanation

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Definition: Digital Libraries are unpredictable frameworks that fulfill information needs of clients (social orders) give information administrations (situations) compose information in usable ways (structures) display data in usable ways (spaces) discuss data with clients (streams)

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Case Study: Education Refactoring Scholarly Communication: Creating, Sharing, Reviewing, Teaching, Learning, … Physics: PhysNet OCKHAM CSTC, CITIDEL, NSDL NDLTD

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Digital Libraries Shorten the Chain from Author Editor Reviewer Publisher A&I Consolidator Library Reader

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DLs Shorten the Chain to Roles Digital Library Author Teacher User Reader Editor Learner Reviewer Librarian

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PACS Automatic Classification

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OCKHAM Simplicity (a la OCCAM's razor) Support by Mellon and DLF Four primary thoughts: Components Lightweight conventions Open reference models (e.g., 5S, OA