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Educational modules Updates September 16, 2003 Jeff Goldhorn Ed Vara

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Agenda Roll Call iLearning Registration General Information SBOE Update ARI/AMI Update Funding Levels ELA Readability Scales

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Agenda Math/Science Alliance Elementary Science Sessions Social Studies Fall Conference Other Student Study Guides Questions

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SBOE Update Textbooks Lively Health Book listening to Subcommittee taking a gander at meaning of "course book" Science – 4 year necessity Continue to take a gander at suggestions TEKS Revision Secondary Math ought to be embraced in February 2005 Beginning teacher board of trustees audit of basic math TEKS

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SBOE Updates School Health Advisory Committee SB815 – Enrichment Curriculum Now a part of the required TEKS Integrated approach School Library Standards Composite Scoring for TAKS

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2003-2004 ARI/AMI Funds The last 10% of assets (if burned through 100%) or the bit more than 90% that you spent Automatically saved in bank after September 30

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2003-2004 ARI/AMI Funds Must have presented the accompanying reports electronically: 2003-04 Early Reading Instrument Report 2003-04 Accelerated Reading Instruction/Accelerated Math Instruction (ARI/AMI) Program Evaluation 2003-04 ARI/AMI Final Expenditure Report by Grouping Practice/Time of Instruction (not the same as drawing down assets for repayment on the ER System)

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Reminders Requires RI (Reading Initiative) TEA-SE username and secret word to present these reports Need to have asked for access to these 3 reports and the TPRI/Tejas Lee web based requesting Takes TEA Security roughly 2 weeks to handle a demand

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2004-2005 ARI/AMI Entitlements Posted on the Formula Funding website page at will get $905.84 per Grade 3 understudy who did not pass the perusing bit of the 2004 TAKS on the main organization and… $905.84 per Grade 5 understudies who did not pass the math bit of the 2004 TAKS

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Use of assets… Funds are to be utilized to give prompt intercession to understudies in Grades K-5 who are battling in perusing and additionally arithmetic Start now!

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Funding… Only 65% of the accessible 90% of ARI/AMI reserves have been drawn down for repayment If you have spent it, please draw it down If we need kept financing, we need to show that we are utilizing 100% of the assets

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2004-2006 TPRI/Tejas Lee Orders are at present being delivered Order in which they were put 239 locale/sanctions have not set requests Administer the appraisal not long after the packs arrive

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ARI/AMI Update Funding Program Guide

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ELA Readability Scales for content

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Math/Science Staff Development Science Math Alliances 8 Th Grade Science TAKS Information Booklet and particulars

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Social Studies Fall Conference

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Other Student Study Guides Should arrive soon and customized for individual understudies Moving in December, potentially, to online access For more data see: AYP Update Letters of September 14 th Change of dates of notice

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Other "Blessings" coming your direction CD MOU and desires for utilize Medal of Honor Books Donation and desires for utilize: Secondary Campus (1 for every grounds)

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Other TEA Staffing Changes New Organizational Chart as of September 1 Monica Martinez, Director of Curriculum Kelly Callaway, Gifted and Talented Director Dalissa Brandenburg, AP/IB Director Marie Rodriguez, Bilingual/ESL, Spanish Language Arts Assistant Director Norma Torres-Martinez, Mathematics Assistant Director Michelle Ungurait, Social Studies Director Lee Berlet, Social Studies Assistant Director Vacancy, Health & PE Director

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Other 2004-2005 School Directory Questions Next session: November eleventh